Magellan GPSmagellan gps roadmate 6230-lm

G Aug 02, 2018

I purchased a Magellan GPS RoadMate 6230-LM within 6 months it failed; Magellan replaced it with a new unit and an additional 1 year warranty. In 7 months the unit failed, I obtained a RMA number and sent it back to Magellan. Magellan replaced the unit with a unit that did not support the backup camera I had purchased for the original unit. I obtained another RMA number and returned the unit. Magellan acknowledged the receipt of the returned unit and replied they were temporally out of stock of that particular unit and it would be a month before they could replace the unit.

Once or twice a month I would send an e-mail to Magellan Service Support and would receive the same reply, "Temporally out of stock". In May 2018 they no longer responded, I was able to research the support site and found the new site. I contacted the new site and was informed that they had lost all of their information due to a computer glitch and I would need to send all prior communications to them for review. I complied with their request and sent 26 e-mails that took place between Magellan and myself.
They now are requiring the original purchase receipt for the original unit, even though I have previously furnished that information. I continue to get the runaround with no resolution. This has been going on for over 8 months.

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