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Well, I guess you people should have payed attention. These collages do not expand on hopes and dreams. If they were such ### collages; they would not have 30 some odd schools. I have 2 family members that are very very successful auto machanics that attended nadc my "step" father is one of them. He now owns and runs two napa stores in washington, and ownes a large auto repair shop in seattle wa. We race his 1966 elcamino 396, with his 197o chevelle ss 427, head to head all the time, its fun because he has the knowlage to restore vehicles, rebuild engines and chassis. He started out like every other teen aged gear head who just didnt have the money to tinker and wanted more experiance. Look at him now.

If a student does not take his edducation seriously, then the school is not going to take that individual any more serious. If you have a goal and actualy want to learn more and be successful, its not cheep, its not easy, and you have to earn it. I guess maybe "earning" something is new and perhaps hard for some of you rich, spoiled people to deal with. Me? Well I turn 17 in april everything I have earned everything I have. My truck, my car, my savings, you know what my perants and grand perants have given me? Nothing they have nothing to give me. They didnt have the greatest luck in life. They root me on, thats all they can do. I am looking hard at going to the same collage. I want a seccessful life, I am serious about my edducation, and I am not afraid to use a little elbow greece and earn somthing. Now after reading this if you as you say had a so called 3. 8 gpa and cant get a job at mcdonalds, or the cozy corner motel. Then I would say that you have somthing else wrong with you. Have a great day.


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    pardy ardy Jan 19, 2010

    I couldnt agree more i went 2 tha same LIncoln Tech in Union, NJ. Biggggg mistake dammmmm you people out there please dnt make the same mistake they are liars an u dnt get in real shop time. I couldnt even do an oil change at graduation we didnt even learn how2 change parts. 15, 000 dollar mistake the f***in jerked tha ### outta me an i feel like a fool. PLEASE DO NOT GO 2 THIS SCHOOL ITS NOT WORTH IT THEY WONT EVEN HIRE U IF THEY HEAR YOUR FROM LINCOLN TECH!!! 1yr later unemployed and owe 15, 000 dollars dammmmm!!!

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    Nicholas Williams Aug 27, 2018

    @pardy ardy Did u get legal help, I owe 20k n seeking help

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  • God forbid if you dont finish they send you to a collection company for the school in plymouth meeting pa, right next to the mall.The manager name is Brian Griffin and Rob dennin.They are very nasty and try to hurt you as much as possible as far as your credit.I have news for you they have to settle out what you owe and no they dont take you to court or sue you there all threats.Trust me there a bunch of dickwads

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    THIS IS A SCAMMMMMM Aug 10, 2010

    def its a waste of time and money...Mostly a bunch of ghetto [censor] kids go here

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    alp-hunter Aug 23, 2010

    I am currently attending lincold in east windsor, ct. I was attending baron, a great school, when they suddenly said, "hey, lincoln just bought us. You're no longer baron." Since then, they didn't register with the local napa righ away, even though the switch took several months, and when the takeover happened in january the school lost parts service. they had wait a while for simple plastigauge for engine rebuilding. Baran as always maintaned a 15/1 or 20/1 student/teacher ratio. The last class was 67 students with one teacher. they finally hired someone off the street to take half his class after a week. He then put the students under a tractor trailer truck that had it's rear raised by a jack without any jack stands. All because the school didn't have time to teach him the proper way to do things. There has also been complaints from the students in the class that he won't explain anything and has very little knowledge. They are also now requiring students taking diesel to take 3 months of automotive at their school first. And they want to switch from 40% class, 60% shop time to only 40%shop and 60% class instead. Cutting back on hands on. Our last class is always a week short. Because lincoln messed up on scheduling because no one knows anything in managment, we are now getting a shortened brakes class. Suppose be certain other classes that have the time to spare to miss a week. In electronic fuel systems 2 we're doing extra stuff because it was normally the 4 week class, and instead is the 5 week class. The reason the last week is short is we do an one week intern the last week.

    all and all, i'd say the original teachers are good, but if they keep hiring people off the street and don't send them through the regular training program they normally do, and keep flooding classes, and they keep taking away more hands on time, they won't be much of a school!!

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  • Nf
    nf hayes Aug 26, 2010

    My son is also at Lincoln Tech in East Windsor CT right now, taking Automotive Technology. He's only been there 4 weeks and already feels like he has been scammed, from the classes right down to the meal plan. If things don't change we will be looking at going and getting him and bringing him home.

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  • Al
    alp-hunter Sep 04, 2010

    Also, when you go to lincoln, they charge you aproximitly $10 a meal, but only allow you to purchase $8 per meal swipe. and If you decide eat at the dorm buffet, and pay cash, its $9 or 1 meal swipe. nothing seams fit together right. And then they tell you that you can only get 4 soda's per swipe, which are normally 1.50 (was 1.25 originally). Then if you try to get something extra with the 4 soda's they tell you you can't. They screw you all way around and if you can, you need to get out if your there!!!

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  • Ws
    wsimpson86 Sep 04, 2010

    I go to the one in Indianapolis and I've learned a lot in the past 2 months that I've been there. If you're not learning anything then its your own fault. The instructors at the one I go to are amazing.

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  • Je
    jenty Oct 06, 2010

    My son is planning on going to Lincoln Tech in Indianapolis after he graduates in 2012. I sure hope that the negative I am reading on this site is just a bunch of BS! He is so excited about going there. But, I guess, by reading these comments, I will have some questions to asked when we decide to drive down and check out the place.

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  • Lincoln Tech isnt any good. They have totally messed up all the way around. Since they have taken over in January, they have messed up alot of things for their students and most of all their employees for the Suffield, CT campus. Their safety staff their is underpaid and understaffed by a long shot. There is no shift differential and they treat their saftey staff like crap. An employee that has been there for more than 4 yrs got only a 55 cents and some only got a 5 or 10 cents raise after not having a raise for well over 4 yrs or how ever long they had been there and this is fair after all the safety staff does this is how they repay them. They also allow there employees to have a sexual and physical relationship. Isn't that why they have a sexual harrassment law to prevent this kind of stuff from happening in the work place. But not Lincoln Tech they dont care what they do as employees as long as the relationship isnt with the students. They have ruined a family because of this. They also spend to much money on unnecessary things as well. Please dont send your kids there it would be the biggest mistake if you do. They are only after your money.

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  • Sm
    smot Oct 11, 2010

    Went to Lincoln Tech, NE Philly for 7 days and now I get a bill for $2900.. They say I completed 45% of the term..Can't get blood out of a stone.. I have the PA state attorney general looking into this scam

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  • Ld
    ldcardwell91 Nov 26, 2010

    Considering what people have been saying, Im open to the possibility that it just depends on which location you go to. Personally, I went to their culinary program in Columbia, MD. I attended for 6 months which was when I'd had enough. They tell you in the beginning that you can take the first class and if you decide to leave, they don't charge you for tuition. So of course in the first class they're going to make it seem like you're learning something, and I'm not the only one to say so. Everyone in my class took and continue to take their education seriously. It's not their fault that they're bearly getting an education. I deeply regret enrolling in this school. In one of my classes we were doing our practical final, we had to present a charcuterie platter and on the day of, we had only one of the ingredients needed to complete that task. One of my classmates actually had to go and buy us groceries so that we could do so. When I spoke to the dean of the culinary side, she asked me "What made you think it was my obligation to make sure you had those igredients?" not verbatim, but that was her point. Excuse me? My tuition is $20, 000 and you're telling me we're not entitled to certain ingredients pertaining to our education? I'm very angry at this situation and I really wish there was something I or anyone could do about it. No one at that school cares about anyones education, just money.

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  • Jo
    Johenny Dec 15, 2010

    I attended to Lincoln Tech in Lowell MA. Personally I think this school is a scam. They have this commercial like its image as in example of all training school but its not. Now I have to pay $17, 000 for this school. Im in my externship that I have to take three buses to go and come. I also told the externship coordinator to put me closer to where I live and I gave her two months notice and she told me I never told her that. I told her that im going to be getting home at 6 or 6:30 all she said was that we all have to sacriface. I wanted to tell her off. She didn't have to wait out side for 20 minutes or a half an hour when its 20 degrees. Today I waited in hour. She lied to me shge said there was no place closer. But she was a dumbass for putting me close to where my friend lived down the street and my friend 5 miles to where I live! I DO NOT RECOMMEND NOBODY FOR THIS SCHOOL!

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  • Ha
    hatedlincoln Dec 19, 2010


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  • Li
    lincoln tech sucks Dec 21, 2010

    I go to lincoln tech in columbia md now...ITS [censor]! The teachers computers halfway work...I'm in engines class now and we started out with 5 days with no engines! And the class is 20 days long. You don't learn anything. Its a waste of like 27, 000...its only my second class and I'm about to get out before they charge me ridiculous. Both classes was bs...the jobs they tried to place you at dealerships to be lot attendants, detailers ect. Nothing about being a technician... so people DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!

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  • Ca
    cagestim Dec 23, 2010

    I go to lincon tech in denver co and its the samething .This school is all bs the instructors dont teach you anything.Iam paying $30, 000 for a degree that I cant use anywhere.The school also keeps you money untill you loose your home and every thing else. Iam calling the atterny genral as soon as i can

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  • Nu
    nunnya Jan 26, 2011

    im attending the one in florida and i came to this website just so i can print all of these complaints. Its all about money. Six staff members were fired and three weeks later they srewed up the loans and people were owing more money bvefore you graduate. They hold back information and you have to figure out what you need to ask. I feel like im in the army, "Don't ask Don't tell" im figuring out away to get out of this school without owing anything but they're a bunch of legal criminals if you ask me.

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  • He
    HectorC Feb 07, 2011

    I went right out of school since I to had a love for cars, they teach you theory but the hands on is what it is about. I would recommend anybody thinking about going to school to learn automotive to first see about learning it on the outside first. Anyone can get a job at a dealership and they will train you and start you off changing oil and also will send you to school on there vehicles and even pay you. I have another easy way, buy a beater old car. Sometimes you can get one free then go into it. Tear it down and learn hands on. I would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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  • Cl
    clhayes Feb 26, 2011

    Lincoln Technical Institute is a RIP OFF. My son was at the campus in East Windsor Connecticut for exactly one month and came home. Everything from the classes to the meal plan was a scam and now they are trying to charge him over $10, 000.oo for one month. Most of the time in class he had nothing to do and when he asked the instructor for something to do he just stared at him. There wasn't enough equipment for them to work on, only 3 lifts for 30 students and it is suppose to be hands on. The dorm rooms weren't much bigger than a walk-in closet for two students and the food wasn't fit to eat, dried out pasta and pizza and under cooked chicken. Don't even think about going there it will be nothing but a big costly mistake.

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  • Bu
    Burning time Mar 24, 2011

    I am currently attending lincoln in Indianapolis and its has been the biggest mistake i have ever made junk [censor] equipment over crowded classes and not enough materials to learn anything teachers give you just enough information on stuff to make a person dangerous i have been a service tech for 5 years and came here to learn diesel and havent learn a dam thing useful on how to work on one and was also suppost to have management classes the last three moths of my time here after i finished my shop classes and they tossed me in to it after only 6 months the teachers dont teach you a dam thing about management just gives a bunch of busy work that has nothing to do with the class your in. FOR ANYONE THINKING ABOUT GOIN TO THIS SCHOOL DONT DO IT ITS [censor] AND A WAST OF TIME AND MONEY. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BLOW 30, 000 DOLLARS AND HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT START A FIRE AND TOSS THE MONEY IN IT AND WATCH IT BURN ITS THE SAME THING AS GOIN TO THIS SCHOOL!!!

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  • Ma
    mandee0387 Mar 28, 2011

    I went to LTI in allentown pa for the medical assistant program. The teacher I had was having an affair on her husband with a past student, had the female students doing her make up to meet him and take pictures of her to send to him, he was sitting in class with us, we took his blood and watch him run and hide in the bathroom when her husband made a surprise visit. She was fired at the end of my course for not only that but she was changing the students' grade based on our attitude towards her affair n weather or not she like the student. One externship I was dropped due to a roomer that some one aid I spoke to them on Facebook saying I moved to NY im pregnant getting married and tell the school to drop me and they did 12 hours before i was to finish. So I can re enroll I had to $200 and finish the last 10 hours. NOT THE WORSE PART! Come time to get my diploma i found that the money i was paying towards the interest wasn't enough and was never caught because I always paid it, I paid $50 towards the interest to the school and 450 to the loan every month, now the 50 that i paid only got added on the back of the interest and never paid off any of the interest . Now I have to pay $2, 410 to get my diploma. I could have paid more every month or done what ever to do what ever I had to pay the interest, I work a full time job while i was in school got two hours sleep for the past year and a half i could have afford what ever payment i needed to make. So now that i want to get a real job i cant! Im getting a lawyer and Im done with that [censor] hole!!!

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    terrible mistake! Apr 01, 2011

    I went to Lincoln Tech in shelton ct. Absolutely ridiculous is not EVEN the word. My clinical instructor for the lpn program pulled my hair to "prove a point" I suppose, uncalled for! When I told the head of the program of course I got her famous line "ill take care of it" and she didn't do anything of course! Not to mention when I signed up; they told me it was a creditted program! When I had finally had enough of the run around with lti and was looking to transfer to a community college, I was told nothing I just did would count. What a waste of money! And certainly of my time. The less than mediocre teachers and clinical instructors get away with murder while the school gets away with ripping you off. Perfect!

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  • Pr
    prdgyair Apr 08, 2011

    i went to the LTI in grand prairie, tx. my first two instructors were great, and it was all down hill from there. in the automotive engine class, i was actually teaching my instructor things, and teaching the class things the instructor should have. dropped out after the fourth class. what a waste of money. if you have good mechanical sense, just get some OJT, study, and take the ASE tests on your own, and save 17 grand or more. if you don't have mechanical sense, this school will NOT HELP!! spend a little more and go to UTI! my cousin who is ten years younger than me went there, now has a great job and makes more than i do! i think he banked 65, 000 last year, two years out of school. don't believe that 100, 000 dollar pipe dream, unless you are super mechanic and live at your job, it wont happen, but if you are and you can, go for it! you don't need LTI's help!

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  • He
    Heather Beather Apr 08, 2011

    Personally I loved lincoln tech. Loves all my teachers and felt I learned a lot. I graduated and just passed my RMA exam. The only problem is I'm not finding work. Everyone at the school told me finding a job would be a snap. Quite the oposite. I even went the the career workshop they had..sat there took notes. I've been applying like crazy and nothing. I graduated with a 4.0 too. Also I was told I would have help finding jobs after I finish..uh no all I get is obvious emails that were sent to everyone. Jobs no where I live. I was told I have to stop being picky..I'm sorry driving to deleware when I live in philly is ludacris. I'm starting to regret it now. I'm considering just getting a job at a retail store or depressing -heather

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  • Si
    sickofbeingrobbed Apr 17, 2011

    I attended LTI in Union, NJ for a year from 08-09. If i could do back in time, i WOULD NOT attend this "school". I put school in quotations because it is NOT a school. I dont know what to call it, maybe a [censor] excuses for a school at best, or a total and complete SCAM at worst. Im not calling them out because I messed up and didnt get the grades, or they didnt help with job placement (which they didnt, but ill get into that later);im calling them about because their "school" is not worth your 25k.

    First off, I had some expierence working on cars before I enrolled in this "school". I wasnt great or anything special, but i had a general idea what I was doing. I decided i wanted to better myself and thought this "school" could help with my future (harhar). I went to the campus, talked with some representive, who was about as sharp as a baseball bat, and took their grand tour. They showed me all the "state of the art equipment and the newest technology in the field." This is where ill start complaining, so bear with me if i go off into a little rant. All of those claims are in fact [censor]! Their dyno doesnt work, in the tour i was told how we will be running cars on the this "state of the art" dyno machine. In the whole year i was there, i didnt see the dyno machine running one time. I doubt it was ran in years. Seriously, the thing was ancient. If that was enough, non of their demo "boards" for brake system, suspension systems, etc worked. [Its basically the whole brake system hooked up to a display board to show students how the system works and demo trouble shooting skills] The engines and transmissions were ripped apart so many times a master tech couldnt put them back together properly. Most of them were missing parts and everyone had something broken within it. The shop cars were also beat to [censor], and even if they werent, you had 50 people trying to work on 5 cars, which were again beat to [censor]. There was one alignment machine in the whole school, and again you would have 50 people trying to work on one machine. No one is going to learn anything that way. They also talked about how much shop time youll get and how the "school" take a hands on approach. BULL [censor]. Each class last 20 days, and you were lucky if 6 of them were shop days. One day to learn how to do alignments? HAHAHAHA, good luck with that!

    Okay, now well move on to the people youll encounter at youre time spent at this wonderful "school". Ill start of with the people at the front desk, theyre some miserable women who talk and act ghetto. I would be at the window making my payment to the "school", and the cashier or whatever she would prefer to be called couldnt even give me a chance to ask questions about my bills and payments of loans. She was more concerned with the conversation she was having on the phone, which was obviously not a work related call. Next are the people that give you the tours and recruit you for this "school". Theyre scammers, dont believe a word they say. Try to ask some current students what they think of the "school". Bet these "recruits" will get their panties up in a bunch and rip you away from the student as quick as they can. Next is the administration. Theyre more worried about their super sweet drag car then they are the well being and education of the students in their "school". *cough*mr allegro*cough* By the way, the drag car is a piece of garbage that would break everytime they took it out for a run. Most of the teachers suck. Im sure they were good when they were actually in the field, but they dont care about your education or you learning anything. They look at this job as a paycheck, nothing more, nothing less. Some of the teachers are actually good, and will actually attempt to teach you with what limited resources they have. It can be hard though.

    Like someone else mentioned, this school is FULL of convicts. People drinking and smoking pot in the parking lot during the 3 breaks given during the day. They would make it hard for the teacher who wanted to actually teach do their job. Ignorant is the best word to describe it. Just because you got financial aide and paid jack for this school, only attending it meet your parole needs doesnt mean you have the right to be a jack [censor] and ruin the "school" for those of us who paid and actually expect to learn something. Some teachers would spend more time disiplining the students then they would teaching. I was actually asked to go home early one day because i commented how this isnt elementry school and he (the teacher) should worry more about teaching those who want to learn then disiplining those who dont.

    I had a 3.8 GPA by the time i was in my last 2 months, which is when they were supposed to help you find jobs. Now, the only ones they really help are the ones like me, with higher GPAs. We started looking for jobs with 2 months left. I filled out about 5 applications, non of which went through. I actually had techs at a dealership chuckle when they saw my LTI shirt. Never wore that to a job interview again. LOL. So for the final two months i sat in a class called shop management, and basically reviewed exactly what i did for the past 10 months. The only thing i learned to manage was my temper, because by this time I was ready to burst. At the end of these final 2 months, this lady came to help all of us at this "school" unfortunate enough not to find a job or have a higher GPA, wait for it, DRUM ROLL...FIND A JOB!! That consist of filling out a paper and her giving you places by you that were hiring. She helped me setup an interview, but i only think that was because of what had happened earlier and the fact that i was telling new "recruits" the truth about this "school"...


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  • An
    Anonymoussssss Apr 21, 2011

    I go to lincoln technical institute in Lincoln RI and it is a waste of money, it's a class of about 20 s0mething people and they only have 3 dental chairs to practice. While the rest of the people go and practice on the chairs the rest of the class just sits there for hours talking and talking. The education you receive in that school is a joke. And the teacher plays musical chairs and games, basically treats us like a kindergarten class.

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  • Ro
    Roger Doger May 05, 2011

    You freaken bunch of whining cry babies. If getting an eductation was easy, everyone would have one wouldn't they? Many of the students have behavioral issues and would be arrested and escorted off the campus of a real college. They have government grants if there GPA's are good enough. And the loans are tax free and deductable. So man up, show respect, and get good grades. Remember, you are born with two ears and one mouth for a reason. They don't even take notes. And whats with the confederate flag belt buckles? I think it speaks for itself.

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  • Ea
    eagle2126 May 10, 2011

    I use to work for the school and the adventure was short lived. I can tell you that as an admissions representative, all they cared about was how many enrollments we made. Their accreditation was weak and their teachers half the times were not qualified to teach. They are a really bad school that is greedy for money and use the lie phrase "you are changing lives". As a an Admissions Rep, if you don't enroll 5 or more students a week you will find yourself in the unemployment line. They are the most unethical school ever. Stay away from them.

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  • Sa
    salu2dgato Jul 06, 2011

    hello people of this page ... I am a graduate student at high school and I enrolled me in lincoln tech institute of union, nj but I have not started classes and read these comments I'm not going to put my money into that school, apply for financial aid $ 27, 000 and I have to pay only 6, 000 did not I have to pay and I have a loan in my name and another $ 9, 000 on behalf of my dad $ 11, 000 I think this is not the best option I have to look like whether it's worth going there since I was told they would help me find a job .. Grasco for your help.

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  • Mr
    Mr disappointed Jul 25, 2011

    i am curently siting in class at lincoln tech in union nj this how much ### this school is that i have the time to sit here and talk to all you fine people about how much of a rip off this school is we are literally siting here doing nothing in this communications class go figure communications class and the teacher hasnt said ### to us all day lol if you are thinking of enrolling in the EST program dont wast your time or money they will lie to you and tell you Tech's are in demand and that we will find you a job ### as soon as your money goes through the story changes to we dont help you get a job we point you in the right direction and big companys are not looking for Tech's they have to many the market is flooded with Tech's they need managers and office workers and project supervisors so do yourself a favor and just go to a real school take collage classes not this ### i paid 22k to work at Burger King or Best Buy yay thanks Lincoln Tech

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  • Ta
    Taisha80 Jul 27, 2011

    sweety i agree with them 100%, i did took my career serieosly, i did everything i was suppouse to do, im still stuck with a loan, and no certificate because they mess up, i wont go into details, because i am doing something about it. but lincoln tech only works on some ppl i guess they lucky. but i didn't went to that school to have fun, it was a waste of my time, and i dont recomended. I do think it also depends of the site. well Good luck to you all, hope you guys do something about it, dont stay with your hands cross, stand up, and do something about it. get a lawyer, write to the news, the department of education anything, i did all that and im still doing, im 31 years old, and i could be 85 one day, and im still going to talk, i wont shut up into somebody do something about this &*^* lincoln tech. Institute is doing. God bless!

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  • My
    Myoungaka Aug 07, 2011

    I think the money you are pay for these schools, you could have earn yourself a BA OR BS and that for 4years or more of college. There are more opportunities with a degree then a certification in one general area. I can't believe that this school is preying on young innocent kids. THESE KIDS ARE GOING TO BE PAYING A DEBT THAT THEY CAN NOT AFFORD.

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  • Ma
    Marcus200 Aug 28, 2011

    I went to Lincoln here in Atlanta. The school is a rip-off! All they want is your money. What a shame…because people go to school to improve themselves and this school takes advantage of their hopes and only leave them with a worthless diploma and a bill.

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  • Su
    SuckMyBallsLTI Aug 28, 2011

    I go to LTI in East Windsor CT, and it was almost decent.. And then they started changing ###, they alarmed EVERY door so now instead of having multiple doors to go out for break 300+ students have to use ONE door for a smoke break, and to exit/enter the building. And the break area consists of 2 whole ###ing picnic tables. Gee thanks..

    Plus they scam you out of your money like it's their job. And most of the equipment is garbage. We have 4 sandblasters in the shop and one of them works and it's in the motorcycle department. They took away the soap in the bathroom because some kids decided to throw it all over the walls and mirrors. Maybe if the school didn't suck balls then they wouldn't have done it in the first place. So now there's no soap, I smell a lawsuit.

    I have friends at the dorms who are paying upwards of $40, 000 to go here, dorm here, and eat here. The school gives off a good image saying their professional, but in reality they're a bunch of money grubbing ###ers.

    If you want my honest opinion, go spend $20, 000 on scratch tickets, booze, and a few hookers. Or invest it in the stock market. Or become a drug dealer with that money.

    If you go to LTI and live here be prepared to become and alcoholic or an avid pot smoker, because there's ### to do in the state of Connecticut to begin with, let alone at a raggedy ### dorm with broke college kids.

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  • Ko
    KOMOLO26 Sep 27, 2011


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  • Ca
    Carina Ogren Nov 15, 2011

    I caution everyone that wants an education at BARAN because you'll be getting ripped off. First of all, the school/ instructor has poor experience on cars, and NO experience in teaching (and it shows). Besides your rudeness to people, in this case our son, who tried so hard and spend almost $30.000 for 6 months!!!

    If that's not enough, the course of study is terribly put together, and not enough training aids for the students; making it a zoo of an environment.

    I hope people don't waste their money in that school ($30, 000+ for under 6 months of schooling) and instead, plan a trip to a different school. BARAN isn't even worth $1, 000!

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  • Jb
    jbooser Jan 16, 2012

    I went to LTI in Columbia, MD and graduated on 12/22/2011 and it's a big joke and waste of time. This BS school is too worried about being a college, and make us do stupid term papers that have absolutely nothing to do with being a technician. For the amount of time they make us do this garbage, we could learn something that we're going to need to know in the field. Right now, I'm employed with VW, and I'm already thinking about stepping down to something else because I'm just not catching on. I blame the extreme lack of hands-on because I'm one of those people that have to actually see it and touch it to understand it. The training aids suck as they half-way work if at all, and one of the most important things, they don't show you how to do oil changes, which for the most part, is where you're going to start in the field.
    Those of you thinking about going to LTI---RUN! AND DON'T LOOK BACK!!!

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  • Mr
    Mrdees Feb 28, 2012

    I go to the Lincoln tech in union nj. This is the flagship school where it all started. I will start by saying that you will only get out what you put in. If you are the type of person who works hard, pays attention, asks questions, and actually gives a ### about learning a trade you will get a lot out of it. But if you are the type of person who is overly concerned with reving your gay honda all day, or blasting your ### music; you will say that you got ripped off because you are never in class and everyone in charge in school is out to screw you. I am 7 months into an 11 month program for HVACR. I honestly can say that I am very satisfied with the knowledge I have gained thus far. Every teacher I have had so far has been extremely qualified and genuinely cares about their students (as long as the students care). Classes could be smaller but when you see how many people just don't show up to class, it's not that bad. My advice to someone looking to attend this school; if you truly want to learn a trade, go into the HVAC program and really give it your all. There are so many people at this school that are like wiping your ### with a hundred dollar bill; ###ing wastes. No one is going to hand you a job when you graduate you have to work for it and earn it. You have to let go of mommys hand and man up and do it for you.

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  • Jb
    jbooser Feb 28, 2012

    Union, NJ maybe a good one, but Columbia is bad. I've been terminated from VW due to lack of hands on. 3.81GPA and 99.7% attendance down the drain.

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  • Ty
    TylerM Apr 24, 2012

    Dont ever think about going to this school, I'm currently in the East Windsor CT school for electrical, the teachers are all smart ###, they grade you upon groups you work with so if i bust my balls doing a project the kid next to me who does nothing gets the same grade as me, if someone ###s up you get the SAME grade as them, I got kicked out after missing a few days because i was sick and had to pay 600 dollar bill to come back for 2 courses and i was told i had to get a 95 and the teacher i have now takes points off for every little thing i do wrong, or in what i said above ill do a damn good job in shop and someone in my group ###s up my A goes to a B or C in a matter of seconds. waste of ###ing money.

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  • Lk
    LKL2426 May 22, 2012

    I started at Lincoln Tech in East Windsor Ct on August 22, 2011 to become a Diesel Technician. I was taking the afternoon course and I was commuting seeing as I live in Ct and I didn't want to be in the "dorm" atmosphere anyways.

    First couple weeks was fine and then things just started to get worse. I was the only female in my class and I know that guys will be guys but the class started getting out of control. They were loud, obnoxious, disrespectful and vulgar. The things the guys talked about were not only irrelevant to what we were suppose to be learning but things I just did not need to hear. Some things they would talk about were who they were screwing, how many girls they were cheating on their girlfriends with, getting drunk etc. The ### part about that my instructor did nothing to stop it! I approached him more than once with my complaints and concerns and he would respond with "I have to do whats best for the MAJORITY of the class not the FEW." Oh and he would most of the time engage in these childish conversations as well, instead of doing his job. So here I am driving an hour up and back everyday to sit and pretty much socialize. I was not learning a goddamn thing! Me and three other guys in my class were there to take it seriously and what pisses me off is the ###s who were distracting us from learning were the ones whose mommy's and daddy's were paying for their tuition, while the three of us would have to pay the money back ourselves.

    we also spent most of our time in the classroom and instead of in the shop learning hands on. and we missed alot of shop time because these ###s would come to class unprepared, not wearing their uniform, boots, bringing their books or tools. Now the instructor is suppose to send them home or to leave immediately...he did not do that. so therefore those of us who came prepared got to miss out on working in the shop.

    I started becoming anxious, angry and feeling like i wasting my time. five months into and i felt i had the same amount of knowledge i had before i even started there which was NOTHING. that's why i was taking it seriously and trying to pay attention...granted the guys is my class had some knowledge already because they had gone to tech high schools, i did not.

    but I ended up going to a woman who was the head of the diesel department or some ### and she confronted the class but nothing really changed. So i ended up withdrawing from the school the end of January.

    now they are coming after me for $7, 000.00 and i have no way of paying it back and i shouldn't. I should not have to pay for the education i DID NOT RECEIVE. They mislead you in anyway they can and they don't give a f*** about your education. they just wanna push you through and take your money.

    my boyfriend graduated from their diesel program and he says he still doesn't really know anything and instead of working on diesels he's now working at a dealership making 12 bucks an hour being an auto mechanic. he cant find work as a diesel mechanic because hes not certified and does not have his CDL (most places want that) that's another thing Lincoln ###ted about.

    you go there. get the basics. leave and your on your own and don't know what you should. its a waste of time, money. they leave you anxious, nervous and feeling like you don't know what your gonna do with your life... that's how i feel anyways. and i am going to fight this and do something about it because they should not get away with this ###.

    they are accredited and i am gonna complain to the accrediting agency and do whatever i have to do to put an end to this f***ing school, so they cant do this to students anymore.

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