J2 Complaints & Reviews

J2 / telemarketing to the point of harassment

May 07, 2019

To whom it may concern, We receive phone calls on our home number of 303-362-0663 consistently. Anywhere from daily to every three days, we have even received multiple attempts in a single day. The calls begin automated with a female voice named Christie. (Although there has been other...

J2 / I didn't sign up for any service

Sep 04, 2018

This company is taking nearly $50 out of my account in the last two days and I don't know where they got my debit card information. I submitted a complaint to my online bank that the money has been taken out of hopefully I'll get it back whoever it is that is behind this company should be...

J2 / Slimeball company that calls your bank and gets your new bank account from them..

Nov 17, 2015

Just so they don't slimeball you over. Here's the unpublished J2-Fax phone number to cancel the account: 877-437-3607. I changed by account number on my bank acount to prevent company like J2 Fax from charging my credit card without autherization, and the slime balls called up...

J2 Global Ireland Ltd. / J2 efax plus services

Sep 11, 2015

I used efax only once during 1 month trial period on 25 September 2013. I used in a hurry at night. In the process I overlooked all the terms and conditions. I provided bank details, thinking that they are to be used for verification purpose only. Since October 2013 till now, they have...

J2 Global Communications / Billing error no refund

Apr 24, 2015

We opened an online FAX account for our one fax number in September of 2011. We were assigned a temporary number by My Fax to use until our Fax number could be ported over from PacBell. The first charge was $10. Then when the number was ported MyFax charged us for both our number and the...

J2 E Fax Services / Charging my credit card after 30 day free trial

May 08, 2014

I signed up for a thirty day trial for their fax services. Of course they ask you for your credit card number. After my thirty day trial was expired (Which I never used) The began charging my credit card a monthly fee. Upon discovering this, I called their legal dept. They looked over my...

J2 Global, Inc / Onebox / Service quit working

Apr 21, 2014

I've been using Onebox for over 10 years. Their email service quit working about 10 days ago. I contacted customer service and was given case # 06133824. It was determined the problem was with Onebox and their email servers. I have attempted to contact them each and every day, but no...

J2 Onebox / 8 months of false billing

Mar 07, 2013

j2 Onebox will screw you when you try to cancel a phone line. We have a few with them and we cancelled 8 months ago and they kept billing us and when we caught the 500 bucks in extra charges they said that we never cancelled.. so now I have to call my bank and reverse the charges. What...

J2 ( / Vague, ridiculous TOS. Poor treatment of customer of 10 yrs

Dec 24, 2012

I was a customer of the "Onebox" service for about 10 years. They later got swallowed up by a bigger company, J2. That usually spells trouble for the customer... I've been using the Email service & the Toll-free number that are part of Onebox, to communicate with my customers... I have a...

J2 Evoice / Billing for services not purchased

Aug 20, 2012

This company has billed me on two separate occasions for services I never purchased. Once in 2006 and again recently. Both times getting them to stop monthly charges is a circus. This recent issue has entailed four telephone calls getting a reference number that does not allow them to look...

J2fax / Account canceled but still being charged

Jul 08, 2012

Account has been canceled on december 29, 2011 but still they are billing my credit card every month.

J2 Global Communications / Billing

Apr 13, 2012

I have 2 complains. 1. J2 Global Communications charge me twice per month instead of once per month. When I called them they say it is an "error" and that they will give me a credit (no refund). 2. They had a problem with their servers and my eFax did not work for two months. Called them...

J2 Global Communication/evoice / Charge with fraud account

Feb 06, 2011

Yesterday we found a charge of $19.99 from J2 Global communication of eVoice service. We didn't buy the service but the charge was made. So, we called our credit card company and asked about it. They said we might have got the service by chance since there are many hidden service...

J2 Global Communication / Phone call scam


Be carefull when answering phone calls from G2 Global communication phone # 1-714-386-5742. They calling and say they from and want to update your listing and then sign you up for some ###'s website nobody even heard about. 100% scam!!!

J2 Global Communications / eFax credit card fraud


A transaction from EFAX appeared on my credit card account that occurred on 02/22/2010. The transaction was with EFAX in the amount of $16.95. I did not authorize this transaction. I do not have an account with EFAX and had never heard of them until this transaction occurred. I contacted...

J2global / Lost business


This company is likely in violation of FCC regulations. We used them for their virtual service, multiple extentions. On numerous occasions the system just shut down, or reset all our settings to default. Customers could not reach us, or leave messages. Numerous calls to tech support...

J2 *evoice Plus / continued billing for services not requested


These people keep billing me for services I never ordered. I have cancelled all services twice, and yet they continue to bill me. Each time they tell me it was a computer error and that they will be sending me back the money they have billed me. Each time it is a lie.

J2 Global Communications / Bad service

A charge of $179.50 appeared on my credit card for a company I never heard of. I called the company in question from the number displayed on the charge my credit card company supplied. A lady named Vanessa with a foreign accent offered to cancel the charge and gave me a confirmation...

J2 Global Communications / J2 Stole my phone number

On March 27th, J2 Communications stole my phone number which I have had for over 15 years. It appears that someone switched it on the internet into my sons name. Obviously this was done without my permission. I lost a lot of business not to mention an incredible amount of hassle and wasted...

J2 Global Communications / Stay away from J2!


J2 Global Connect "Complaint" 6922 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 500 Hollywood, CA 90028 Primary Phone: (323) 843-9301 Complaint Description - Posted 5-10-2007 Open original fax account (623) 321-8XXX on 10/05/06. On March 27, 2008 two new fax numbers were open by mistake. Since it is a yearly...