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N Jul 10, 2019

I recently had work done at the Ontario, OR Les Schwab Tire Center and my complaint is charging me $50.00 a wheel for mount and balance. This was a complete shock to me as this has not been the case in the past and I was told that the policy just changed on this due to internet sales. What is frustrating is that if I had bought the tires from Les Schwab then this service would have been free of charge. I understand paying for labor to do the job but grossly overcharging because I did not buy the tires from you is poor customer service and quite frankly you are ripping off customers. It takes about an hour to do the work and getting charged $200.00 an hour is cheating your customers out of money. It is acceptable and understandable to refuse to work on the tires since they were not purchased at that location but to overcharge is scandalous and shows what type of company you are becoming. You fix flats for free regardless of where the tire was purchased and it would behoove your company to maintain a consistent policy no matter the service provided
I have had an account with you for 5ish years and have recommended you to others. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to do so in good conscious. Quality customer service and pricing on flat repairs, mounting, and balancing is what your company was founded on with an owner that took pride in this and is what set you apart from other companies. This has not been my experience as of lately with this last dealing being my final straw. I will no longer be doing business with Les Schwab. I will pay the account off and close it immediately and will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It is quite clear that the dollar sign has trumped your quality customer service motto and the result is losing a loyal customer.

Jason Croslin
10489 Scotch Pines Rd
Payette, ID 83661

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