LCBOcustomer service. bad management

M Jul 23, 2019

My friend went into this lcbo location where she has purchased alcohol several times and never had her Id. She is 27. She also has a broken foot. She comes out and I enter the store going to buy the same bottle of wine. The clerk tells me that I'm not allowed to purchase it. I said fine and went and grabbed a new bottle. And got back in line. This is when I got into sharons line and gave her my ID before she even asked. Which I should mention I am 26. The teller from behind her yells over not to sell me the alcohol. Sharon then called over manger Todd and asked him and he told her that I could purchase anything I wanted becuse I had ID . Sharon then told Todd I was buying it for a minor which is incorrect. All well saying this in front of a full store of customers. No privacy at all. Todd also asked her how she had proof that I was buying this for a minor. She said she didn't he said to sell it. So I then asked for the original bottle back. Sharon turned to Todd and he said no. After he had just said I could buy anything I wanted because I had ID. I should mention I am from muskoka. And I do not live here and people forget their ID all the time especially when that location has severed her several times before. What a poor excuse for customer service and management.

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