Leon's Furnituredelivery of a sofa

Ly Oct 02, 2019 ON

I bought a sofa at the end of June 2019, Delievered July 12, 2019

The delivery guys showed no respect for our home.

They had difficulty getting the plastic off the sofa and the guy lost his temper and started throwing the sofa around trying to get it out of the plastic, when he was finished my living room floor had ALOT of deep scratches in them from a uncovered metal piece on one of the legs of the sofa.

Leon's asked for pictures we sent them several very clear photos, no that wasn't enough they had to send a guy out and all he did was take pictures, we were contacted a few days later saying the were not repairable and they would contact me for another solution.

Well don't I get another call for another guy to come and look at the floors that are non repairable. I am not having another stranger come to my house for something someone has already told it not repairable.

Is this there stalling tactics for us customers to just give up.

Photos were sent to Shane. [protected]@leons. ca July 12, 2019

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