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On Dec 20, 2017, I attended a court hearing for ongoing divorce case. In the hearing, my ex-wife mentioned specific items of info regarding my business accounts that she should not have been aware of. In the event of these items mentioned in court, she requested forensics on the business accounts. I didn't know how she came about this info and lead her to speculate that forensics on checking accounts would help her case. Several months later in 2018, I became aware that her current boyfriend works for JP Morgan chase bank in a branch locally used by myself and ex-wife.
I had never personally dealt with this employee by the name of M Ponce in any bank transactions of my accounts. I contacted my business accounts representative to see if an employee by the name of M Ponce had been accessing my accounts. She informed me that his name was showing up and asked if I ever dealt with him in any transactions. I said no, I have never dealt with him in any transactions. She indicated she was reporting it to her bank manager and I would hear quickly about it. No one ever responded, in Nov 2018, I texted my business account representative for status on my complaint. She informs me through text that the matter is out of her hands and that the complaint has been escalated. She informed me that the bank executive would contact me shortly in next few days with a complaint number. The call never came. The holidays came and passed with no response from anyone from chase bank. I called my bank representative in Jan 2019, She said it was out of her hands and that it was hard for her to advise this is but she recommended
I move all my accounts to another bank and that she couldn't comment further on the matter. In late Jan 2019, I reached out to chase complaint line in which they would state I hear from the bank executive within 24 to 48 hrs. Again, no one ever responded. I followed 2 more time with a week apart to chase customer complaint line. Again, no one ever responded back. I decided to reach out to the bank executive E Acala, he stated chase takes these issues very seriously and that he would call me back within 24 to 48 hrs. Again, a week passes by with no response. I called bank executive Mr. Acala and he specifically states there were no account access by M Ponce in 2018 and forward. I told him that the complaint was from 2017. Mr. Acala said he have to do more research and get back to me that same day. Again, 2 weeks pass with no answer. As of today March 19th, 2019 I have yet to hear from anyone at Chase bank.

This complaint has been ongoing for past 9 months with no one saying anything, no answers, no return calls and the bank employee M. Ponce was relocated to another branch. I now understand why my bank representative recommended I move all my accounts. Its apparent, Chase strict Policy regarding consumers privacy holds no ground, no accountability and is quickly swept under the carpet in hopes that it goes away. It's obvious they do not practice what they preach to the consumers.

Mar 19, 2019

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