LuckyVitamin Corporationreally slow shipping on backordered items

I ordered a product that was supposedly in stock along with several other items. The majority of the items were shipped fine. I received an email saying one item was on back order. I was ok with all of this but...meanwhile I purchased the item elsewhere just so I could get on with my life, and 31 days later it shows up in my PO box. I think 31 days is a lot of time to wait for a product. I still want the product so canceling the order was not what I was looking for. Just wish you would not sell an item that has a 31 day wait on it. Oh yes, please reconsider using Fed Ex surepost (or whatever it is called), where they deliver to the post office on the last leg. It took them them 16 days to get the package delivered. I prefer my packages delivered to the house when ground shipping is used. As my USPS office has a habit of loosing and [censored]ing about packages that are notaddressed exactly like they want them. The USPS wants both home address and PO box on package. Please consider changing you order form to allow customers to know if shipping will be via ground, ie so I give house address, or that stupid surepost, where Fed Ex or UPS hand off to USPS so I know to give PO Box. This is a real issue as the USPS continues to fail.

Apr 16, 2019

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