LuLu Mall / LuLu International Shopping Mallopen show of gender inequality

I Sep 12, 2018

I was insulted in front of my friends n others for trying to carry a bag to the Hypermarket. They asked me to keep the bag at the baggage deposit, when I reached the baggage deposit they say they keep only laptop bags. When u was standing there i saw they they tagging the bags of girls who brought bags to them n when I asked them to do the same they openly hesitated. When I asked the security at the entrance about this enequality he said in Malayalam "athoke anganeya" . I thought lulu was bringing international standards to India, having spend my early life in Dubai I feel pity watching such stuffs happening.i come from a high level family n this is an insult we don't need to steal ur petty stuffs, it's a shame .Never gonna enter that door again

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