Luxor Hotel MGM / lack of response to incident, loss of personal property and injury

1 Vegas, US

Dear Luxor and MGM

My family and I stayed at Luxor on 21-28th August 2019. The booking details are as follows
Aisha Khalide checkin Aug 21st

I am bitterly disappointed with the lack of response and acknowledgement of our case and how it has been dealt with by your department.

Despite the assurances of your colleagues and especially Corey, it has now been in excess of 15 days since we checked out and we have had no correspondence or contact from yourselves.

I suffered personal property losses, which were detailed in my report and examined by the staff on duty. These items consisted of makeup products and accessories. Additionally my iPhone was broken when my nearly 6 year old son slipped in the bathroom where the water flood took place. He was playing on my phone when he slipped and smashed the screens and broke the phone. Due to the water damage the property home is beyond repair.
Thankfully I am first aid trained and was able to take care of my son who suffered bruising.

My little boy has a diagnosis off autism and had just managed to accomplish, getting him out of diapers at this late stage of nearly 6 years old
Subsequently he now refuses to enter a washroom through anxiety and stress. We have had no choice but to put him back in diapers.

I am extremely upset of your lack of response and acknowledgement in the matter and find it hard to believe that MGM resorts treat their guests in this way.

May I also point out to you that I have been a regular visitor to Vegas and for the last 8 years have always stayed in the Venetian and Wynn
This is the first time I have stayed in the Luxor for many years.

Kind regards
Aisha Khalide

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Aug 13, 2019

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