Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]unethical behavior

L Sep 29, 2019 Review updated:

On September 29, 2019 at sometime between 12:30 and 1:00pm after church, My family
decided to eat at our local KFC. we ordered the Mac & Cheese bowl (which is delish) meal, we also got the famous bowl meal, and my husband ordered the breast meal combo. we got our drinks and forks and napkins, and my daughter and I got a table and we set down to eat. My daughter and I could not finish all our food out of our bowls, do to medical reason, with our stomach we decided to take the rest of our un- finished bowl home to eat later. I ask my daugher to go and ask for lids to our bowls, she came back empty handed. she was told that they are not allowed to give lids to the bowls. This is not exceptable to me. In a little bit my son shows up to have lunch with us and he orders the same mac & cheese Bowl and he gets a lid with his. Why is it ok for him to get a lid and not my daughter. That could be a discrimination, but I know this complaint is not ever going to be read. And I understand if we had got the bar, But we didnt, . And we left there upset. I think if you get food that is not on the bar. give them a lid. its the same thing as a togo box.


  •   Sep 29, 2019

    Why didn’t you go ask why you couldn’t have a lid?

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      Sep 30, 2019

    I went to KFC last night and thought I was ordering a $5 fill up (chicken breast ) but it cost me 5.49 + tax total of $5.98 when did you raise your prices BECAUSE on TV it is still advertised as a $5.00 fill up.

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  •   Sep 30, 2019

    @Harry R Wing “At participating locations only”

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  •   Sep 30, 2019

    as a child of parents who constantly made her do this I despise parents like you. I seriously think you know the answer already and you just like to get your child upset with what YOU MIGHT SAY UPON RETURNING EMPTY HANDED.

    get your own freaking lids or carry them carefully.

    as a person who often has gastro intestinal distress I must ask you why you decided to get GREASY CRAP on a gippy tummy? I cant stand being near any sort of good tasting, greasy food when my [censored] is on fire.

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