Leon's Furniturecharged sales tax during a leons sale advertised as "save the tax on all mattresses"

Order number 10039KIUEIM

I purchased a queen mattress on Oct 3, 2019.
Signs and flyers said, ' SAVE THE TAX ON ALL MATTRESSES '.
The word 'ALL' is underlined. I was charged $103.87 sales tax.

When I complained, numerous times I was told to read the fine print in the flyer. They said the mattress I purchased is not part of the 'save the tax' sale. Fine print states, " Not applicable to previous purchases and markdown items". My mattress was not on clearance, in fact I was told it was one of their best sellers. It had a Manager's Special tag, nothing else.

We took a picture while we were in the store of our mattress. There is not a sign on the mattress saying "Not applicable to save the tax sale. " Does not say it anywhere on the tags. Marie, a very nice lady that I went back in to see after she called my home, ( she saw my very low rating), and wanted to explain. She again directed me to the fine print. I directed her to the very Large print on your flyer that says ALL mattresses.

I think it is false advertising to say ALL mattresses, then pick one or two that are not applicable. And, just happened to be the one I chose...Interesting. I stated, " The fine print does not say my mattress does not apply. It was not marked down as clearance. I think Leon's should honor your flyer's large print that says 'Save the tax on ALL mattresses' and refund me the $103.87. Until then I will stand by my low rating. "

Retired, I am trying to be wise with my money and going where I can to get good deals and great customer service. When I have to fight with a local Canadian store for $103.87 when there are so many other furniture stores in our city, that is sad. Is $103.87 really worth the bad review in a day of twitter and Facebook? I would hope not but...

Leon's Furniture

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