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Jubilee AcademyAwful place

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I homeschool my young children and thought I'd try an online option so that my records would be kept meticulously and thorough to prove my child's quality education at home. I THOUGHT that is what I was getting when I enrolled in Jubilee Academy.

Please, if you are thinking about using this online curriculum for your children at your home school, PLEASE DON'T DO IT! Take my mistake and learn from it. You will save TONS of money, time, and emotional and mental stress if you just totally avoid this scam of an online home school curriculum. Alpha Omega, Switched On School House is an excellent option and I do believe Alpha Omega will be offering an online option if you prefer that over installing software on your computer. VERY solid curriculum, error free, professional, and excellent customer service. Avoid, Jubiless, Learning By Grace, Grace Academy, Morningstar Academny and any other names this scam of a company likes to give itself to avoid being detected.

Avoid these scam artists at ALL costs!!! The curriculum is FULL of errors, the servers go down daily and obstructed learning and your personal schedules, the curriculum is so absolutely basic and unprofessionally put together that I can't believe that Mimi Rothschild even would be willing to put her name on this sorry excuse for curriculum. You cannot SEE the curriculum in its entirety before you enroll!!! They only give the curriculum in bits and pieces, claiming that they are protecting themselves from people copy/pasting the curriculum and then asking for a refund!!! OMG! If people were actually able to SEE the curriculum and how horrible it is, they wouldn't WANT to copy/paste it or use it in ANY way!!! Basically what they do is give a one or two paragraph spew of what they claim is the lesson of the day and then they provide links to Web Sites (totally unaffiliated with the companies curriculum) which honestly are FREE to the PUBLIC!!! Some are, yes, available to parents for a small one time annual fee, but I could have just paid all the fees for these web sites and saved hundreds of dollars!!!

This curriculum is SO bad, I ended up switching to Switched On School House mid year even though I paid $1000 for the Jubilee CRAP! I knew I wouldn't get my money back because you NEVER get to actually talk to a live manager unless you take an hour demanding it on the phone. The curriculum is not only riddled with typos and out right errors in knowledge but is also incomplete, and NOT at all at grade level. There is NO instruction given. It is basically a work book page telling the kids what to do (ex: giving them 10 story problems to work but NEVER giving any instruction as to how to solve the problems!!! In other words NO lessons!!! Just work book work! The parent is expected to teach the lessons (i.e. come up with the instruction) but aren't given the work book pages in advance to prepare lesson plans. Honestly, I don't have TIME to create lesson plans! That why I paid $1000 to Jubilee and that is what they CLAIMED they were providing!!! Laughable! I have printed worksheets to provide to anyone to see the curriculum and to prove what I am talking about. I could go on and on about more problems but after just spending over an hour on the phone with them arguing to get my child's records and not getting what I paid for I am just tired. I am worn out and I have to go to my daughter's gymnastics class. I'll write more if anyone wants more details.


  • Kr
    KristleKlear Sep 16, 2020
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Two names currently they go by now are Christian k12 online and Cambridge academy online. Mike Minehan is still the person in contact with us.

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  • Mo
    momwow Oct 09, 2013

    This is my first year attempting to homeschool and I wanted to stick with a Christian based curriculum because my son has only attended private Christian schools and I had a horrible experience with my oldest in public schools. Anyway, I thought the Jubilee Academy seemed like a great option for us. I wish I had done more research before I ever signed up. My son hated the curriculum it was boring and the reading was way below his reading level. It also started pretty late, after Labor Day, a full two weeks after most schools and you were unable to access anything until then and after only two weeks we knew this wasn't the right program for us, but we were already so far behind other online schools/academies, 6 weeks behind for most, we would never get caught up so we chose the Alpha Omega Monarch option which is working well for us so far.
    Anyway, I am so disappointed because we had paid for, what I thought was everything, in May and then again in September I was charged again, without my knowledge, for nearly an additional $200! This caused several issues with my financing because I didn't know about the charge for nearly a week and needless to say I don't keep much extra in that account. I kept checking the sight and everything available on the sight, it showed the amount I paid in May then the extra fees they mentioned listed one by one underneath with a line through it and the word PAID next to it. It showed the same ting for the invoice that came with my materials. This led me to believe the charges were part of amount I paid in May. When I called to complain I was unable to log in and when the customer service lady allowed me access while on the phone with her, low and behold there was the charge to my credit card, but I had checked several times when I had access and it was never there before. I sent the materials back to the school before this charge had been made and out of the additional $180.50 for materials and access fees, I was refunded a mere $30.75 which barely covered my fees for sending the materials back. I really feel that they were unclear, on purpose, about the fees they would be charging. When it says there will be additional fees it was never stated that those fees would be in addition to the "full" amount I paid in May. They led me to believe when I paid in May that I was paying for everything. Very disappointed and I feel taken advantage of. I will tell everyone I can that they need to beware of these extra fees.

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  • Co
    collin5422 Mar 09, 2013

    Let me just start off by saying this school has basically ruined my future! I had finished years 11-12 and was happy I graduated. I moved around a lot and took this school my last 2 years and was happy I graduated. I went to apply to college only to learn that schools accredidation was not accepted at any of the colleges I wanted to go to. Including the ones to get me back with my friends which we had plans to live together. They told me only thing I could do was get a ged. I was like ok so I did and then learned I needed 30 credits to get to the school all my friends were at so I have to go to communityccommunity college for one year now before I can even go to my school of choice. Do not attend this school!!! Also the spelling is wrong on almost every page and it is just a big scam please dont make the same mistake I made

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  • Fa
    FatherOfFive Apr 30, 2012

    The web site advertized such a wonderful program. It seemed like their program would make homeschooling much easier. The prices for private school were going up and this seemed like a painless way to transition into home schooling. We were sorely mistaken.

    To call their curriculum is weak would be an understatement. Their record- keeping system will certainly leave you wanting. I would be embarrassed if I had developed any part of their program and would seriously question those that endorsed it. It is largely busywork and links to free websites. The super-expensive "Books" that we received were merely cheap booklets. They don't let you see the material before purchase due to "copyright" concerns. I truly believe that if anyone could actually review it before purchasing, no one would.

    We withdrew our 3rd grader after 2 weeks, because it was so below par for him. My 1st grader could easily do my 3rd grader's assignments. We kept our 1st grader in, hoping that the lessons would get better and actually pack some substance. We began borrowing home school resources from the library to supplement her education because Jubilee just wasn't coming close to hitting the mark.

    The worst part happened over Christmas break. The academy just disappeared. Gone. We couldn't find it on the internet anywhere, from any computer, (ours, friends, library, etc.). There was no trace of the school. We called the one number that we had for them repeatedly. It just rang and rang. No recording, no answer- nothing. We tried all through break to contact them by phone and online. Finally, we had to do the unthinkable- put our baby in public school. The private school she came from did not have any openings. We had already invested so much in Jubilee there wasn't enough time or money to start another program mid-year.

    The icing on the cake was this: I just got a BILL from Jubilee for the month of April. Mind you, we stopped paying in January when they disappeared, (and would have officially withdrawn if we were able to contact them). How in the world they came up with a bill for April, I do not know. What amazes me the most is that there was no explanation of why they disappeared and no apology. The website boasts that their staff have a "passion for communicating." No one ever contacted us- until the Bill they sent me at midnight, (via email) on 5/1. What did they expect us to do- sit and wait for them to resurface?

    Horrifying. An absolutely horrifying experience.

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  • poor customer service. Dec 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    [protected] school year. Big Brother is watching what is posted on the "parent/teacher message board."
    If you chose Jubilee Academy be warned that the message board on the parent page is not without screening from the school officials. We were almost kicked out of the school, even though we are customers, because we posted a "negative" comment. The director Michael Minahan was watching and did not like what we posted. We were warned to avoid any "further violations." The way he handled it was an example of poor customer service to say the least! We can not give more details for fear he is following this comment board.

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  • Dc
    dccuke May 29, 2011

    i can't use a school with as bad of a complaint that I read about this one. IT is not worth the risk.

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  • J3
    J3SUS_LOV3R Feb 21, 2011

    I am also an 11th grader who does Jubilee academy online. It is an awesome online program. I used to so Florida Virtual School, which is free online 'public' school, which was great, but also a lot of work with deadlines. Jubilee is intensive, interactive, and the material is hands on! I am learning so much than I ever had in school this year than all my other years of being in school, and I get to actually work at my own pace. The lesson incorporate God and scriptures, because it is an online Christian school, and you have your daily devotions... so you are completely focused on Christ while you work! Jubilee has its pros and cons, but is a great school. And even though I don't know Craig, who posted the comment above, forgive his harsh attidude, because he wasn't really displaying a Christ-like attidude. God bless.

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  • Te
    texasdeb Jan 03, 2011

    We haven't had that many problems but we experienced something weird recently. I began attempting to contact Jubilee the week after Thanksgiving. Phone # rang busy day & night. (Still does). Then I Googled them to find other hone #. Found 5, none of which were getting me through. 1st one was not a working #, 2nd one was some other company not affiliated, last 3 rang busy signal. Have sent 4 emails so far, 1 to Karlie Houser, 1 to Mimi Rothschild and 2 to Member Services with no response. Finally got through today to a 215 area code, told it was a call center. Also told they were "updating the phone system", when I questioned that it would take from the week after Thanksgiving and sill not done by today, "Karen" basically told me they couldn't make calls from their desks, couldn't receive calls, had to use their own cell phones. I reminded her that they could receive calls since I called them, not the other way around, suddenly I became an "antagonistic customer", etc. Am a little nervous and am wondering if anyone else is having this trouble.

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  • Ho
    HomeschoolMom48 Dec 04, 2009

    I wish I had found these posting before I enrolled with Jubilee. Please check out their BBB ratings here: They got an F rating which they deserve richly. I would not send my worst enemy to Jubilee Academy.

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  • Gg
    ggl4Christ Oct 06, 2009

    Touche'!!! We have home schooled our 11 year old daughter her entire academic career and NEVER have I encountered such deceptive practices as I have with the" Grace" Academy. The erroneous credit card charges are actually the least of my issue with these individuals! After waiting 3 weeks for our books and materials to finally arrive, I found that my daughter's video class text book was literally FULL of profane and crude language including countless uses of the "f" word. Moreover the pornographic and dark topics found therein included photographic depictions of a nude woman in her boyfriend's bed, a woman straddling a man as she handcuffed him to a bed, mutilated bodies, and groutesque inferences to immoral acts. I KID YOU NOT!!! I and my husband are flat out appalled!! This violates even the most liberal of ethics when educating children and I cannot imagine ANY Christian, or morally upright person of any background, being any less than outraged with such content. I urge you to avoid making the same mistake we made and STEER CLEAR of these charlitans. There is NO WAY they represent or seriously respect the Judeo-Christian values that they claim to espouse!
    I would submit photos to prove my claims but they are so offensive I refuse to circulate them even in a primarily adult domain! Use wisdom and really pay attention to what these posts are saying.

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  • To
    Toyna S. Jul 28, 2009

    I am sorry to hear you guys got suckered by this fraudulant Ponzi Scheme. This school is run by some white trash uneducated idiots who hide under a religious blanket. They charge your credit card with the hopes you don't see the un-welcome charges and when you call to complain about the fraudulant charges you have, they give you a hard time. I had to reverse these charges with my bank and from what they told me, I am not the first who has had issues with this company and their billing practices, just in my local banking branch. These people aren't christians and Mimi Rothschild has no business educating anyone - Maybe she should educate herself on christian values and how to run a business without ripping people off. Do a search on her and you will see she has more people complianing about her then blog reports she can write about herself. I wouldn't recommend this school to my dog, let alone have them educate my child.

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  • Da
    dalcrazy Jun 30, 2009

    I too have had a horrible experience with Morning Star Academy! Server down at times, teachers not online for very long periods and even days at a time, no communication all year long, messages not answered, not permitted to use lesson resets. My son was suspended for a day, which turned into two full days but they refused to return the extra day they took. The 'system' graded some answers incorrectly because of misspellings or a different tense of the word used. When my son would "raise his hand and ask for help" the response was always "read the material again, " no actual help. And I could go on and on. The Bible instructor was especially unkind and unfair. There just was no grace or kindness offered to our situations...interesting considering the "christian" aspect of this school. BBB has several complaints against them, but the schools do not respond. I guess that's one way to get away with unethical practices . . . ! To anyone reading this . . . I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL!!!

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  • Sh
    shout2lord May 13, 2009

    I"m sorry to know I'm not the only one who had problems. We have been using Time For Learning online for a couple years and like it but they only go to 8th grade. We signed up for the $25 end of year promotion to try out the product. We were charged the $25, $45 for signing up, $150 for books, and $75 registration fee all automatically. We called to cancel automatically because we didn't have that $$ in our acct all at once. They were nice enough to cancel everything before sending it out, and credited the $45 and $150. However, even though we are not signed up with the school (and now don't plan on signing up), we cannot get the $75 back.
    I even copied Mimi Rothschild on the emails I sent the company. Never heard anything back. Sad face of Customer Care.

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  • Cr
    Craig Dearnaley Mar 23, 2009

    I am an 11th grader who does Jubilee. Shut the hell up, Jubilee is a very good place. I am learning more than I did in public school. Maybe your too lazy to help your child or they just dont care about school so they dont try. Dont blame the school system. Blame yourself.

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  • Sh
    shalee Feb 04, 2009

    Wow, I am sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with Jubilee Academy! We have been enrolled with them and my son loves it! We have not had but one time that the servers have been down. We have used them everyday and not had a problem explaining the curriculum or knowing how to do the lessons. Maybe it just was not for your family. I am glad that you have found something that works better for you, but those of you that are reading these posts need to check out for themselves the academy and decide for yourself.

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