Lucille Robertsrefuse to cancel my subscription by phone


In July last year I decided I wanted to join a gym and a friend If mine advices me about Lucille Roberts. I call them to know more about the membership and they said they had a promotion that was going to ended the same day to subscribe with just $5 fee and $19.99 a month. So I thought let me subscribe... but afterwards checking their schedule and hours they were not good for my work schedule and because I commute from NJ. So I called to cancel the day after and again after few days. They only said I had to go personally in their gym to cancel but I couldn't so I asked to accept my cancellation by the phone. The continued to charge me the monthly fee without me knowing. After couple of months I lost my credit card and only in December they call me to tell me I had a past due and they were going to send it to collection. I was shocked and upset because it's a fraud. I never went to they gym I didn't even know where it was and when I was able to go they refused to cancel my membership if I didn't pay the balance due, for a service I never used. Also only today I discovered after phone calls and twice at the gym to cancel the membership that there was a way to cancel without going to the gym, through certified mail, but they never told me. They are absolutely despicable! They scammed me on the phone, they charged me without me knowing and now they refuse to cancel my subscription! Unbelievable!! I'm going to file a complain with the better business bureau and I want to be reimbursed. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE ANY MEMBERSHIP WITH THUS COMPANY!!! They are a fraud!!!

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