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Kia Rondobad service

Bought what was thought to be a NEW Kia Rondo 2008 on June 21, 2008

Yet it had 951 miles on it and It is Already Falling apart, Poor Gas Mileage and Weak!

We feel that we THREW away $20 thousand hard earned Blood Sweat and tears Money to Kia in Good Faith for what we thought was a "QUALITY...GAS EFFICIENT...ECONOMICAL" Car!

We were told by the salesman that with this Rondo model, we could expect to get 26 to 30 Mpg.

We just traveled from FL. were we bought this car and live to CA. and we averaged 19 MPG on the Highway!

Not to mention that we had to run with the air conditioner turned off for more than half the trip due to lack of power! This is the weakest 4 cyl...we have ever encountered!

The Upholstery is coming apart on one of the seats.

The Other seat will not lock into place and needs replaced already.

One of the third row seats back panels is coming off.

The horn at times will NOT work.

It pulls to the left despite already having to have an alignment.

One of the back seat belts locks with any slight movement to the point the person locked in it can barley move, causing that person to take it off & put it back on several times throughout the drive.

The engine and transmission makes weird noises and there has been a burning smell we have noticed but so far Kia service has denied any problems with this Kia.

With all this said we are VERY DISSAPOINTED and APPALLED at and with this KIA! We feel that this Kia they have sold us is FAR Below What they Claimed it would be! The Gas Mileage alone makes it a BAD PURCHASE! Our 2008 Toyota Tundra that has a V-8 gets 18/19 MPG on athe for this 4 cyl to NOT get but 19 MPG there is something wrong here! What Happened to the 26-30 MPG?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kia Autosport of Pensacola Meeting

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Today Aug 7, 08

We had a meeting over all the issues above...we met with the following Kia Autosport Pensacola Reps.Bubba-Sales, Jessica Lee General Manager, Don-Service.

It started like this. We pulled up with our Rondo, Lettered up with how we feel about our Kia on our windows. We went inside and I asked for them to follow me out so that we could do a walk around and go over the list of issues. We were then "QUICKLY" escorted back inside. While inside, "WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION OR EVEN A WORD" they HELPED THEMSELVES TO OUR KEYS THAT WERE LAYING IN THE CAR AND MOVED IT AROUND was Several minutes before we even noticed it was gone!

We then continued to go over all the issues, my husband and I felt as if they were "Manhandling and Intimidating us" at several points I felt HIGHLY OFFENDED! Here we had spent just under $20K in GOOD FAITH for what we thought was a GOOD QUALITY VECHICLE and its already falling apart and all they could do is Offend me and tell me there is NO WAY MY TUNDRA could get 18/19 MPG on the hwy. and that all cars are apt to have some issues to work out...and a break in period. They were Also quick, firm and Continually standing on that the mileage Kia puts on the stickers is ONLY an ESTIMATE...NEVER is it ACCURATE!

I felt as if they were Mocking me when I told them It never had a New car smell, Bubba came back with I can Fix that... as he sneered and chuckled! This is NO laughing matter to us, this is SERIOUS!

They asked to keep the car a few days to work on the issues and to check the gas mileage...However I asked them how are they going to estimate this accurately being there will not be but one person versus our 4 people in the vechilcle...they said that they are going to have "A" service technician drive it and we will have to use those numbers! That alone does not seem right or fair. But oh well they have already informed me that being we have over 8000 miles on this RONDO there is NOTHING much more they can do for us! However we bought this car THEM KNOWING we were leaving for a trip to California in a matter of days after buying it. I also Called the Salesperson and told him of some of the issues PRIOR to leaving and again once we got to CA. in which we were told to take it to the KIA dealer there...we did take it to RIverside KIA. So I will follow up and let you know the outcome of all this. But in the meantime... BUYERS DO YOUR HOMEWORK...LOOK over EVERY LINE, EVERY CREVICE AND DETAIL OF YOUR DREAM CAR..."BEFORE" YOUR SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KIA Threatens to call the Police

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Aug 18th, 2008

We took the rental car back and went to pick up our car. Don Sheppard took me into see the cashier. I asked if they had looked at the tires being we had also mentioned that in the meeting of how they seemed to have excessive wear pattern once we had rotated them. He said no and I waited to see if he would again go over in detail on what and how things were doneâ...nothing. I asked where the sticker was and he asked someone for that and did hand that to me and just like NV. It was far Lower than we had been lead to believe it got. I left my husband there to finish up and I went outside. I proceeded to once again write on my windows how I felt of "MY experience with our Kia experience"... as they had washed it off! My husband came out and helped me to finish this writing and we proceeded to leave. However prior to leaving the parking lot Don Sheppard and Jessica came out and stopped us...He told us "TO LEAVE THEIR LOT...NOW BEFORE HE CALLS THE POLICE ON US!" That is what we were in the process of doing so to begin with.

That brings us to yet another major issue! One of the major decieding factors aside from the Great Gas Mileageâ...was the GREAT Warranty that this dealership was offering! FREE LIFETIME power train and FREE LIFETIME tires! Well now in order to take advantage of this warranty we MUST have ALL servicing and work done at their Autosport Kia Dealership! So now we feel that we have been, Violated, Bullied, Manhandled, Misrepresented, and now Threatened to have the Police called if we did Not leave! So how are we supposed to get our car worked on? How is our warranty going to be honored now? How can we in Good faith Pay More Money out for this type of treatment?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

KIA responds

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Mr. Jimmy Wright from Kia customer care called me back with this...that KIA will stand behind and make sure that any and all "WARRANTY" issues are addressed and taken care of. That they cannot tell the dealers what and how to run their business. He also stated that Kia Autosport stated that they Only oredered us off the lot because we had put the lettering back on our car, and that they would still service our car as needed.

I told Mr. Wright that as an American...freedom of speech is my right...He then told me our conversation was OVER and the call ended

So I guess we are at a stale mate here. We have a car that was totally misrepresented to us...Already having issues with Falling apart and still not right including the transmission is still slipping and the power steering is getting harder and harder to drive. With the Nerve damage I suffer with in my neck it intesifies the pain I have therefore I have to get someone to drive me in my own car. Because We sure don't feel comftorable to take this car to be serviced at Kia Autosport of Pensacola FL. How would we EVER be able to trust them after what all they have already put us thru. How CAN we TRUST them now? Yet if we DO NOT TAKE it for service to them We loose our "LIFETIME warranties on the Powertrain & Tires" ! Something that is very important in any car but especially a KIA that is already having issues!

So as of today I have posted a Video on YOUTUBE!


  • Di
    dilla Feb 21, 2009

    We haven't had all of those problems with our 2007 Rondo up until now there were only minor bugs (which they have denied exist). But today I took my car to the brake shop because I could hear a rubbing. The car only has 25, 000 miles and has already run through the rear pads and rotors. The mechanic looked my dead in they eye and said "this car is not safe to drive" until the brakes are fixed! He also said that in our area (northern state) those should have been good until at the soonest 40, 000 miles. The repair shop at the dealer is closed until Monday. I am looking at a $400 bill for a problem 16, 000 miles too early. I hope they fix it, we bought the warranty we took a chance on a new car so as to avoid repair costs! I will update our experience.

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  • Ra
    Raquel Dec 05, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I bought a 2007 Rondo and I loved it. Actually this is my 3erd Kia, I've had a 1998 Sohia, 2003 Spectra, and now a 2007 Kia Rondo andI love how confortable it is, you sit up high and there is lots of space. There is lots of leg room on the rear pasanger seats, and lots of storage space. It also great gas milage about 26mpg on highway and it runs smooth and quick response for a 4 cyl car. In addition, this is a very dependable car. After I used it for a year I gave it to my son when he graduted from college and he love it
    It's a great car and we are really sorry Kia doesn't built it anymore. We really wanted to buy another one.

    Sorry friends, but I desagree, the Kia Rondo is a great economical and dependable car.

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