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Below info I send on 11/4 somehow no responed yet:
Last sunday 11/3 around 9:40am I walk into the store located at 116st & allisonville road kroger. I was trying to wire some money to china. I stopped by the customer service counter waited few seconds. A lady walk in from the little door and goes straight, she does not even turn her head and look at me. I said hi can I wire some money? She completely ignored me. No hi no good morning no smile no nothing!! She just kept walking to her computer. After she hear me need wire. She keep logging in to her computer still did not acknowledge me. Then she asked me what is my name and what is receiver's name. I tried to show her the receiver's name on my phone, she doesn't even turn her head toward to me she just keeps asking me questions like how much, is it a gift …., then she gave me a piece paper ask me to write it down which is fine. She asked me my id which I held on my hand for 2 3 seconds she still keep typing until she ready to key in the receiver's name!!! I feel like she doesn't like to face customers at all. By this time I am really hurt and it's ruining my day!
Then I ask her name and ask to talk to manager, she said she is the manager there. I asked to see her id, she showed me a badge that only has her name amber on it. Then I ask how come I don't see your title on your badge? I ask do you have higher position person that I can talk to and then she change and says she is just a leader. She should not tell me that she is a manager how could that be if she is not a manager and she said to me two times until I ask for her id!!! (first big mistake), I asked her last name she said no need to provide me the last name!
I had been shopping at this kroger since they built it. I have always liked it a lot and the pharmacy even knows my whole family's name!!
The second mistake was she never ask me if we want the money received with us$ or china money!
I feel that she discriminated against me as I am an asian woman!
If you need you can email back at [protected]


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      Nov 06, 2019

    She was correct in not giving you her last name. It's not safe nowadays for employees to provide customers with their full names. There are too many crazies in the world. A lot of companies in fact have it as policy that employees are not to provide full names to customers.

    As far as not asking you if you wanted the money received as dollars or yuan, I can't say for sure about China, but I know when I have wired money overseas, the person receiving the money could NOT receive in American dollars. They had to pick it up based on whatever currency was recognized in their respective country.

    You've no proof she treated you poorly, just because you are Asian. Please don't degrade yourself by playing the race card. People of all races receive poor service everyday. It's not a racial thing, it's just a fact of life. If you are an adult, you should know that.

    The good thing about wiring money is that in 2019, you have LOTS of option besides going to your local Kroger.

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