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Key BankCollege Loan phone harrassment

My daughter has been paying a 10 year college loan for 3 years. She is behind $2000 ( about 4-5 payments ) but has not missed payments on the 20th for about 2 years.

On about the 6th of the month, every month, Key Bank starts calling my daughter or myself, father and cosigner. No matter what we say and we say we will pay and we do pay, we get many more phone calls. The people who call seem to have no record of what we have said. Some of the callers are middle of the road, had one that was extremly nice, only to be followed up next day with someone who was not so nice, I gave the phone to my daugher on that one.

Two days ago, 14 days before the payment due date I got on the phone with the worst I ever had. I said I knew it was important and that we had made the last payment and we would make the next. That was not enough for this guy and he said this was not enough and and picked up on his intesity, I said I'd give the info to my daughter who knows the numbers. For two days now, our house and my cell got about 10-15 calls each which I have not picked up on.

I believe this is harrassment. Does Key Bank tell their callers to do this ?


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    Cliff W Niese Mar 09, 2012

    I never signed an agreement with key bank for a student loan. They bought my loan if I were a slave being purchased. I am not a product for sale. Since this time I was rendered disabled. Has our country come to this that key bank are the bankers that committed a real criminal act by making money out of nothing & when it came to reap what they sow the stole America. To add insult to injury they put the dept on the American people, making jobless, homeless people they now have the nerve to harass

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