Kroger Grocery Storedirty store produce is full of bugs

Bo Oct 03, 2019

A few years ago one of Kroger's competitor's, Marsh, closed their doors. Kroger hasn't even tried to keep up with the additional customers flocking into the stores. It starts with metal grocery carts filling the parking lot. (Not hard plastic like the other stores, which are quieter and safer.) The shelves are never stocked well. I always have to leave without 3 or 4 items on my list because the store was out of the product altogether. You have to be related to or flirting with the butchers to ever qualify for a decent cut of meat. When women of the same color go by the deli, the butchers come running out with arms full of meats no one else ever got to see. I have brought home so many flying insect (gnats, fruit flies) from the produce section they're in my house. That's were I drew the line. I have considered calling the board of health. I used to shop at the Kroger location listed above but have since switched to driving 2 extra miles to shop at Wal-Mart or Meier.

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