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Complaints & Reviews

They canceled my order and did not honor price when back in stock.

I have given business to lucky vitamin for years - and as of now never will again. In short: placed an order in mid-march, securing an excellent price (using coupon codes, etc.) for 10 bottles of a product. It was backordered. I had no problem with this and was happy to leave the order open until they were able to fill it. After two months they cancelled the order. I have tried every which way to get them to reinstate it and honor the order and price (now that they have it back in stock.) chat, e-mail through their site, and numerous phone calls where you can only leave a message - and never a response. Finally though chat, I was able to get the rep to have someone call me. Bottom-line: they flat out refuse to reinstate the order and honor the price. Would give no stars, if I could! Not so lucky vitamin, as it turns out!

No delivery after 2 months, no response to many emails

I ordered two months ago, about $120 worth of stuff, tracking says it's still sitting in their warehouse. I've been emailing, maybe 40 or 50 times, no response. I've tried contacting their chat online support, but it's just a useless bot. I've never been able to get a refund, my items posted, or any kind of response from customer service.

It seems like this entire site is acting as a scam right now.

Customer service

The order was going to my old address. As soon as I noticed this, I contacted customer service via email, explaining the issue and asking for help. The order was in transit but still had 3 to 4 days to go until reaching the destination. It has since been delivered to the incorrect address. And i've still not heard anything back from customer service.

Xlear nasal spray / improper back order procedure;

I see listed on a Lucky Vitamin message the date 3/23/ 2020 so I suppose this is when I first ordered (so long ago lost track). I ordered 9 of this product items. There was no order confirmation for some time nor was there answers to my inquiries; "Where is my order?".
On (5/2/2020) I get confirmation w/two items on the order I did (not) order and no word of possible delays. On 5/4/2020 I get the quote of 'the Corona-virus delay' w/no mention of whether the items were back ordered, unavailable (or anything). I repeatedly sent the inquiries; 'please let me know (what) is the problem?', etc., there was nothing.
Their order tracking link said my order was to arrive on 5/15/2020. Earlier that week 'one' item arrived w/no mention of the rest of the order (the other 8).
On 5/15/2020 (designated arrival date) 'nothing' arrived.
On 5/16/2020 I receive their 'feedback' link as though I had already received the order reading; "Did your order meet all of your expectations?" I sent inquiry to (that). 'Nothing'.
On 5/18/2020 they sent a response (finally) to my (last) inquiry. "Your request (311172) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff, " and then the following (excuse) quote again;
"COVID-19: We are currently experiencing extremely high volume and things are a little backed up, etc., " but no ANSWER to my questions.
I (tried) to let them know I should cancel the order and that (all) of this was taking much too long even for Covid-19 issues (w/no information as to what the problem was) and was extremely unacceptable and that I would be taking appropriate steps to make complaints to the BBB and to The Consumer Protection Agency, etc., and was obvious they were (also) using the Covid-19 outbreak as an excuse for VERY bad and unethical business tactics.
Finally, today (5/19/2020) I receive the rest of the order; 8 items and two items I did not order (and did not want) and on the invoice was noted a 'gift card' for ten dollars that was (not) even included. There was (again) no mention of why these items took so incredibly long and absolutely no notice they were coming as I had assumed this was a totally FAILED order (other than the '1' item).
Amazing display of an uncoordinated buffoonery in place of a business transaction. At least an acknowledgement of my repeated inquiries would have been 'something' but I was expected to simply 'dangle' on '(their) line while they unmistakably 'proved' their total incompetence
I do still plan on reporting these accounts to the Attorney General's Office, etc., as I needed these items rather desperately due to health problems and did suffer w/out them as I may also relate to my business attorney for possible litigation. This was over-the-top WRONG and (we) are all tired of the use of the Covid-19 EXPLOITATION by so many business' and for that soul-less indiscretion there should be punitive action.

NOTE: I wish to be given a reply as to authenticate this complaint w/ a receipt of some kind otherwise I will suspect this unofficial and would need to follow up on the authenticity myself.
My e-mail; [protected]
Thank you.

Customer service

A bad experience.

Bad customer service, played stupid for almost a month. I ordered 2 bottles of Vitamin C. I could have bought it at my local grocery store. You said the product was In stock and it was not, plus you charged mr before it shipped.

I'll find my other Vitamins elsewhere the next time I order.

Please don't blame it on covid19, you did a bad job, accept responsiblity

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Bye bye 130 euros.

I filled in my shipping address correctly which I have the proof from as I screenshot it. And they still sent the package to my old address in a different country. I spend hours in their chatbox to resolve this and showing them proof but they won't refund me until that package comes back to their warehouse. Knowing how difficult italian customs is, that package will likely not return and so I lose my time and money due to their mistake. They acknowledge their mistake, yet to won't refund or send me a replacement order till that package returns. Amazing that a company from a first world country in 2020 can still operate like this. Please don't take the risk to order with them, their policy is very bad. They make mistakes, but you are the one that pays for it! Bye bye 130 euros.

Aloe vera / charging credit card without continued permission

I order on March 9 a gallon of Aloe Vera-They charged it to my card and I finally got it. I do not remember authorizing them any further orders, and have called them to cancelled. They still tryed to ship another order to me andd I advised them to cancel. Just got a Email April 04, 2020 they are shipping me another order - I have since locked the credit card but all this was not necessary. They have the worst Customer service I have had on Line. Will never order anything else from them!!!.

Service and quality

Bravo, thank you so much for your the quality products you provided and the care in packaging to prevent any damage. My wife and I can not express the graditude for supporting us during this time of isolation. We are the over 60 crowd and it is relaly important to get deliveries so we are not exposed to the virus. I thank you all for stepping out and going the extra mile to keep us safe. Bravo... Sincerly Carl Lawson and Myra Lawson

Organic beeswax pellets by inesscents

The shipping box arrived intact; after opening it and pulling out my items from bubble protective packing; I noticed little pellets in box and dropping on my counter and floor. The pellets kept dropping and I finally realized they were the beeswax pellets and the plastic bag had a hole. After gathering up the loose pellets my pkgage was not full so I weighed it and it was not 8 oz.
I tried "online chat" and the 1st person said he'd get back with me and after 30 minutes I asked "chat" are you still there? ... this put me in que for another person who after 45 mins gave me a refund.
I appreciate she was able to take care of it; however I feel 45 mins is way too long to have to deal with a damaged package.
My shampoo in the past has been well plastic wrapped; however this time it looked as if rewrapped and skimpy at that;
however it did look pretty full.
When I first began using Lucky Vitamins; customer service answered the phone and handled orders and questions wonderfully; now it is through chat and very problematic.

Lucky vitamin

They don't offer refunds for orders that aren't delivered. They try to ship poorly packed glass bottles through the mail even though they know they will never make it intact to their destination. Very common complaint and they still don't change their practices as they only care about the sale. Garbage company

Customer service is terrible.. robot chat and then awaiting emails for days and finally they just don't reply since they have your money. Don't support this unethical shady company

Raw honey and colloidal silver

I never got my order. I received no notification from them of any kind. None of my emails have been answered. I learned via chat with a staff member that my order had been sent back due to "prohibited contents" which makes no sense. I ordered nothing illegal. I have not gotten my money back although they said I would. I will never buy from them again. I'm left to wonder if they are just a scam?

return of product not ordered and no refund

Lucky Vitamins shipped me six bottles of Jarrowzyme after they cancelled the order due to a long back order. They billed me for all six. I was out of town when this happened. I went on Live Chat and then emailed customer service since they no longer offer a "Live" person for customer service. Russell in Customer Service asked me to return the bottles and provide the tracking numbers which I have done twice. I only have five of the six tracking numbers as the last photo was too blurry to read. Customer Service emailed me saying they would refund me. I received a refund for one bottle and since then I have gotten the "runaround". They keep saying a supervisor will call me and that I have already received my refund. They have also said I wasn't charged for six bottles. I have emailed them a printout from my bank account proving they charged me. So far I have not received the refund of $89.50 owed to me and the product was all returned on 11/21/19. You have The WORST customer service I have ever experienced and it looks like you are perpetrating FRAUD! I told the last customer service rep that I would complain on Facebook and anywhere else I could if I didn't receive a call to resolve this before Tuesday at 5:00 pm.There was no call. Check your Chat and see the email history. There is too much to attach here.
Karen Wilson

return of product not ordered and no refund
return of product not ordered and no refund
return of product not ordered and no refund
return of product not ordered and no refund
return of product not ordered and no refund
return of product not ordered and no refund
return of product not ordered and no refund

online vitamin order

LuckyVitamin Dishonest Company
Around 8/23/2019 I made a back-order because they said it will be back in stock within a week. Then they extended it to 3 weeks. Finally after a month I contacted them to cancel. The response was something to the effect like "sorry about that" but nothing about it cannot be cancelled.
Fast forward 3 months later 11/25/19 they sent out this cancelled order without authorization and demanded money from me. When i told them this order was cancelled 3 months ago they responded that back orders cannot be cancelled so I have to pay for it. Then after payment they will take 3 weeks to check things around before refunding money for unauthorized shipment. Told them they are not getting a cent from me and I'll file fraud complaint on them. Then, they quickly changed their tune with saying "just refuse shipment and send it back". I will never do business with them again.

cancelling backorder order

I placed an order on 10/7/19. It was still on backorder on 10/28/19, so I called to cancel the order since I found it on iherb available and cheaper. Their phone number tells you to contact them via chat on their website and hangs up on you. I started a chat their website and it took over 45 minutes to cancel this order and the chat person seemed very incompetent . This is ridiculous, how difficult is it to cancel an order? The fact that they do not have a live person you can speak to about customer support issues is absurd. I will never order from this company again.

my order

What a nightmare!!!
I placed my order on June 24th: 12 deodorants.
After placing the order, I asked them not to mention the word "Lucky Vitamin" on the package because Customs in Italy would hold the package thinking it's some pills or something else you cannot get in Europe and is forbidden.
They told me they couldn't because as good Americans, they always know better than others.
Sure enough, the package got hold at customs on July 2nd and I haven't received anything yet. We are September 27th now!!!
They don't want to deal with customs and tell me I should call them, which of course is impossible!
Communication with Alisha the "Happy Wellness Ambassador" is like spitting in the wind. I sent many emails and she doesn't help at all!
They don't want to send me the money back because they want the package back, which I don't have.
It's a real nightmare!!!
Don't ever buy anything with them if you don't live in the USA! Trust me, you will regret it!!!

website/customer service

I'm so happy I found this. I am spitting mad. I also have spent thousands with this company. My last order, I signed up for the LV+ for $50 with promises of individual help, lower shipping costs, free gifts, etc. At this time I also set up all my shipments as autoship. I started running out of things so checked and NOTHING IS ON AUTOSHIP. I tried to call and can't speak to a human. Tried to "chat" and the wait time is ridiculous. They are also WORTHLESS. Nearly every product I use is on backorder and you have to order multiple to even get them to accept the order for backordered items. The jerk in the chat said they are transitioning to a new distributor and for me to just BE PATIENT. So I asked for my LV+ money back so I can go somewhere else. He said it's non-refundable. No explanation or sympathy for a loyal customer. Don't know where else to turn except write a letter to the CEO Scott Wolf and I've tried Twitter with no response. Let's start tweeting and boycotting #BoycottLuckyVitamin

product back ordered, paid for and never received unable to talk to anyone

I have been a customer for 12 years, spent thousands of dollars on your products and have always been able to speak to a live person if I had a problem. I could not reach anyone on any of your sites, Looks like I will have to do business elsewhere!!!

order #LV17308898, on 8/9/2019

I have just tried to enter my e-mail and password but it would not accept it??

very poor customer service & long wait times in the queue

I ordered 4 items for over $63 which provided "free" shipping that would take 1-6 days; was stated so at checkout. Guaranteed shipping days.

Then when checking on my order through their website under "My Account", the time was extended to 9 days out without any guarantee that it would arrive in this time either and I never received an email as to this increased length of time from the original guaranteed time of delivery.

When trying to contact anyone via phone or "chatbot" (they say it's a "live" chat but it's not), no one answers until about 30 mins or longer. I have called at different times on different days and get the same results.

The agents who finally answer tell me over & over again all the details of my order and the current delay in my shipping without every resolving it or actually addressing the issue; my order is not arriving within the guaranteed time frame stated at checkout and the "glowing" customer service I used to get is gone.

I finally asked for a supervisor, at which time I was told there were none available. The agent then told me she would send my phone number to her supervisor (Shandia) and said this supervisor would get back to me... heard that before & have yet to receive any "callbacks" from ANY business that states they will.

The agent who finally answered today, Jonna, said she would transfer me to a supervisor who's name was given as Shandia (spelling?) and she did not answer but sent me to her voicemail where I left a detailed message including my issue, my phone number, account # & my full name.

As for the "livechat/robochat" feature, since I received no help via the Customer Service phone number (I am still waiting for the "transfer to a live team member" which is now at 45+mins & counting), I tried this and got another run-around with no results. used to be a terrific company. I have done business with them for years. After this I will NOT be doing business with them again & I warn people away from this company as their customer service was once something I bragged about to friends & family and has since gone down the [censored]er.

I don't know why they have gone so far downhill, but I wish I'd never ordered from them. Too sad.

poor customer service

On July 30, 2019 I placed order LV17289925. An email was sent confirming the order and stating it was shipped. The order has not been shipped. When I called, customer service rep in the Philippines advised me they are reviewing the order and would be shipped on 8/14/19. I asked to speak with a manager. The manager was on the phone. I asked for transfer a USA based representative. The representative said the USA staff closes at 5:00 p.m. EDT. I informed the person it was not yet 5:00 p.m. EDT. He hung up the phone.

On 8/19/19 it has not shipped.

tonic beauty collagen powder

This product is great! Will buy more! I seriously LOVED this collagen protein. Whenever I take it I feel...