Macy'spetty rude cashier

Y Dec 07, 2019 Review updated:

I was at Macy's Rolling Oaks location in San Antonio 78247 on Dec 6, 2019 @7:57 pm and I was greeted by petty cashier TONYA, she is a disgusting associate who humiliates customers, she provides poor customer service, petty and RUDE!!! She gets an attitude once you come to the register, she also rolls her eyes on customers! She acts like she is unhappy with her job. I'm a Macy's lover and I truly believe an associate doesn't reflect a whole company but in this case this associate deserves some type on training on her customer service! Description of her, she is a black lady with an Afro, her name is Tonya. Some one needs to stop her from treating customers the way she is! Obviously she is not happy working in the retail industry, Macy's needs to train their employees better! We deserve better!!!


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