Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / poor customer service

1020 Oak Ridge Turnpike Oak Ridge TN 37830, United States

I went through the drive thru at 9:15pm on Thursday March 7th. The first thing the employee said was "We have no boneless or bone-in chicken. The wait will be 20-25 mins". I said "Nevermind" and left. The next night at 9:12pm I was told the very same thing. The store was open until 11pm so I would assume they had food available since it was almost 2 hours away. I told the employee I would wait the additional 20-25 mins and was told to pull around and my food would be brought out. My food was brought out to me at 9:45pm, along with several other customers who were waiting on their food. I was totally disappointed in the poor service, the quality of food (smallest chicken breasts I'd seen in a while). It seems that your employees at this store are trying to get out of work early and deterring customers in the process. My family loves KFC and this store is close to my work and most convenient for me. However, waiting 33 mins on food in a drive thru isn't acceptable. Please address this issue. Thanks!

Mar 16, 2019

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