Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]multiple complaints

Ch Oct 03, 2019

1. Ordered 4 fill ups, got home and there is only 3 in bag. Company sent me a $5 certificate to make up for this which doesn't come close to making up for the inconvenience and didn't even cover the tax, they made it sound like they were doing me a favor to give me $5 for something I paid for and got home without dinner for everyone.
2. Ordered 4 chicken littles along with a couple fill ups, got home, only 2 chicken littles in bag. Couldn't find the receipt so there was nothing they would do. Really!
3. Ordered meal with wedges, got back to work, no wedges!
4. Ordered 4 fill up meals, no cookies in the bag!
5. Ordered 3 different fill ups and asked for lemonade cause I don't drink soda pop,.30 extra charge for lemonade!
Unfortunately i've been stupid enough to keep going back! My bad!

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