Lookfantastic.comtheir service has gone from good to the worst


Placed an order on 16th feb. They promise to deliver in 48 working hours. 4th of march and no sign of delivery. Sent two emails, no response. Now gone away for two weeks, so asked for my money back. Will never shop with them again. Have spent @ £600 with them in the last year. They have lost my custom. They must have been bought out by a bunch of cowboys! As their service has gone from good to the worst.


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    P darcy Apr 23, 2011

    Very bad customer service. Take ages to reply after repeated emails. Then I called them to ask where my order was and gave me some bull about restocking at the time of ordering - yet they never bothered to email me to tell me that so to me, that was clearly a lie. Also, they had charged my credit card way before sending my order - a practice that I know for a fact Mastercard frowns upon and probably other c card companies too.

    When my order did arrive, it was damaged. I emailed them and they replied and asked for photos which I sent but it's been 4 days and they haven't even acknowledged my email so I don't know what's happening. I've resent the email twice and in the last one I told them I would complain about their dismal customer service.. and I guess this is part of my complaining. I will be complaining directly to them and to any other relevant bodies.

    So, best of luck lookfantastic with your crap customer service. Let's see how far it takes you till you realise you're losing customers because of it.

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  • My advice for you guys: Do not trust this ### webshop. Do not order anything unless you have a lot of money to throw out the window. Just some words enough to describe these ###in idiots: terrible costumer service, stolen money.

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  • So here it goes my story including the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I placed an order on 31th May. They claim: ’’Our orders are sent via courier and are normally delivered within 48 working hrs” I waited for my package 2 weeks. I received nothing. I sent them dozens of e-mails. No answer. I called them and asked to refund my money. They said my money will be back in my account within 5 working days. 5 even 10 days passed by, still nothing. Finally I contacted my bank hoping to see my money again. This company is untrusty, their costumer service is terrible, (not sure they even have a steady one). My advice:avoid & do not order anything from this webshop (???? no idea how to call them because in a shop you usually get what you pay for). I just wanna thank you Thank you for the holy NOTHING.

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