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Ma Apr 06, 2019

To set things straight from the get go, I love Lane Bryant! The underwear is exceptional, the stores are wonderful and the staff is phenomenal, but the bras give me pause. I want to love them but I bought one two months ago, wore it twice, never had the chance to wash it, and it is already tearing at a seam!! For the money I paid it should NOT do this! Like most of your clientele, I am large busted...a DDD cup.
Women like me should not have to worry about buying an expensive (to me) bra and it failing us so quickly.
Can this item be replaced? So far it is the only one.
I had never bought a Lane Bryant bra before so I was excited and pleased with the comfort, fit and beauty.
I am now, however, disappointed and a bit leery of their quality of design and creation.
I would also like to ask that the company revisit the quality of your product.
But hopefully, the poor quality of this particular bra is an anomaly.

Thank you,
Mary A. Hobbs

Lane Bryant
Lane Bryant

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