Krogercashiers money center

G Oct 05, 2019

I should not come into the store on a Saturday morning at 8:00 am and shop for the week and there are no cash registers open. The only option is self serve for a cart full of groceries, yet, there's at least four employees standing around talking.
If you want your store to be totally self service lower your prices. Kroger is too expensive to have to check myself out and bag my own groceries too. Then I head to the money center where the two employees behind the window look at me crazy, how dare I interrupt their conversation? Then she says, m'am the machine is down, it might not be up until 12. So again at least six people you're paying to stand around and do nothing, fire them and pass the savings on to paying customers. Also train your employees on how to speak to customers properly. A simple, sorry for the inconvenience, but our machine is down, would do. Not an explanation that's meant to sound like I'm crazy for coming in during store hours and expecting service.

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