Lincare Holdingsportable oxygen

L Jan 10, 2020

I called my doctor in November to get machine, cancer remission and copd only weigh 97lbs, I gave up never heard anything from either place I got scammed on Inogen order yesteday $2495.00 The doctor office finally returned the call and stated they had sent it to Lincare on 11/14/19 but they had gone to a new computer system and she would fax it again to them for me to give them a call to see what was going on with it, today is 01/10/2020. Called Lincare spoke to Danielle she said the person I needed to speak to was on the phone, I told her what was going on she said I should had called well I didn't know the doctor had faxed it and they kept calling calling asking if I needed tanks how was I to know by that the doctor did his job the Lincare co did not, I even picked up my own oxygen tanks after 11/14/19 and thy have continued to call asking if I needed tanks because you never know when they are going to arrive with your tanks I have a lot of appointments scans etc. So sick of this company I told Danielle uncalled for and hung up on her. GBet they call today asking if I need tanks Friday is delivery day for me. Why can't people do there jobs so sick of this company.

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