Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]online order - extremely long wait time/ rude management

Am Oct 03, 2019

I went to this location last night after placing my order online.
My anticipated completion time was between 7:05 P.M. and 7:15 P.M.
I arrived at this location around 7:20 P.M.- My order had yet to be completed and the very nice cashier explained that there would be a little wait.
I ordered (3) mac n cheese bowl meals and one two-piece chicken wing and breast meal.

After waiting for about 20 minutes AFTER the completion time// I asked the manager for an update. She proceeded to give me an attitude and told me, "I already made this and handed it out" her tone and demeanor was completely uncalled for. She was treating me as if I was the problem.
Once she started making my order, she would constantly tell the other workers how she is the manager and she will do things her way. That they needed to make this order, "Again, and to make sure its right" Because "I don't want her coming back"
This I have a recording of and will gladly share.

45 minutes after the completion time I was finally given my food.
My order was wrong- They did not give me the cookies are part of the bowl meals, they gave me a mashed potato bowl instead of mac n cheese and when my food was presented to me by the manager her self- She told me, "Sorry, but even though this is fast food you should really understand there will be a wait and drive-thru orders are always filled first regardless of when the order is placed"

I work in customer service for a multi-billion dollar global company- If I were to treat one of my customers the way this manager was treating people I would be dismissed on the spot. I felt horrible for the cashier, not the woman on drive-thru, because the manager was demeaning her in front of customers and the other staff members- When the cashier walked away the manager started talking to her co-worker about how she is the manager and what she says goes and she doesn't care if she was only trying to "Help" it's not how its done at there location.

Mind you the cashier was only trying to offer support to expedite the orders and was empathizing with the customers in the store that had been waiting.

Put it this way- I placed my order online; arrived after the estimated completion time, proceeded to wait 40 minutes to get my order; was given an attitude from someone in a management position.. While waiting for my order another customer came in, ordered his food, and received it about 15 minutes. He ordered ONE meal.

The way this was handled was very poor. I thought for sure I would receive some sort of apology but that was not the case.

Not getting back home to my family until almost 8:00 p.m. was unacceptable and I would have left and gone elsewhere but I had already paid and the manager refused to give me my money back since she was "Making the order, again"

I will be contacting KFC directly but I want to get the word out about this location and the manager that was working last night.

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