Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]a order that was incorrect and the service was not coordinated

T Oct 08, 2019 Review updated:

Monday after 5 pm approx, , Hello, i order 3 orders 2 for 6 chicken fries drink. the person working the drive thru did not input my order correctly. I pulled up to the first window to pay and i realize the amount for the order did not add up. i immediately knew the order was input into the system correctly. therefore i inquired about the order once again at the second drive thru window and this was a different staff member and she was not aware that the order was incorrect. the first crew member said that they were not doing any add on . i was puzzled because my order was incorrect and no one was trying to fix it. im in line an my order is not complete . i had the chicken but no fries and drinks. the manager came over trying to figure out the situation so she did add the other two orders to my bill. in meantime the first crew member that initially took my order in the background cursing saying that i aint doing no add on and verbally threatening me and the next thing i see happening is the crew member leave the restaurant. im not sure if the manager had to tell her to go home or the crew member left. i was very upset because i was not accommodated for the poor customer service. the quality of the food was not pleasant and still had missing items. overall i was not satisfied with the experience. is my email


  •   Oct 08, 2019

    You expect to be compensated for the mistake? If you were missing items, you should have gone in.

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