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Just Tires is a very accuratte name for this company because that's where it ends. Horrible, horrible customer service. I spent $1, 200.00 on a set of tires for a ford f250 truck last year. I purchased the road hazard protection wich was an additional $120.00. Tires wobbled from day 1. I tried having them rotated and balanced 5 or 6 times to correct the problem. Yes 5 or 6 times!!! Finally they tell me that the tires are defective and that they are going to replace them. Great! Well they did replace the tires and i've had no problems with the actual tires since. Unfortunately everytime i go to have my free rotation and balance i get an approximate time of completion of around 1 hour. Okay, that's to be expected. My problem is EVERY SINGLE TIME it's never an hour! New customers coming in to buy tires seem to jump over me. (and no. no appointments) I can hear the conversations so i know that they do not have appointments. You see, they already have my money ($1, 200.00 and change to be exact) so they're not very motivated to do the "free work" when they can make another sale instead. This must be they're policy because it happens every time and at different locations. I will never spend another single red penny at this company and i would urge others to go elsewhere as well. I will strongly discourage anyone that i come in contact with to avoid this place like the plague. I hope you go out of business for your terrible scamming business practices.

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