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Don't ever take out a title loan with loan max. They made a payment plan with me and towed my car anyway. They totally lie to you just to get you to make a payment and then repossess your car without any notice at all. Totally unfair and a bunch of money grubbers. Never, ever do business with them.


  • Ro
    rollie Dec 29, 2008

    I feel for anybody that fell pray to loanmax. I also needed money in a hurry and went to them. Then I got hurt and was unable to pay of my loan on time. They wouldn’t work with me at all, I tried to buy some time but instead they took my car. Please be carefull

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  • Mo
    model21man Feb 23, 2010

    Business like this need to be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. We got one of those loans, and the people call us 3 and 4 and maybe more times a day till it is paid.

    The CEO of this company must be sitting high on the hog with all the money he is illegally making through a loop-hole in the law.

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  • Sm
    SMARTER THAN A 5 GRADER Jul 14, 2011

    They have called me, telling me that they were a company who was willing to buy my debt with loan max, and tried to make an appointment to check the status of the car and take some pictures. What make me put under allert, was that the guy who called asked me for a 10 % of interest a month, and under my 3, 000 loan he ask me to pay them 30 dollars a month on interest; then I caught him under the lie; 10 % of 3, 000 is 300 not 30; when I confront him he tried to confuse me in vain ! I went to the address that he gave me to be sure it was a true business and also seach on the internet under the name that he gave me and it was all false. So the only thing that they want is your car. Take cxare with them, and NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. I'll try to get rid of my debt with them a.s.a.p. At this point I just need some peace of mind, and won't have it with them on top of my head.

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  • Ma
    Mari46 Oct 30, 2019
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    It will almost be a year since taking out this loan and I have not yet paid it off each tine I ask for the balance it’s always something different. I feel I have paid more than the 700.00 my loan was for. This place is a complete rip off. I’ve been paying 250.00 a month. Sometimes I’m a bit late but always with in the month. Please what can I do to get my title back!!!

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