Jl Sep 30, 2019

Three times this month I have gone to this kroger and taken a number only to be seen but not helped by the staff at the deli. It is not one person it is about 4 different ones. I have seen them get upset because it is close to closing and they have to help me and I have also seen them go on break while there is a line. I was there 2 days ago took a number the girl was waiting on someone in front of me, so I wait, then she walks away and they other 2 girls in the deli actually walk away and leave the counter. No hello or someone will be right with you they just walked away and I waited another 5-7 minutes for someone to decide to come back and help me. The only reason I am complaining is because this seems to be a normal thing with this deli at this kroger. I would tell the manager but I dont think they really care at this store. Since it is allowed to keep happening.

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