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On Dec 3, 2018, at 7:42 p.m. I went into the Jewel's located at 2031 N Main St. in Wheaton, Il to purchase 3 quarts of milk and two cans of apple juice using WIC coupons. I have purchased these items before at this location just a few weeks ago. when tried to use these coupons today the cashier by the name of Barbara said that she wasn't sure if I could use the coupon because it said 1% or skim milk and all the store had was 2% milk. So she called over a lady whom I am assuming was the nighttime customer service supervisor and she explained to her about the milk and the supervisor had a real nasty attitude and told me "I couldn't get the milk because it was 2%" and I explained to her that I came in there before an I got the 2%milk and she said" well too bad because it states skim milk or 1%" and I told her that there was none in the quart size and she said " there was nothing that she could do and she could not give it to me because the system would not let her" and I know that she was lying because it went through just a few weeks ago and she didn't even try. She talked to me like I was a child and I felt that it was because I am black. She didn't try to accommodate me in any type of way and then she walked away and did not apologize. I felt very disrespected in front of the rest of the people in line behind me. Sorry that I didn't get the supervisors name but I am quite sure you can find out. Something needs to be done about the use of WIC coupons and how people are treated using them.

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