J.B. Hunt Transporttermination

Co Sep 27, 2019

I was a driver for hone depot pro account. I got done with my delivery for a customer . I headed back to my store I park at. However on the way back I approached a T intersection. I stopped at stop sign. I surveyed the area. I had clearance as a couple cars passed.
I edged into intersection to start a right hand turn. A Subaru legacy sped out nowhere and collided with my front driver side fender and ripped off the front bumper fender. It stopped 100 oR so yards off no skid marks nothing from brakes or ebrakes. I thought they were gonna run the scene as I pulled off to what was barely a shoulder. I set up cones called police then called safety. Gave report. Informed the police of collision mitigation system. That I stopped completely waited for clearance for about 10 sec. Then as I had calculated the 18 to 20 second clearance to engage turn. I then waited for adjuster went home after parking truck designated to park at. Then was brought to office next business day. Repotted what happened explained it to safety. Safety put me on suspension three days non paid. Then was told to come back a week later. Then was told I would be terminated. It was because I had no seniority to base my driving experienced with them to find me more of a value than liability. Then I was encouraged to file unemployment by jb hunt. Since I was not cited at accident I would hold no fault but there was sage to other vehicle and repairs cost more than 15k and because its over 5k USD its be reported on DAC. They offered me a severance for medical and said they'd cover anything if I needed it. Then later declined help. I asked for termination letter. They hung up several times. And routed me several departments.
Months went by had hard time finding employment. Then filed unemployment as encouraged. Was found eligible. Due I non intention damage to company vehicle from accident. Then once awarded. Jb hunt request an appeal stating my grounds of eligible status they did not agree with and are going through a court hearing. Has anyone else been through similar situations. I would love to hear your testimonies. Thanks.

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