Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]product

De Oct 03, 2019 ON

My family and I went for dinner got the 16 piece bucket feast, it was very expensive but we go all the time and love the chicken so dont mind paying the price, but when we got home there was no fries, and the chicken was cold in the middle, not frozen but not warm by any means and we didnt get 16 pieces we got 12, I dont like complaining but its expensive enough and when you dont even get what u paid for, so a couple days later I stopped there to let them know and the guy I think was the chef got kinda rude and insinuated that I was not telling the truth, instead of just maybe hearing me out, accidents happen and everyone has there bad days, if nothing at all is done I probably wont be back, but if something can be done I will chalk it up to just a bad day

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