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paid $303.01 for product I did not receive

I placed an order on June 7th, 2019 and it was supposed to be delivered on Friday 21st, 2019 and it wasn't. Upon checking the delivery company cannot find the order and so I would like to get my money back so i can go somewhere else and get my products. Really bad service, but do not steal people money. the order number is LV17186123 in the amount of $303.01

order no [protected]

My order was not correct. I called your 0474 no. I was told I would have a replacement order by Monday the 13th of May 2019. The order never showed. Calling 0474 on Tuesday the 14th and they said order was not sent overnight. Why ? Your customer service put me on hold for 39 min and was NOT professional. They then hung up on me after I asked for the US.

  • Updated by SherrilC · May 14, 2019

    The company has gotten lazy. They're less people oriented. They have overseas customer service that cares NOTHING ABOUT THE USA

  • Updated by SherrilC · May 14, 2019

    I submitted my complaint. Let's see what happens.

really slow shipping on backordered items

I ordered a product that was supposedly in stock along with several other items. The majority of the items were shipped fine. I received an email saying one item was on back order. I was ok with all of this but...meanwhile I purchased the item elsewhere just so I could get on with my life, and 31 days later it shows up in my PO box. I think 31 days is a lot of time to wait for a product. I still want the product so canceling the order was not what I was looking for. Just wish you would not sell an item that has a 31 day wait on it. Oh yes, please reconsider using Fed Ex surepost (or whatever it is called), where they deliver to the post office on the last leg. It took them them 16 days to get the package delivered. I prefer my packages delivered to the house when ground shipping is used. As my USPS office has a habit of loosing and [censored]ing about packages that are notaddressed exactly like they want them. The USPS wants both home address and PO box on package. Please consider changing you order form to allow customers to know if shipping will be via ground, ie so I give house address, or that stupid surepost, where Fed Ex or UPS hand off to USPS so I know to give PO Box. This is a real issue as the USPS continues to fail.

service and products from lucky vitamin

I'm not sure why this is called the Complaint Registration Form. I don't have a complaint. I am perfectly happy with the products I received from Lucky Vitamin, the price we paid for them, and the service that was provided from them. I was very appreciative of the emails we received informing us that the order was received and shipped. I will be using LuckyVitamin from now on. Thank you.

lucky vitamin

They used to be a good company, with fast shipping, and now an order I've placed is taking almost two weeks to receive and upon speaking with two customer service reps, one who was lovely and one who was a condescending jerk, I'm still waiting, and with no follow through on an offer to credit my card back $10, which was promised in the first phone call. Go with Vitacost, go with Swanson's, go with iHerb but do not go with Lucky Vitamin, I will never order from them again!!

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refund for returned item

For over a month I am having the worst experience with this company regarding credit for the returned item. They advertise 90-Day Happiness Guarantee and they provide you with the return label. At this point the guarantee ends. You will have to follow up with them again and again in order to receive the credit. If you contact them by email, know that they will never respond to you. If you call them, get ready to wait at least 30 minutes before you you speak to someone and that someone is the only person dealing with return/refund matters. FedEx tracking shows that they received my return on 12.06.18 and their system is still not updated and I still can not get any definite answer from them.

  • Mu
    Musty09 Feb 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is really by far one of the most dishonest I've ever dealt with too. Like you, they are also holding on to my refund but in my case, they double charged me and are now refusing to refund the excess charge.

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non delivery

I ordered product from Lucky Vitamin only to find out later that they do not courier to my door ONLY to my country. I am then left to phone courier company, local post office and customs office to try and locate my package. Not one of these three could locate my package with the tracking number provided. After several e-mails to Lucky Vitamin I have this morning received the following e-mail from them:

"Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent order. We are sorry to hear that you order has not arrived. Unfortunately since the shipping method you selected was not insured, we cannot process a credit for the missing order. During checkout, we do our best to provide a description of each of the shipping methods available to you. We also state on our website that uninsured packages will not be refunded.

Please review our international shipping policy on the link below. "

So, they take no responsibility whatsoever. If I cannot even track the package with the number given to me who am I supposed to go to with the problem.

Money gone, more money spent on phone calls to the three companies in an effort to track package.

If there is an issue with sending products to South Africa they shouldn't have taken the order in the first place...

tracking package

I wasn't able to track my package's delivery and it made me very anxious that my order wouldn't arrive. I had...

customer service does not respond.

Non existent customer service. Chat reps are rude and unprofessional. Impossible to get any information through email - they just don't respond. Tried calling but after you select to speak to a rep they put you on hold and then the line goes silent. They took forever to ship my order and I'm still waiting to receive it. I'm a first time customer, you would think they'd want to make a good impression. Then they cancelled part of my order with a generic email that says I cancelled it and they were very sad about it!!! I emailed asking why it was being canceled. No response in a week. I will not be going back.

nustevia and lakewood lemon juice

THANK-YOU, absolutely NO COMPLAINTS!!! I especially want to commend the EXCELLENT packaging on these two products! Both are in glass containers. The NuStevia was perfectly wrapped in secured bubble wrap and the lemon juice was in an impressive designed cardboard 'sleeve'. This will definitely affect my choice of purchasing from you in the future!

Paula Schalk


I received my order conformation of September 13 and my order was delivered on September 25. My understanding was that shipping was going to take 6 business days. This was quite a bit longer.
(10/02/2018 I just received an e-mail stating that there is missing information on my report) I don't see that anything is missing. Perhaps if you had a person reading instead of a robot they would understand. This process sucks too.

  • Updated by Jewells Betteridge · Oct 01, 2018

    I received my order conformation of September 13 and my order was delivered on September 25. My understanding was that shipping was going to take 6 business days. This was quite a bit longer.

false information and product didn't have correct number of tablets

False Information and Product didn't have correct number of tablets. I ordered product on September 10th, 2018 using standard shipping which is advertised as 1-6 business days, and received product on 7th business day, September 18th, 2018. The product was advertised with 90 tablets and only had 60 tablets in the bottle. Please change your standard shipping to state 1-7 business days, and to send me 30 more tables. order number LV16497361.

Order: #LV16497361
Account #: LV43935616
Order #: LV16497361
Order Date: 9/10/2018
Payment Type: CreditCard
Card Holder: Frank Masciulli
Credit Card #: ************6099
Expiration Date: 9/2020

Click here to see the tracking details for this order.
Tracking Number: [protected]
Renew Life - Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 50 Billion CFU - 90 Vegetarian Capsules Formerly Critical Care
Item#: 132169

• SEP 18
12:24 PM
Package delivered by U.S. Postal Service to addressee
North conway, NH

• SEP 18
9:21 AM
Out for delivery
Out for delivery with the U.S. Postal Service
North conway, NH
• SEP 17
1:02 PM
At U.S. Postal Service facility
Accepted by U.S. Postal Service - Tracking ID 9261299998972269834992
Conway, NH
• SEP 17
10:44 AM
In transit
In transit to U.S. Postal Service
Conway, NH
• SEP 16
8:43 PM
Departed FedEx location
Fedex smartpost northborough, MA
• SEP 16
8:31 PM
Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
• SEP 14
2:36 PM
Arrived at FedEx location
Fedex smartpost northborough, MA
• SEP 13
11:00 PM
In transit
New windsor, town of, NY
• SEP 13
2:03 AM
Departed FedEx location
Fedex smartpost grove city, OH
• SEP 12
2:40 PM
Arrived at FedEx location
Fedex smartpost grove city, OH
• SEP 10
6:02 PM
Shipment information sent to FedEx

delivery time and the shipment

The web site quoted 5 days for standard delivery, yet when I received the follow up e-mail it stated something around two weeks. That to me is unacceptable.
Btw, the site stated the items ordered were "in stock" but the e-mail showed only one in stock, the other being on "back order". The back ordered item arrived some four or five days after the first and when I opened the box the product had leaked out of the bottle. The screw cap wasn't closed properly (tight). It was a mess!
The protein bar was good!

Sincerely, Dan Coletti

hidden fees and costs

Package has taken such a long time to get to the UK that I contacted them asking where it was.. I got a vague...

indian aztec healing clay

Order Number: LV16350870
1. I was supposed to receive the parcel between 24th.28th of July. It's the 10th of Aug
2. Ignoring my emails - 2 of them
3. They told me to contact PostNord since it reached customs on 30th July and I did. They said it isn't in Sweden or at their customs. They cheated me and their website doesn't give proper tracking information. "Reached customs in Stockholm, Sweden. Delivery information end here. Delivery shortly." Shortly my ass. It was supposed to be here between 5-10 days. I placed my order on 19th of July.
Terrible service, disgusting delivery and filthy, rude staff. Can I at least get my money back since I won't get the parcel I've been waiting for since I crawled out my mother's uterus?

ridiculously long shipping service and lousy customer service

I've ordered my parcel a month ago and it said to have reached the destination country after a week, yet from there onwards, no parcel has been received. I've contacted every party to check on this matter. When I contact Lucky Vitamin, they ask me to contact the delivery company on my own and they couldnt advise me or offer me a better service on that matter. It has been a terrible experience to have to call all the delivery service and waiting long queue to talk to the customer service from LV.
I'm not sure if this is an issue only for an international customer because I dont stay in the state nor UK. I will definitely request for a refund if the item hasnt yet reach to my doorstep after this long.

country life products bulk order

Horrible company, requires you to call 1. Your credit card company, 2. Visa merchant verification, and requests you do a 3 way call to visa and then to lucky vitamin as they "cannot make the 3 way call themselves" to verify a first time order of $123.48. Wow. I guess to this pitiful company that amount is like thousands of dollars. Btw, both my cc company and visa told me they had never heard of a retailer requesting a customer obtain the transaction/authorization code from them, I was told the merchant retailer is supposed to verify themselves through visa/mastercard merchant services. Lazy lucky vitamins! They refused to ship my order even though my cc company supervisor verified the transaction went through and was already posted to my account for days. Lucky vitamin said they were holding my package (in some kind of hostage situation) until I obtained this fictitious authorization code which no cc nor visa merchant services was willing to give out nor do a 3 way call with lucky vitamin. Lucky vitamin's "supervisor" also suggested that I try to pay via paypal, wth!!! I earn cashback from my cc, why in the heck would anyone use paypal??? My cc company told me this sounded suspicious and placed lucky vitamin on their fraud watch and disputed the charge while giving me a refund immediately! Oh, and the kicker? I bought the same 4 bottles in the same quantity counts from another online vendor for $23 savings, I only paid $100.91 for the same order saving myself +$22.57!!! Oh, and my over 20+ (!!!) requests to cancel my account altogether has so far been ignored. I will file a complaint with my attorney general as well as pennsylvania's attorney general's office, where this "company" is located! Thank god I disputed this order and saved myself 22.57%!!!

vitamin supplement

I bought Vitamin Supplement from on 26th Nov 2017 but the purchased items have not been delivered to date.

When I checked the delivery status, it was still in US and no more further update since 1st Dec 2017.

When I logged a case with LuckyVitamin, it asked me to check with DHL logistic using tracking number. When I checked DHL, it has been pushed back to LuckyVitamin as the seller is responsible to talk to delivery company, rather than, the customer.

I followed up and checked again LuckyVitamin but there is no more response from the company since 30th Dec 2017.

Starting from purchase date, it has been more than 40 days but no clear action from LuckyVitamin where the delivery item is about and when it will reach to the customer.

Can LuckyVitamin take action and deliver the purchased item to the customer promptly. If LuckyVitamin is unable to deliver, the full refund to me is demanded.

Order # LV15570920
Order date: 26th Nov 2017

I can't order anything at all

I had a hard time trying to order several items from them. All information in my profile is correct, including address, so I didn't understand what was the problem.
I contacted their customer service hoping they would help me, but no one ever responded. I wonder if they really exist and why I can't place any order at all (because I tried to order different items from different devices under different IPs and everything was the same). What's going on?

not the best ones

I think that dealing with this website is very expensive. Having so many customers they could have provided a free shipping, because it's really not cheap, probably especially for those who live abroad. Impossible to save the money.
Maybe they have a great idea, but its realization is very poor and drives some customers away. Plus their customer service could have worked better, much better.
A lot of things needs to be improved...

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