L.A. Fitnessharrasment

E San Diego, CA

Today at aprox 6:00pm i received a phone call from this location in refference to my son's account, from a employee named 'Debbie'
She then proceeded to tell me about the billing, i explained to her that it was my sons account and within the past week i i spoke to yet another person from this company regarding this same issue, in which the computer noted it, i told her that i would forwarded this information to him, and please note the account to cease the phone calls. She then told me that it was to bad and the calls will continue, " i ask her excuse me"she then began to verbal harass me, and assure me that the calls won't stop, and started to use unprofessional language, and then hung up the phone"
The phone number was on my caller I.D., so i called back and spoke to the supervisor name Mindy Montgomery, and informed her that i will be filing a complaint against L.A. Fitness ASAP. She gave me her contact information and the employee name "Debbie"
Please handle my compliat and do contact me at:
Tracy Evans Sr.

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