J.D. Byrider / Byrider Franchising2013 dodge avenger.

D Oct 08, 2019

The car was 13, 000 to pay in full i was told in the begining i can do monthly payments that cnac will modify it after the paper work was complete (legal verbal contract)! Did not happen then turns out after several thosaund dollar down payment the car to pay off was 23, 000. Plus wastold i am not allowed to pay to principal. Then the car was totaled i have been having to do all the foot work. After the accident the cnac rep told me they will freeze all payments is settled. Well i just found out they marked 3 months non payment on my report. After this i call they pratically yell, at me with no direct answers. Also they have had their insurance check from settling, and yet still have not reported it to my credit which has completly destroyed me! This place needs shut down. Yeah not to mention your car will be in the shop constantly, and you will pay tons of fees to them on top of their non sense payments!

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