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Pinnacle Credit ServicesSending bills i dont owe

Received a bill from Northland group a collection agency saying in the mail saying I owe another collection agency $1120.33 for a bill I owed for Nyseg..I never had Nyseg In my life and Why would a collection agency have another collection agency contact me about a bill that is not for real?..I do not owe this money and Am tired of both Pinnacle and Northland group collection agencies calling me and sending me false bills in the mail when I am on the do not call registry..Please make sure they stop this kind of behavior and lies.I do not owe this money.

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    th!sman Sep 14, 2012

    No you have to make them, no one else will. It's simple though.
    They are fishing and you happen to share names with the real culprit.
    Google these,
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt
    4-cease and desist
    6-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    You need to fire a C&D letter to them CMRRR and request VOD. Failure to which tell them you do not owe this debt and to cease further contact with you. Any violation of that instruction you will consider as harrassment and you will institute legal proceedings. A letter head with account details, etc is not a VOD. It has to be the original contract with your signature on it. That's how federal law ensures you ultimately owe a debt. Otherwise they can put everybody the want to in debt by sending them some stupid letter, right?

    Try not to talk on the phone. Use CMRRR. But if you must talk to them on the phone record all your conversations. You do not have to tell them you are recording. Also start keeping a meticulous journal, who called, when, what was said, etc. The reason for this is, if they lie to you or violate your rights under federal law you can sue them and should. Each violation is worth $1000 to you, it's just how many can you prove. You do not need a lawyer to sue you can do per se. Just go over to debtor boards dot com and post your questions on this and how to per se. It's simple and it would't hurt to collect from a collections agency who's a scam! Cos if you fall for this you are about to be scammed.

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Pinnacle Credit ServicesCharged Off Debt

Verizon has charged off this debt, but pinnacle is still trying to collect. I have tried to pay this debt but they refuse to acknowledge me.

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    informan Apr 27, 2010

    They are bottom feeders as for debt collectors. Usually they try to collect outside of the SOL, but sometimes they try to collect almost to the date of expiration. I know someone who used to work there and they try anything to get you to pay, and they joke about who actually pays. I wouldn't respond and if they harass you then send them a drop dead letter. You can always contact the FTC that is listed on your credit report.

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Pinnacle Credit ServicesFalse Debt Reporting

Pinnacle apparently acquired an old debt (they say the original creditor was CitiBank) that is attached to my social security number. (The validity of the account is still in question). The date of the first delinquency is noted as 12/2002, making this account 6 years and 10 months old and will be eligible for complete removal from my credit report once it reaches seven years old. Pinnacle, however, marked the account as new in July of 2009 and falsely reported a 90 day late as of September 2009! I verified with the Federal Trade Commission that this activity is in fact illegal as "re-aging" an old debt breaks the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, as well as with the BBB. I have also written Equifax asking they remove the 90 day late and complete removal of account come December, as the account will have reached the Statute of Limitations. When I call Pinnacle, they refer me to the Law Office of Lawrence Hecker who has a very rude collector answer his phone. What a nightmare.

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    Walter Timothy Gilcrist Apr 17, 2007

    Took 49.95 from my checking account without my ok.

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    Rick1952 Dec 01, 2009

    Back in 2005 my wife and I filed Bankruptcy. All of our unsecured debts were included but NSCB sold my account to Pinnicale Credit Services after they recieved info about our bankruptcy. We are nearly out of the bankruptcy and have asked our trustee for permission to refi our house, which was granted. However Pinnicale reports we have defaulted on a loan. What can I do to get this off of my credit report? I have already called Pinnicale but they have never returned any of my calls.

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    mrgq41276 Apr 13, 2010

    My wife has just run into the same problem reporting a citi bank that has been paid off though she has no pay off letter. Any information on how to resolve this issue would be appreciated. The Law office Pinnacle turned this into is very rude and wants to hear nothing about it being paid off. Please E mail [email protected] com if you have any information on how to resolve this issue.

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Pinnacle Credit ServicesFraudulent Claim

They bought a debt from Verizon Wireless, and have farmed it out to Retrieval Masters or RMCB. I have sent Pinnacle and RMCB cease and desist letters, and they refuse to stop calling me. This is in direct violation of the Fair Debt Collections and practices act. I want to file a law suit against them for failure to adhere to this law. Please contact me at [protected].
Thank You,
Jeff Young