Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]chicken strips

Lo Oct 01, 2019

On September 30th 2019 I went to the KFC on Ross and Osage in Amarillo Texas and got the $23.99 bucket 12 strips and the sides that went with it I went home to eat it and it was hard as a rock!! I complained and called the store after I had the meal I was told to come in the next day and talk to George I went in and talked to George today and told me he could not do nothing about it unless I brought the meal back which we ate the rest of it and gave the rest to my dog's because it was so hard with our teeth couldn't eat the chicken when I went back to see George on October 1st 2019 he said he would go halfway with me with a six-piece meal he couldn't honor my meal that I was disgusted with the night before because I didn't bring the meal back that's a crock of s*** I will never go back to that KFC again they do not honor the customers I was very dissatisfied with the meal for that price they can shove it up their ass I should have got an honor for the chicken then I was not satisfied with like it's not like they can't spare it they throw it all away anyhow at the end of the night that chicken must have been sitting all day I was told it was made up as I was waiting for it that's a crock of s*** and it should not have been crispy tenders it should have been original tenders and not so hard to eat

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