Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]store not opening on schedule and product

C Sep 30, 2019

On sept 30, 2019 at approximately 10:40, I stopped at kfc at the above location... I and another car waited 10 minutes for someone to acknowledge the drive up speaker and no one responded... We both drove to the window... Noone was seen inside. The posted time of opening was 10:30. It is now 10:50 and 6 cars were behind us. We all left. I came back at 11:35 and there were 7 cars in front of me... I waited in line until 12:12 before I got to the window to pick up my order. At the window on the ledge was a dirty rubber glove... Gross... I am 64 years old.. We would come here at least 2 x a week, but don't anymore. Food is dry and hard... Service is horrible... They not only talk slowly but obviously move slowly as well... I question the "boy" at the window about opening time. He said "we had to clean from last night before we could open". I ordered a 3 piece all white, mashed w/gravy, biscuit and diet pepsi... I got a leg and a thigh, slaw and dr. Pepper... How blatantly wrong was that? This is the 3 rd time I have complained about this store. It has been bad for several years now... Please do something. I wish I had taken pictures... The drive up menu was torn down on the right side, so only a fourth of the taco bell menu was showing... From what I saw, you lost at least 9 cars jjust in the time that I was there... You can't afford this.. Find some good people... Call vocational rehabilitation in st. Charles, mo... They have good people to hire... I would like a refund at the very least... But better than that, fix it... Thank you

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