Sk Sep 29, 2019

This is the worst store in Staunton to shop for food . I have changed over to Food Lion. They are never stocked . The shelves are always empty or very very low . They don't have some of the product. And the only reason I go there is to get a no spice true value Rotisserie chicken that I have to have for my small dogs to eat because of digestions problems. And the people are so dumb and rude in the deli they gave me the wrong chicken that had full of garlic spices in the bag that was suppose to be for the true value chicken. They didn't even know the difference and and wouldn't help me . So they called the manager back and he also didn't know the difference and gave me the wrong chicken which has upset my dogs stomach again. They are not trained, they are rude and lazy don't want to help you. This one employee at the cash register is so rude and never talks, smiles, or say thank you . Just like you owe him something. I ask one employee about a can of green beans Blue lake with potatoes and he never heard of that and of course they didn't have them anyway just as the shelves are always not stocked. Its the worse store . I can't stand that store anymore and I don't even go in there anymore . I will shop at Food Lion because of the clean store, completely stocked shelves to the fullest. politest employees and fastest checkouts. It always a pleasure to go to Food Lion.

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    my complaint is above

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