Magazine Services Of AmericaRip off charges!


Magazine services is a big rip off!!! Don fall for it! First they call u and tell u how u are in 'good standards' with the company. the nice person who is supposedly new goes over info. with u and after that she says do u mind telling my boss how i was it is my first day. So of course ur gonna do that and u do and the boss goes over the info with u... but beware if u ask questions ask a lot and re-ask them cuz thats how they get u..cuz if u ask a question they dont give u full details (as i found out later)... but yes she does record the convo... and pretty much dats the end of it..

So okay here i am now bout 2months later and i still haven't received 1 magazine yet from the 6 they are suppose to give u... but i had sen that they had charged me out of nowhere $93.04 on my debit card... and i know i had payed them the last 2 months ($20 each month) so its not no overdue thing.but the name listed as the charge was discount buyers club 8... and i neva gave them no authorization for them to charge me some xtra money on anything, but jus b careful with this company they are a total rip off!!


  • Cr
    cristine wood Dec 13, 2007

    This company is a rip-off. They are so overpriced on the magazines.If you want to cancel the subscriptions it is almost impossible. They will not take no no no for an answer they keep talking to get you to agree on a payment of one thing and then they charge you double every month. I asked for some paper work to verify what the deal was and they tell me there is no paperwork just oral contract. They won't play the tape to you either just like they really ever did tape the deal. It is their word against you. I think the Attorney General of Florida should be called in to investigate their company!!!

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  • An
    Angela Brown Jan 03, 2008

    I too was suckered into their so called promotions and have yet to receive any magazines I had order. Yet they still take their money for the past 2 months and now I have to fight with my bank to stop payments to them. I hope someone does something about this. I live on a fixed income and I am fighting for my disability and thought my boys would have their magazines for Christmas. Please put this company out of business.

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  • Va
    Vanessa Fabricius Jan 08, 2008

    I was sucked into this after only being in America for 2 months, and the more I quiried and asked questions, the more obnoxious the operator became. I enjoyed receiving magazines in my country in Africa, but NO ONE had ever treated me with such disrespect and unprofessionally. Whenever I tried to cancel my order I was told that it was impossible and that I was owing more and more money everytime! I haven't kept track of all my payments (unfortunately and stupidly!!!) but I know that it has been a substantial amount because they even suckered me into extending my subscription!!! And I recall that when I quiried it on the phone the operation ONCE AGAIN was very rude and told me to stop interrupting the recording. Please send out a HUGE warning so that no one else will fall for it, especially not foreigner like me!! I AGREE with Angela (previous message): CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PUT THESE SHARKS OUT OF BUSINESS?

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  • El
    Ellen Bender Jan 31, 2008

    I agree 100%. How did you get ahold of them to cancel it? They charged me and I want it taken off immediatly!

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  • Sh
    Sheila Alley Feb 07, 2008

    I am a college student who makes 40 dollars a week, and was doing homework when I got the call from MSA, who badgered me into subscribing. Of course I'm doing homework while talking and not really listening to what they were saying. Needless to say they charged me 50 bucks and owed a total of 1079, and there was no way for me to cancel! and they settled for me paying 250 which for me is still a lot 6 weeks of work specifically and 6 weeks of food pantry which only serves once a month, you do the math. Needless to say I am very upset and these ### need to be stopped.

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  • Ar
    ARMIC Mar 27, 2008

    i recieved a phone call from magazine services of america. and they got me the same way, well what i did i just cancelled my card and told them to shove it up there ###. that i wasn't paying nothing, well they said they where gonna send it to the credit breau, but hell like that matters on my side my credits been ### since i was 17 yrs old but that another story. just i hope it dosen't happen to someone with good credit. peace out and God Bless America. TSS 4 LIFE.

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  • Cr
    Cris Apr 21, 2008

    My father, who is 78 yrs old and slightly hard of hearing, got roped into this scam, not once, but TWICE! I was just made aware of it in the past few days. I too, called the company to cancel. They said they couldn't because it was a condition of his 'contract'. I listened to their tape recording of his 'transaction'. The first words out of his mouth were, 'I'd like to cancel my subscription'. The girl said he couldn't and proceeded to go over the terms etc and said, 'is that ok'? Dad, in a very depressed sounding voice did yes, 'I guess', then she proceeded to explain about a 30 day trail on another magazine. And in closing, asked him again, 'ok'? And again, you can tell by his tone of voice he didn't know WHAT to do and said, 'ok'. I told the girl it was clear that he wanted to cancel, but she said, 'well he agreed!'. It was obvious he didn't know 'to what'! I too said we would cancel the credit card and she said we'd get a monthly bill, which I said we'd ignore, which she said, would go to collection. I dont think at 78 Dad really cares at this point, but I think his credit is fairly good. This all started in June of 07 and somehow, they hooked him again in Spet of 07. He's being charged $38 TWICE a month for 6 magazines! Oh, I was offered a 'buy out' to close the acct with them! I think not! We are contacting the local Office for the Aging, plus closing the credit card acct! Good luck to the rest of you!

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  • Jo
    Johnny Ray Apr 24, 2008

    I just wanted to throw out some information. First off, here is a good link for some more information, provided by Fox television on how this company targets people: /URL removed/ it is definitely worth the read. So, they have a whole lot of bad press. When they called, I really wasn't knowing what I was getting into. I do know that I was offered magazines that they do not offer, which in in of itself is extremely shady. Anyway, their address that is on their letter is:

    Magazine Services of America
    7378 W. Atlantic Blvd. #222
    Margate, FL 33063

    Phone: 1-877-259-8716

    I just don't dig people who take advantage of the elderly. They are supposed to be honored and respected. They just do wrong.

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  • Jo
    Johnny Ray Apr 24, 2008

    Here is their website... this is still posted today (April 24, 2008) and their website is awful at best.

    July 01, 2007

    Welcome to our new customer service site. Over the coming months, we will be adding many new features to help improve the quality of our service to you! Check back often to see what is new!

    For immediate service call: 1 (800) 476-3053

    Which is a different number than on their letter.

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  • Jo
    Johnny Ray Apr 24, 2008

    I called 1 (800) 476-3053 and didn't have any problems (knock on wood) with cancelling. If anything else pops up... I'll let you know.

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  • Ma
    Mayra Barajas Apr 27, 2008

    I got this stupid letter saying that I subcribed to these never i called them and said "how did you get my imformation and they said.."your Bank"..I said cancel I never ordered any mag. and they gave me a confirmation i checked my bank transactions and they charged me $57.48..f$k loser..iam pissed..

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  • As
    Ashley Korman Jun 02, 2008

    I too have been a victim of this service. At the time I agreed to how nice and friendly the gentleman was i spoke to but declined their magazine service. One year later I all in a sudden have not only just one "verbal contract" with this magazine service but two!!! The first one I paid off with my credit card, due to the fact that I have good credit and I was not about to argue at the moment. This charge was $517.32!!! Well, Last month Visa credit protection called and informed me that for the past 2 weeks I had been charged $517.32 every other business day for 2 weeks!!! Thats a total of $3, 103.92!!! Needless to say Visa gave me my money back (mostly because the card they used had been canceled for around 6 months) upon investigation they discovered that the charges where made by Magazine Services of America's credit bureau by the name of International Collections Systems! Not only does the magazine service rip you off but they even set up their very own collections agency! In which will also rip you off, ALLOT!!!
    Now, today we get a bill from the very same collection agency International Collection Systems for my "2nd account" threatening to file a lawsuit against me if I do not pay yet again $517.32, yet the letter does not state a date in which i must pay it by. Obviously we already had dealt with them before so I had my "Attorney" call their office and request some very simple information. My "Attorney" was hung up on 6 times before they connected us to the "manager" (who btw is also the manager of the magazine service, Mike Macintyre) he along with the rest of the staff also tried to avoid questions and eventually said " we will no longer contact your client for collections but just so she knows she is still in collections"...
    This collection agency will NEVER file a lawsuit against you, need not worry, it is just a simple threat. They would be too afraid to have to come up with a paper trail showing that you did in fact receive their Magazine services, which it would be impossible to do on account of the fact that THEY DONT ACTUALLY SEND YOU ANYTHING BUT A EMPTY THREAT OF A LAWSUIT!!!
    Thank you and hope this helps someone,
    Mrs. Korman

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  • Ja
    James Jun 02, 2008

    Yeah me too! I'm trying to wrestle my bank right now so that they can block them from leeching money off of me. I subscribed 2 months ago and since then they charged me abour $57.48 per month and sent me 3 ### ### magazines that I didn't even subscribe for!
    I tried calling up their costumer care and what was weird is the voice on the automatic response is the same one as the one that called me!
    These guys need to be put behind bars!

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  • Nh
    nhammons Jun 05, 2008

    yea, they call me on june 04 at 6.45pm 15 min.before customer service closed. they misrepresented theirself stating that they were taking over the magazine service that i am already doing business with the "trainee" was very polite it was when the "supervisor" got on the phone is when the lying started. when i asked them if they were taking over "said company' supervisor stated yes. stupidly i gave them my card number. i again asked the same question and got the same answer. the bells did't go off until after i hung up. i immedietly called the number back and of course the office was closed at 7.00pm. don't think i didn't call this morning and cancel because i did she said it would 24hrs to credit my account we'll see.

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  • Ja
    Jamey Jun 16, 2008

    I just got off of the phone with these jerks from MSA!!! When they called me to set up an account with them, it was the same pitch that other people have stated. The first guy (who didn't speak Enlish very well) that was explaining things to me advised that he was affiliated with a company that we already receive magazines from. Of course he was new and advised me that he was going to transfer me to his supervisor to make the final arrangements. So anyways, a month goes by and no magazines then in the 2nd month we finally start to receive some. However, they apparently are not affiliated with the other company because we receive many duplicate copies of our magazines every month. They call my house everyday to check on the service, sometimes 3 and 4 times a day. They always advise first off how this is not a sales call. Then when I tell them that I want to cancel my account they advise me that they are just another company working for MSA. So I ask them for a customer service number and they then put me on hold and a few minutes later they hang up on me. I am so sick of these people calling my house and bothering my family.
    So now when I called I was wanting to cancel my services and apparently you only have 3 days to do so. Who in the world would have received any magazines by then? It was 2 months before I received any!!! This witch that I just spoke with at the customer service just hung up on me when I advised her that I was just going to cancel any payments to this company from my checking account. She just said well we will just send it to a credit agency then and hung up. I am going to call back to speak with someone else to advise them that this woman just hung up on me and if I cannot get anywhere with that, I think that I will continually call them daily as they do to me. But, first of course, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to find out what my rights are!!! Do not sign up with this company they are a complete scam!!!

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  • Ya
    Yank Jul 12, 2008

    This company is a rip off. My experience with this rip off company is virtually the same. I would suggest that you contact the Federal Trade Commison. I have done so just a few days ago. These rip off artist need to be taken to task and interstate fraud is a federal offense. Maybe a class action suit may be in order. I would love to nail these ###.


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  • Ya
    Yank Jul 16, 2008

    Hey, I totally agree. This is accross state lines and is as such is a federal offense. These folks could wind up in a federal prison for 3 to 5 years.

    I am in the process of contacting federal and state authorities as well as the magazine publishers.


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  • Cr
    crystal Jul 17, 2008

    i worked there for 1 week. it was horrible. i had never heard of the company but i got a job there to pass the time over the summer. we are given a script to read from and also several rebuttals. these rebuttals are used for anything you say and sometimes it doesn't even make sense. like one, if you say u want to cancel we say okay that would be through your sales company but i'll send you out a list of our magazines. that doesn't make sense if i want to cancel what i have why would you send me another list of magazines.
    and that short survey that they perform is only to set you up for the biggest scam of it all. they are not really transfering you to a supervisor, it is just another group of employees that only take those calls.

    how they trick you into to giving them your credit card or checking information is from that short survey. for example Visa cards only start with the number 4. so they say they want review your card. if you ask what they have they say all it shows is a 4 and then x's. by saying this it makes you think that they already have that information and then you go ahead and give it to them. In reality credit card numbers are not stored like that. Ever looked at a receipt that you used your credit card to pay. THe last four digits of your card appear. SO be aware of that.

    they have you prepay but how they word it makes you think that you are getting them for free. they first say that it is 4.79 a week then 19.16 once a month but once your transfered and you give them your card info they try to validate your card for 57.48 and say that you are only pay for the first 20 months 3 months at a time and the last 40 are free. yeah right that's a lie you just paid all of it early. they continue to try with lower amounts until your card is finally approved. i don't think anyone really pays 19.16 just once a month like they make us say.

    they do record the conversation in order to protect themselves and that is smart. they make sure that you say yes to ever question but they say so much stuff in a short amount of time your head is just spinning and you want to get off the phone.
    another thing that i noticed while being on the phones i don't think that they are really following the DO NOT CALL LIST, i remeber calling several people that said they were on the list but they were still being called.
    lastly i just wanted to say sorry i was only on the phones for 2 whole days and i realized all of this was going on. i hope you guys can get all your monay back

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  • Br
    Brian Jul 29, 2008

    As of writing this, I am the only person who has successfully had their account canceled.
    This proverbial trump-card is applicable in every state, as it comes from Federal law.

    According to Uniform Commercial Code Article 2, Statue 2-201, when the products in a dispute are valued at over $500, no verbal contract may exist, nor hold anyone legally responsible.

    I never told MSA the statute itself, lest they changed my fee to $499, or something; but I did tell them that the UCC supported my side, and that a lawsuit would be pointless.
    (Though, it would have been fun to have them spend all of that money, getting here, only to have me request Summary Judgment from the Judge.)

    This is a print-screen of my BBB dealings with MSA.

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  • Da
    Dave Lee Sep 25, 2008

    They called me tonight, something about magazines... Will be in the mail in the next couple days...Im wondering how they got my number... I have do not disturbe on my phone with Verizon, You gotta have a code to call through.. So howed they git it... Someone in verizon selling numbers...
    Im PISSED, Hope they have fun, they just pissed off the wrong person...

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  • Je
    jennifer hill Sep 26, 2008

    a surveyer called and i told them i wasnt interested and the next thing i know im getting billed . I talk to some one i think named Shirley a couple of times and said i didnt want this and i have not ever recieved a magazine and now almost a year later i get a bill for over a thousand dollars and its from collection agancy i cant get threw to them on the phone and they give me other numbers to try and they dont go threw. im very upset and want it to stop! if it isnt im goin to get intouch with the better bussiness burue. thank you jennifer hill

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  • Ti
    tisha Sep 26, 2008

    its crazy how u guys know this cause i worked there for one year and now they are tryin to make up more so if u get a call from msa please hang up as quick as possible or block your number so u dont get calls from them and they dont have any of ur informations its a trick cause if they cant go through they put u on the n-never call list and ur number gets lost.

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  • La
    Laura Oct 16, 2008

    When they called me I was so busy. I have 8 children with 5 in softball and baseball at the time. I said yes yes yes whatever. Now i tried to cancel because this financial crisis has hit us hard. My oldest couldnt even have a proper wedding and kids going off to college and they wont let me cancel! What can I do?

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  • Yn
    yngwie Nov 03, 2008

    This is a really really poor service agency, I never met this kind of company before! Cheater! I must lose $550

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  • As
    ashley Nov 07, 2008


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  • As
    Ashley B. Nov 17, 2008

    is there any way to cancel services?

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  • Ra
    Raimuna Nov 20, 2008

    I am a foreigner in America. Can someone tell me how to cancel this services?

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  • Pu
    PUMPKIN Nov 26, 2008


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  • Le
    Lee Jan 19, 2009

    I was trying to get in touch with this group and find they have a new "international" phone system. I also checked and found out that their Margate Florida address is a parking lot. Obviously writing to them won't do any good.

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  • Ch
    cheri Jan 21, 2009

    I have tried for months to cacels.They state you only have 48hrs. to do so.YEAtry it.Then they called and stated they would reduce my paymentsfrom 57.48 to38.04. instead they added it to the57.48.Trying to get an explanation they told me they extended my order.I have tried for months to get it canceled, leaving messages for their supervisor to call me back.Today Jan.21 Ifinally got hold of her [Kathy ext.141]she said I nevercalled to cancel of couse she had a tape that was done 4months ago [the first time they called me], none of the others that had me trying to cancel or me tring to contact Kathy.After explaining to me she was a Christian and did not like the way I spoke to her she hung up. If anyone out there know who to contact that might have the authority to resolve this problem pleasa let us know . I don't even like the magazines that they are sending and how can you change that when no-one answers any of our questions.

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  • Me
    mesha Jan 23, 2009

    o they changed their name by the way to The publishers guide here is the script : Welcome to the publishers guide i am checking on the magazines the publishers are sending out there are they coming out ok?if you say yes we continue with the script if you say no we are told to say oh i am sorry did your address change? i will make sure they start right away as a matter of fact let me give you three months credit for free(which you will pay for ) how is the weather out there? do you like it out there (we are told to lock you in a conversation to make you feel comfortable so you let your guard down and we move in for the scam) Now the other reason we were calling was to pass som great news to you we are able to continue the magazines you are recieving out there today at no additional charge its just our way of saying thanks . If you hear this RUN FOR YOUR LIFE HANG UP I BEG YOU I USE TO WORK THERE and left with my consience and heart broken about the many people i help to scam cause all my callers fell in love with me immediately everyone buys from me no one says no and this is the part taht hurt to everone i am sorry i had no idea this company was shady

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  • Ro
    ronniejw May 13, 2009

    I agree with the comments as I was suckered in by them, after being suspicious I came on line to check their address and found commments about them. I tried several times to get them to cancel for me but they were persistant with saying it was too late to. I had my visa card cancelled and a new one was issued.
    Books started arriving well after 2 months and I would not have ordered any of them being parenting younger years, rollingstone and a couple of others for younger people. If I contacted them by phone they would redirect you to accounts and then they would threaten to play back the info from the initial phone call. I started making complaints to a couple of authorive places in Florida and after submitting my complaint to the Attorny general I finally had satisfaction and had my first and only payment given back as well as cancelling my subscription, they firstly rang to say that they were cancelling and couldn't pay my money back as the credit card no wouldn't accept it so I asked them to send me a check as I would not be giving them my new card no. $ days later the check arrived and a cover letter to say my sub had been cancelled. Dont let them fob you off, complain to the Attorney General of Florida and keep pressing to get out of their clutches

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  • Mi
    Mike Jun 08, 2009

    I am so sorry to see so many suffering like me. I hope there is some sort of class action we can do to put them out of business
    a long time ago just after i bought a saeson pass to six flags . i recived a notice telling me i won 7 free passes . i was happy and i called the number. it turns out they were not six flags but that six flags had given them my contact information and they would give me cheap travel package if i signged up for 30 day trial.
    well i forgot about it and called them back on the 31st day . but it was too late.
    i thought how bad could it be.. ? so ididnt put up an argument.
    just like so many here they double billed me.. but i didnt care .. i figured the quicker i pay them off the better.
    they called me one day and said they needed my checking account number.
    I asked why? you already have my creditcard.. thats the way i choose to pay. they said well we want the checking account for our records so i gave it to them.
    ok here is where the nightmare bigins. and i will try to make it easy to follow
    and my memory is not that great. i didnt keep any of the information at the time becuse i have never been ripped off like this.. so my "book keeping " is non exsistant
    i get a second bill from another Magizine company. i payed it thinking the company just changed names.
    bu then i get a bill from the first company.. and i get worried and call Magizine of america. they say a second company has pretened to be them. and i should only pay them.
    eventually i run out of money after haveing to change bancks and cancel credit cards to keep them from doing direct withdraws.
    i pay them with a prepaid wallmart card and took the settelment option.
    after a short time the collections company started calling my parents becusae i had listed them as a contact number.
    i told my parents i already paid and not to have anything to do with them.
    well to get them to stop harrasing them my parents paid the bill agein.
    then shortly after that i got another call saying i had 3 accounts one was closed and two were open and active.
    after argueing on the phone anf telling my story over agein she appoligized and said one active acount was a computer error on there part. one was a false account and a mistake and one was paid. but did not agree to paying my parents back any money

    Now today almost a year later. i get a phone call from them saying i owe the $800 fo an active account. and agein. i did everything on the phone so i have no record.
    and the phone conversaiton when no where just in circles with me telling the collections lady that Magizine company of America is a schame and her telling me she is doing me a favor by letting me pay a settlement .
    i hope some one is orginizeing a class action lawsuit to shut the doors on this company for good, and take away the business licance of the people behind this so thay can not rip off any one agein.
    i cannot express to you enough how much greif this has given me and my family.
    314 - 598 - 1993

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  • Br
    Brenda Jun 10, 2009

    I strongly agree. Someone needs to take action against this company

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  • Ch
    Chabha Jun 21, 2009

    The told me 38 for 30 months then tell me they want 1200.00 they are rip off artist the recording they played back of me and the sales person is exactly what I thought 38 total for 30 months and then they say no for each month its 38.00 after the fact and I had my CC company listen and they aren't protecting me the exact words used by the sales persone was 38.00 for 30 months not for each month they should be shut down and they are also hooked up with the post office I changed addresses and they hounded me down

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  • Ro
    ronniejw Jun 21, 2009

    Chabha, contact the attorny general in florida, broward county consumer protection can send you papers to complain about them and their tactics, if you want more info my email is [email protected], I can send you the phone no. and contact address for Broward

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  • Ia
    iamnotavailablenow Jul 25, 2009

    They called me too but I called them back to cancel and they said they cancelled my subscription and i pretended not to understand english and the lady asked me to give the phone to anyone else who speaks english so I gave it (secretly) to my roommate pretending it's me and she repeated my subscription was cancelled. But the second date I noticed there was a pending payment on my account. I called them again (thru a phone conference) and asked about this pending deduction and she confirmed that the transaction was cancelled and gave my the cancellation number. Accordingly, my bank agent removed this payment from my account but today I found it again. I ask you, Cheri and the others, if you request a certain magazine and they sent you something different, would it be a preach of contract by them.
    A second thing, if they don't answer phones and their website is (under maintainece) and their mailling address is a parking lot, could you cancel your subscription thru any publication such as a legal notice from an attonery on a newspaper?

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  • Re
    redsweetgapeach09 Sep 02, 2009

    I know. They just suckered me a few weeks ago. I was going to get some money out of my bank to put some money down for college when they told me I was overdrawn by almost $300 dollars!! I can barely pay that much for my books so now I have to find someway to pay the bank back before it messes up my credit. They fooled me by saying I was a finalist in a sweepstakes and that I would get a free watch but I would have to subscribe to the magazines. They told me it was 19.16 payments for 16 months. Yea rite!! I thought I would be able to get money For school but now I have to worry about how I can pay for school and repay the bank. I cancelled my card but I dont think it's enough. If someone has any advice for cancelling this subscription please let me know

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  • Ro
    ronniejw Sep 03, 2009

    Hi redsweetgapeach09, I had a bad experience with them too, they give you 3 days to cancel and nothing turns up for well over a month then a flood of mags come in, even ones you didn't ask for. I contacted Broward County Attorny General in Florida, Larry Kaplan. You can get their address online and put in a complaint.I had my subscription cancelled and a full refund, dont back off they'll try anything to deny you getting out of the contract they con you into. Keep any copy of letters sent from them for your complaint.
    Best of luck and hope this helps.

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  • Fm
    fmrmsaemployee Sep 04, 2009

    As someone who used to work for them in high school I find these posts amusing. While the initial contact MAY be a bit shady in how MSA is ambiguous with their true identity the simple fact is:

    1. The comply with the DNC list.
    2. The closer you get transferred to after the survey actually records you and TELLS you, that you're being offered the magazine subscription for a year.
    3. All you have to do is NOT give your information.

    I may have been a high schooler who was happy to make my 13-16 dollars an hour, but I'm not too much of a fan of their practices. Yet, you ALWAYS shop at your own risk.

    BTW, for the record. I now own my own company and we use telemarketing to reach other businesses so I MAY be a bit biased.

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