Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay P.CAsset acceptance, LLC/Ameristar false claim


We received a letter from this law firm that states I owe $24, 000 and could settle for $7, 000. I have never owed that much on anything in my life, including anything that could have gained that much interest to equal $24, 000. There is no information on what the collection is for other than the collection company.

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  • Si
    silvia ruiz Nov 01, 2008

    Der Sir,
    I have your receive your letter dated October 24, 2008 with reference No 73866753-11. This amount owing to the bank was never taken out by myself somehow someone did got access to my account and did this mischievous act. However at this present moment I and my husband are out of a job and therefore that is the reason why we were not able to pay off this debt. I know that although it wasn't my fault the Bank still need their monies. Hopefully by the end of next month there must be some kind of change and I will be able to start working again' so until then I have no other option than to keep on praying and hope for the best.

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  • Ja
    Jane Dough Nov 11, 2008

    There are judgments against this company in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere for violations of the fair credit act and various other state and federal laws. You should contact your state for help.

    Law Office of Mitchell N. Kay, P.C.
    7 Penn Plaza
    New York, NY 10001
    [email protected]
    Managing Attorney: William Siegel, 212-695-8155, x351

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  • An
    anna jones-wilson Nov 14, 2008

    Dear sir.

    I have never had a chase credit card in my life. I did not here about this account until I received a letter saying I owed thema large sum of money in which I called the collection agency and informed them of that fact. I would like to do a hand writting test to prove I did not sign for or approve anyone a card in my name. I have just recieved this letter due to the fact that I no longer live at the address you have on file. I will be out on disability for the next few months. I pay my my bills but this one is not mine. Please send any and all info you have concerning this account so I can address the the persons whom this concern.My mailing address is 3426 Henry St Inkster, MI
    48141. Please Adress E-mail to george Mother.

    account #72675259-10

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  • Nt
    ntiense udo Nov 17, 2008

    i'm not paying this billin of $461.16 i never had a t-mobile account a day in my life so im paying ### y'all

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  • An
    angie Dec 17, 2008

    To Who It Concerns,

    I have received your letter reference#74266626-10. I do not have a contract or have had a contract with this company in four or five years.
    When i did have the account it was paid in full. Because of their crappy
    service I did not renew. As of this amount I am unemployed at the moment
    but am looking for a job. Please contact me via e-mail on this matter. thank you

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  • 65
    65434 Feb 26, 2009

    I have also recieve a letter in the mail also and have no idea what it is for so suck my dick...

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  • Ru
    Ruben L. Martinez Mar 11, 2009

    I also recieved a letter from this so called law firm stating that I owed T-Mobile $131.67. I called them and advised them that I've fad T-Mobile services for 9 years and still have thier services. She told me that it sounded like I was a victum of idenity theft. She goes on to advise me that it would probably cost me about $500.00 to obtain an attorney and get the attorney to file an affidavit, but she says to me, give me your information and we can settle this over the phone for $66.00 dollars. Wow, who are really the thieves? I'm not sending them a red cent penny!!!

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  • Mi
    MICHIAL BAXTER Mar 14, 2009


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  • Le
    LeenaXiong Apr 06, 2009

    Dear LawofMNK,
    I have recieved a notice stating that I owe $422.39 for T- Mobile. WHAT??? I have AT&T and there is noooo way that I could possibly owe this crappy business. For the previous year, i had recieved this notice also and I ACTUALLY paid the bill even if i didn't do anything, but I paid so that I get good credit and here you guys come and I recieve another notice!!! THE HELL? if you guys send me another crappy letter I''m gonna get a lawyer on all this crap. oh, and dont even get on the phone and say that I'm lying my butt off! because this is all true and I really should report this and get a lawyer if this business keeps mailing their lying crackheads!! sorry for the all the threats, but ### YOU GUYS! Go get your own jobs and stop scamming and harassing me because I work my ### out there at work!!!

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  • Le
    LeenaXiong Apr 07, 2009

    Ok people, this business is all ###. Because they send you a notice and blah blah blah even if you didn't do anything. Luckily we talked on the phone or else if I saw you in person i would beat the hell out of your guys' brainless trampy bimbo thieves jobless people!! So don't call us the thieves and scamming liars because all those words go back to you guys!! LAWofofficemnk sucks my ###!! ###!! BIMBO! and yes bimbo is a word. WHO"S WITH ME!?

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  • Gr
    grace Apr 19, 2009

    Agreed that Mitchell N. Kay, P.C. is corrupt and requires further investigation for abusive business practices. Additionally, Tmobile should be the entity facing growing criticism and loss of business for their poor choice in outsourcing / sellling accounts to such dishonest collection organizations.

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  • Je
    Jess May 10, 2009

    I got the same letter as everyone else it seems... but i thought i did owe money so started sending payments.. then one day i tried to log on to my account online and it wouldn't let me.. i tried e-mail them never heard back. Then i started to do research on these guys and the web is just filled with complaints and letter just like what i received. Worst part is I'm out of 350 dollars. But it is my fault for not looking further into it in the first place.. :(

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  • Ke
    Kenneth E Billings May 11, 2009

    May 11, 2009

    To Whom it may concern,

    Effective immediately Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay, P.C. is to stop all phone calls to my residence.
    All information related to your claim reference number >78128051-10 are to be sent via U S Mail to my residence.

    Provide the following information:

    Name of Bank
    Type of Account
    Account number
    Bank Branch location
    Document that is signed by me which states opening Account
    Account Open date and Account Close date
    Account Activity Statement related to the issue

    Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay, P.C. claim is NOT consistent with any of my records.

    Kenneth Billings

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  • Ia
    ianp1980 Aug 02, 2009

    Reference Number: 80154169-10

    To Whom it may concern,
    Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay, P.C. is to stop all calls to my private residence effective immediately. Any further contact must be done in writing to my residence concerning this matter. I have never heard of Palisades Collection, LLC and I do not owe AT&T Wireless any money. Please forward any and all documentation to my residence so that I can review the information regarding this account. Thank You.

    Ian Ratcliffe

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  • An
    anastil Aug 19, 2009

    I got a letter in mail letting me know that i ow t-mobile $ 242.14, i had a crappy service with t-mobile for a while i kept calling customer service to fix that service because i had at least more that 10 dropp call every day, before the end of the contract i called to cancell the service and i found out after 6 months i still charged for service that i never used anymore .I talk to a supervisor and he was very mad at me saying that i supposed to call earlier i had to pay $ 300.00 something .
    I am a hard worker start at two in the morning to 6 at night this is not a joke guys to make that money to take care of my family bring food on the table and pay for my daughters education but if any company like t-mobile wants to get my mony this way it's like sucking my blood i will pay that bill but God will do the reste.

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  • Sa
    Sandra L Aug 19, 2009

    We received a collection notice for First Card in the amount of $3581.27 and have never had a credit card with this company. Reference number 7988487-11. Thank goodness I found all the complaints against Mitchell N. Kay, P.C.

    Can't someone stop this type of stuff or at least keep the Credit Companies from reporting it as if it was real. Then the banks say they can't lend you money because you haven't taken care of this type of thing. Who's in bed with who here?

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  • La
    LauraDoveLMT Sep 03, 2009

    We got a letter for the previous owners of our house from MNK, a couple weeks ago. I wish I had kept it now. We just received a letter addressed to US at our address, yesterday, saying we owed Regions Bank money. THEN I got a collection call this morning at OUR phone number, but they asked for the previous owners of our house.

    Sounds a little hinky to me: there is NO WAY that our phone number could be associated with the previous owner, unless someone was phishing for information associated with our address. When I *69'd the call to find out who it was, I called to ask them how they got our number listed for the previous owner's address. They gave me the runaround, of course, and said they had no information for our number, which means I must have told them that it wasn't a valid number. I also explained about the letter sent to the previous owner, and the we got a letter shortly after, and I gave them the reference number, but they wouldn't discuss it with me without my husband's permission (he's the one listed on the letter).

    As others have mentioned, we don't have debt with Regions Bank, and there is nothing on our credit report saying we do (we have recently pulled a report while consolidating loans, and went over it line-by-line). I logged on to their website, but there was no additional information on the account. I did have to input the last 4 of my husband's SSN, so I'm hoping they can't do anything with that.

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  • Th
    The Family Oct 09, 2009

    As of October 2009 . My family is being harassed by this Law Firm Mitchell N. Kay PC (company) we had a vehicle repossessed illegally by Nissan Corporation in 2007 when my wife was in the hospital and we had purchased disability insurance when we purchased the vehicle from the dealership on a Nissan contract in case there was an issue where she would be unable to pay on time. When my wife got home from the hospital after surgery (we have receipts proving the hospital stay) the vehicle was just over 30 days due because she was hospitalized getting surgery and forgot to pay and they came and repossessed the vehicle from our driveway. We called Nissan Finance in Dallas TX an offered to pay not only the due amount but also double the payment and Nissan Finance in Dallas (rude people) would not consider returning the vehicle or accepting our payments. What Nissan Corporation did by repossessing our vehicle was illegal because we had purchased disability insurance and the Nissan Dallas collections people did not care and they talk very badly to us (condescending saying they did not want our business any longer). Eventually we received a collection account from NCO a collections agency and we were told if we pay 70% of the account in good faith the account would be closed out early and considered paid in full. Since 2007 we paid on time every month, we always stayed in contact with the collection agency and paid the owed amount every month and eventually reached our payment goals. Then we stopped completely receiving collection notices from NCO and thought that was it and we followed our agreement. Nothing came to our home mail for over 1 year. Then as soon as we changed states and addresses and moved out of state and all of a sudden After a year of no activity we start getting letter from Law Offices of Mitchell N Kay PC from 7 Penn Plaza New York making deals with us that if we pay X amount percent we don’t have to pay the whole left over amount. Then we get another letter saying they sent us letters and now they was 25% of the balance owed and monthly payments until the whole amount is paid off.

    To top is off my sons began receiving legal notices about owed cell phone bills from the past that were paid off to the cell company.

    I am asking everyone to contact the BBB / FCC concerning this law firm and filing complaints against this law firm. Full investigation of the principle Lawyer should be conducted (from personal lives of owners and associates to corporate financial associates to determine who they are, is there a foreign connection to a foreign country and entities or foreign support? What accounts do they represent and in what countries, is any monies going to fund illegal activities globally or to other governments?

    I encourage everyone to put on your detective hats and turn this company inside out.
    Submitted October 2009

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  • Ch
    Chance1358531 Oct 14, 2009

    I received a letter from the offices of Mitchell N. Kay stating that I owe almost $10, 000.00 to citibank. I had a citibank card in the early 90s with a credit
    limit of $300.00 that was fully paid and then closed. Mitchell Kay's letter states the following "at this point in time, no attorney with this firm has reviewed the particular circumstances of your account" huummm...a letter from a law firm that does not review accounts but requests a remittance of large sums (6, 000.00) to "settle" the case. A sixth grader could do better. I suspect their address is probably a po box, not a law firm.

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  • Kp
    KPAUL Oct 24, 2009


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  • Tr
    trent east Nov 06, 2009

    You people are the lemmings that you are! Dumb ###s!

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  • Whenever you receive a collection letter in the mail from a debt collector there is only ONE thing you should do... REQUEST VALIDATION!! Send a letter similar to this:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    In response to your notice, I would like to inform you that I dispute the validity of this alleged debt. It is at this time that I request validation of the above alleged debt as per my right under the FDCPA.


    Your Name

    Send this certified mail return receipt and keep a copy for your records. If they do not produce validation by 30 days send a 2nd request again certified with return receipt similar to this:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am contacting you today because it has been 30 days since I requested validation, please see attached letter and certified return receipt, and to date have not received any information from you validating the above alleged debt.

    As you are well aware, pursuing collection activities and this includes reporting negative information to the credit bureaus, without validating it is a violation under the FDCPA.

    Due to your failure to validate, it is at this time that I demand complete deletion of this account, removal of any negative inquiries to my credit report if applicable, and a letter from your offices confirming that this has been completed and the account is closed.

    As I prefer not to litigate, I am prepared to enforce my rights under the FDCPA and FCRA.


    Your Name

    If the company responds to your initial request with a bill from the original creditor then they have not COMPLETELY fulfilled your request as your entitled to the original contract along with a signed contract that bears your responsiblity to the creditor. You may send this:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am in receipt of your response, however, the information submitted is insufficient and I still dispute this alleged debt. Consider this my 2nd request for validation as you are in receipt of my initial request as of xx-xx-xxxx, see attached letter and certified return receipt.

    As per the FCRA you are allowed an additional 15 days from receipt of my request therefore, if you do not furnish the necessary information by the time allowed, all references to this account must be deleted and a copy of such deletion must be sent to me immediately.

    Be aware that pursuing collection activities without validating it, and this includes reporting negative information to the credit bureaus, is a violation under the FDCPA.

    As I prefer not to litigate, I am prepared to enforce my rights under the FDCPA and FCRA.


    Your Name

    If you still receive no response or they send anything OTHER than the original contract bearing your signature, then you may send the letter demanding deletion above.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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  • Ac
    Account Holder Mar 05, 2010

    March 5, 2010

    To whom it may concern:

    I am writing this letter to your organization (Law of of Mitchell N. Kay, P.C) in reference to my account (no. 81716515-12). This letter serves as my intention(s) for my Feb. 24th payment of $100.00; I have designated the payment stated above to my settlement option for this account as well as any/ all future payment. Please understand that this option is due to the amount of the outstanding balance of this account.

    I appreciate your time and consideration shown towards this matter. Please contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns regarding this letter of intent. Please check your email correspondence.


    Account Holder

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  • Ma
    mahakrisna Jul 23, 2010

    Thieves and scoundrels!! And that includes the damned cell phone bandits T-Mobile! The crooks at T-mobile negotiated a SEPARATE contract with my step daughter who was a minor at the time, and when she ran up a $1, 209 bill I refused to pay (they also charged the rip off $200 early termination fee for a total of $1409). Now I have these turd knockers at Siegel are calling me at work, pestering for money I have determined not to pay!!!

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