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D Jul 31, 2019

I bought a 2019 Chev Silverado from Steele Chev in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in May of this year 2019, not even 2 weeks later, while I was cleaning my truck, the passenger seat seams on the area where you sit was given way (torn) in a length of 2 in and a bit.
I literally had someone in that seat approximately 3 times. I called Steele Chev, they told me to bring it to MacIntyre Chev in Sydney, I did, the guy in the service lane looked at the seat (literally stared at it for about a minute without saying a word) like he was dumbfounded.
Now when bought the truck i requested heated seats, once he heard that he right away said no we will not cover that because of after market heating system put in my seats but i will ask my manager and call you tomorrow. Well tomorrow came, I ended up going back there myself in the afternoon, he didn't remember me, forgot to call, and when I reminded him of my situation he said oh yeah my manager said no, we will not cover that seat due to the aftermarket heating system put in. I spoke to the GM at MacIntyre Chev and I got the same [censored] story, as I did from the guy in the service lane. MacIntyre Chev would not help my situation. Keep in mind I bought the truck in Dartmouth and live in Sydney and wanted the seat repaired in Sydney, I should not have to drive to Dartmouth.
Now mind you I called the business whom put my heating system in my seats (uniglass) in Dartmouth and as they said themselves its a GM Default in the seats, they had nothing to do with the seat covers and what had happened and I believe them. I spoke to Steel Chev (the salesman who sold me the truck) and for a month I got no where with him. I called the GM at Steel Chev after a month of this bs going on, which I should have done from the start. My truck is being put in at a reputable company in Sydney on Thursday (Aug 1st ) to get repaired...bottom line of this story is MacIntyre Chev in Sydney Nova Scotia would not oblige to such a small situation and were very ignorant about it...I am not impressed and I will share my story with people I know etc.

passenger seat
passenger seat

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