Ta Oct 07, 2019

On 09/14/2019 at 8:03 a.m I checked out at the self check out and as I was scanning my items it was saying call an attendant I had already had about 5 bags bagged and the attendant seen it on the screen and said uh I'll just do it real sarcastically I guess she thought I was trying to steal something so she u bagged all my groceries I already checked out and re scanned all my items and after she saw it came up as the same price that was on there she just said ok just pay now and just walked away . I put what she had bagged in my buggy drove 15 miles to get home and I noticed that my already cooked deli chicken wasn't in and if the bags I was so upset I had my neice handle the situation she called spoke to the manager and he apologized and said to come back and chicken so I did drove 15 miles there and back home and then noticed my canned bisquits I paid for wasn't there either 2 cans of those And a couple more items I wasn't about to send her back another 15 miles there and 15 back already made that trip twice and I would have had my items if she would have put them where they were already at and rung up properly anyways her taking my stuff out of my bags and not replacing them cost me money that I didn't get my items and 2 30 mile trips which also cost me money and just get reactions and the way she was handling the situation made me feel like I was 2 feet tall I wasn't and didn't steal anything and when she seen that she just walked away and I'm out if money for her accusations her non professional approach I don't know her name but she always works in the self check out she's a heavy set blonde and she's short. But thanks I guess.

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