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fake subscription/fraudulent charge

Received a security alert from my credit card company (thanks Chase Sapphire!) on a $137.44 charge. Evoice charged me for a subscription to their services, even though I have never heard of them or visited their website. Spoke with the customer service guy - he could not find my credit card number anywhere in their system. When I told him they were running a fraud, he insisted that was my "opinion" instead of a really obvious fact. For reference, appeared on my credit card as: J2 *Evoice. The merchant telephone number captured by my credit card company was [protected].

telemarketing to the point of harassment

To whom it may concern,
We receive phone calls on our home number of [protected] consistently. Anywhere from daily to every three days, we have even received multiple attempts in a single day. The calls begin automated with a female voice named Christie. (Although there has been other names) The calls vary regarding different things, this last one is regarding lowering an interest rate on a credit card. It states this is the final attempt to reach us before our file is closed. (Yeah right, if we were only that lucky) The calls asks for specific financial information. If you answer correctly it then takes you to a live individual. I have responded to these questions both ways in hopes of ending the calls. Alas neither works. I have asked the live individual to remove our number from your records. I was then placed on hold for two hours before I finally disconnected the call. The individual clearly had no intentions of coming back. I have the calls saved on our caller ID. We are going to ask one final time to please remove our number from all of your telemarketing databases. Do not call our residence any longer. Not for credit card services, car warranty services, home equity loan services, NOTHING. We are not in need of anything and if we were, we would not use any of your services if only for the horrible experiences we have with your telemarketing calls. Please remove the number listed above from all of your databases.

I didn't sign up for any service

This company is taking nearly $50 out of my account in the last two days and I don't know where they got my debit card information. I submitted a complaint to my online bank that the money has been taken out of hopefully I'll get it back whoever it is that is behind this company should be put in jail as they must be making a lot of money if they've taken $50 from as many people as are complaining about them according to the Better Business Bureau

  • Updated by Benjamin Enzfelder · Sep 04, 2018

    This company keeps taking money out of my account. I don't know how they got access but in the last two days they have taken out nearly$50 I'm seeing online that there are several complaints that are just like mine about this company and they are not registered in the Better Business Bureau who has them listed as a company that has had hundreds of complaints so far

Slimeball company that calls your bank and gets your new bank account from them..

Just so they don't slimeball you over. Here's the unpublished J2-Fax phone number to cancel the account: [protected]. I changed by account number on my bank acount to...

J2 Global Ireland Ltd. — J2 efax plus services

I used efax only once during 1 month trial period on 25 September 2013. I used in a hurry at night. In the process I overlooked all the terms and conditions. I provided bank...

J2 Global Communications — Billing error no refund

We opened an online FAX account for our one fax number in September of 2011. We were assigned a temporary number by My Fax to use until our Fax number could be ported over from...

J2 E Fax Services — Charging my credit card after 30 day free trial

I signed up for a thirty day trial for their fax services. Of course they ask you for your credit card number. After my thirty day trial was expired (Which I never used) The began...

J2 Global, Inc / Onebox — Service quit working

I've been using Onebox for over 10 years. Their email service quit working about 10 days ago. I contacted customer service and was given case # [protected]. It was determined...

J2 Onebox8 months of false billing

j2 Onebox will screw you when you try to cancel a phone line. We have a few with them and we cancelled 8 months ago and they kept billing us and when we caught the 500 bucks in extra charges they said that we never cancelled.. so now I have to call my bank and reverse the charges. What BS!! I am so pissed at J2 OneBOX and if you cancel you must get it in writing and jump through a lot of hoops as their intent is to keep racking up fees on the account without any service rendered!!! SCAMMMERS!

J2 (, ridiculous TOS. Poor treatment of customer of 10 yrs

I was a customer of the "Onebox" service for about 10 years. They later got swallowed up by a bigger company, J2. That usually spells trouble for the customer...
I've been using the Email service & the Toll-free number that are part of Onebox, to communicate with my customers...
I have a small business, and typically send about 150 emails/day. Have been doing so for a couple of years.
But today, after they disrupted me by suddenly cutting my service, I was told that "150 emails/day" is considered "BULK" mailing! WTF? 150 emails/day regarded as "bulk"?!? That's utterly RIDICULOUS! If I pay $10/month and can't send 150 emails/day, what kind of a joke of an email account is that???
In addition to apparently changing the terms on me, and setting ludicrous limits, they have been unprofessionally vague (the service rep couldn't give me an actual number of how many emails that are allowed per day, can you believe that??)
Also, their cutting off the account with absolutely no notice was heavy-handed.
If they treat a customer of 10 years with such callous insensitivity, imagine what they do to newer customers!

J2 EvoiceBilling for services not purchased

This company has billed me on two separate occasions for services I never purchased. Once in 2006 and again recently. Both times getting them to stop monthly charges is a circus. This recent issue has entailed four telephone calls getting a reference number that does not allow them to look up the file. I have to give them my credit card number each time, which has resulted in continued billing of services. I asked for a supervisor and was told one was not available and one would call me back. Guess what? No call back. I have filed fraud reports with credit card company and I have filed complaint with Better Business Bureau. Customer service and resolving complaints gives this company an F. I would never do business with them and will keep tweeting their issues to my 1 million + followers.

  • Ly
    Lyn Boucher Sep 12, 2019

    They just tried to do the same using my Visa debit card. Someone has to STOP THEM !!

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  • Ly
    Lyn Boucher Sep 12, 2019

    Did you just put this review on ? If so they tried to snack on my bank account too no later than yesterday.

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J2faxAccount canceled but still being charged

Account has been canceled on december 29, 2011 but still they are billing my credit card every month.

  • Ol
    Olivier MAURIN Jan 16, 2019

    J2 I did not sign up for any kind of service but J2 is charging my credit card every month, what can I do to stop it?

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J2 Global CommunicationsBilling

I have 2 complains. 1. J2 Global Communications charge me twice per month instead of once per month. When I called them they say it is an "error" and that they will give me a credit (no refund). 2. They had a problem with their servers and my eFax did not work for two months. Called them, they have fixed the problem and only offers me 1 month refund instead of the 2 months i was without services even though it was their fault. I refuse the "deal" since I don't want to pay for a services I did not received.


J2 Global Communication/evoiceCharge with fraud account

Yesterday we found a charge of $19.99 from J2 Global communication of eVoice service. We didn't buy the service but the charge was made. So, we called our credit card company and asked about it. They said we might have got the service by chance since there are many hidden services. But, they found that it used an old expiration date for our credit card and they would do the investigation. Then, I called J2 Global Communication. They claimed that they have all our information and we bought the service a couple of days ago. We said it is fraud since we didn't buy the service and also my credit card company found that it was from our old credit card (old expiration date) that was not used since we got a new card last Summer. Also, we found J2 has a wrong email address for us. That confirmed it as a fake account and J2 promised to cancel the service and return the money. I asked them to do fraud investigation and charge the person who did it, but they refused to investigate it as a fraud. A strange thing is how anybody is going to buy a voice-forward/fax service with a fake account. Also, we used only paid-phones that can not have those services at all. Is there anyway to charge those guys who makes fake accounts??

  • Re
    Reasonable Events Apr 10, 2013

    Getting unto this site I am not surprised seeing that there are lot of complaint already about the so called J2 Evoice. I have a similar problem with them. First of all this shoe box company operate from India and they claim they are in the California. secondly, it doesn't make much of a sense to charge extra $10 for a service that cost 9.95 even if you do not meet payment for one day for any reason.
    I was told this and I then transferred the payment to my credit card from the prepaid card I had initially used, reason being I suspected the credibility of this shoe box company after I had spoken to one of the consultants from India.
    My card was charged 19.95 all the way for 9 months as against the 9.95 we agreed upon.
    People should be aware and not use the services of this company at all, they are fraudsters and there are better companies that are reputable and they offer the same services even for less.

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  • Ke
    kevin freels Apr 30, 2018

    "A strange thing is how anybody is going to buy a voice-forward/fax service with a fake account. ".. A salesperson looking for a commission.

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  • As
    Ashfaq Mehr Sep 02, 2018

    It happens to me too. Each month they withdrew $29.99 for last 8 months. My bank change my debit card and still we could not prevent our account. Now I am going to cancel my bank account.

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J2 Global CommunicationPhone call scam

Be carefull when answering phone calls from G2 Global communication phone # [protected]. They calling and say they from and want to update your listing and then sign you up for some ###'s website nobody even heard about. 100% scam!!!

  • Us
    user1904373 Sep 07, 2018

    j2 global communication called me claiming to be with the irs demanding to call the feds it is a computerized voice be careful do not fall for that irs does not call nor us treasury

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  • Le
    leighlee Oct 09, 2018

    They are calling with an automated message saying that you owe money to IRS and will soon be arrested and your house siezed. I called back to find out their scam. I gave NO info; she told me my name and address. She then said that I was being audited and owed $7764. 00. When I questioned her authenticity, she gave me her name, IRS badge number and case number. They have planned this well. The story was very intricate. When I told her that IRS always sends correspondence by mail, she said that in less than 45 minutes, I should be prepared to be arrested. My passport will be taken as well as my house.
    I hope that this scam gets shut down quickly!! Where should I report this?

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Mease Jun 20, 2019

    I have been continually getting calls from them I block the numbers but they just call from different numbers. They call several times a day. Finally got tired of it, and when they called I just blew a kazoo into the phone. After a few times they stopped calling.

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J2 Global CommunicationseFax credit card fraud

A transaction from EFAX appeared on my credit card account that occurred on 02/22/2010. The transaction was with EFAX in the amount of $16.95. I did not authorize this transaction. I do not have an account with EFAX and had never heard of them until this transaction occurred.

I contacted EFAX via telephone on 02/23/10 and was told by the EFAX representative that they closed the EFAX account for fraudulent activity, and that they would credit my card within 3 to 5 business days. No credit was made on to my card within that time period. I called back to EFAX on 03/02/2010, and was told this time, that it would take 5-15 business days for the credit to appear on my card. No credit from EFAX was ever posted to my card. On 03/09/2010, I sent them an e-mail requesting that they credit my card immediately. They never responded. I filed a dispute on 03/10/10 with my credit card company. I also contacted a law firm that posted contact info on this website to share with them my story. I hope EFAX gets prosecuted for credit card fraud! I'm so glad I did a search online to see if there were any complaints about this company and so glad I could post my story here! Thank you!!

  • Valerie Oct 08, 2008

    As a user of evoice plus' product, my company had grown to the point where i needed to upgrade to evoice receptionist. The website makes it appear that upgrading is an easy process with a 30 day free trial.

    What they don't tell you is that you'll have to change all your marketing and advertising because they choose not to port numbers from within their own services.

    When talking to customer support, the woman was rude, interrupted several times, and refused to listen to my questions regarding why it could not be done.

    An email was sent apologizing for the poor customer support, but claimed that because they get the numbers from two different "pools, " it is impossible for them to port the numbers over, and because they are not a true communications provider, but a reseller, the fcc laws do not apply to them.

    I am currently discussing matters with an attorney. I would have never signed up for evoice receptionist - - indeed, i would have never signed up for evoice plus - - had i known that it would be impossible to port telephone numbers. Their website implies they can port any number over to their service, yet they refuse to do so with me. I even offered to pay whatever costs were involved in the number porting up to $1000 to facilitate the transfer, but j2 appears to hold firmly to their conviction that they do not have to follow laws which require telecommunication companies to allow numbers to be ported over from one service to another.

    Another thing: beware of any "telecommunications company" that does not have the infrastructure to transfer calls within the company, instead placing the burden on you to write down and / or remember a new number or email to contact.

    J2 is such a company. I am ashamed and embarrassed to have ever even thought they were an ethical and reputable company.

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  • Le
    Leslie Card Jun 12, 2017

    @Valerie I just signed up for the MyFax and something was telling me it was a fraud. I should have looked it up. Well I couldn't log in. I had to cancel my credit card, they charged me $1.38 for what. Now I am going to have to change all of my accounts, it is only $10.00 USD, but who knows if they really cancelled it as I asked. I cancelled it without even looking this up. Serves me right for not listening to my gut. I am in Canada and it would have cost me more than $10.00 and I can't access the site.

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  • Ed
    Edie Nov 27, 2008

    I've never heard of the company, but had a bill from them on my credit card!

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  • Ke
    kelly brown Feb 27, 2011

    eBay Motors V.P.P. Payment Invoice #2748229528
    this is a fraud from becki stillman, robert gonzales and michael antonio boston,
    This mail is confirmation that you were successfully registered as buyer in transaction # 2748229528. Your
    transaction supervisor is Michael Boston. You are about to participate in a fast, efficient and secure transaction. eBay
    Purchase Protection Program is the independent third party that will be overseeing the inspection, ownership transfer,
    securing and disbursing the funds. Please follow our instructions in order to complete the transaction safely.
    Primary Vehicle Information:
    (actual vehicle photo)
    Date: Friday, February 25, 2011
    Status: Payment Pending
    * Item: 2004 GMC Yukon Denali XL
    * Overall condition: Excellent
    * Title: Clear
    * Type: SUV
    * Make: GMC
    * VIN: 1GKFK66UX4J326474
    * Milage: 101, 547 miles
    * Buyer Inspection: Yes (per agreement with seller, 5 days test and inspection)
    * Condition: Used
    * Shipping/Transit 4 business days
    * Inspection: Inspected
    Payment Information:
    As a protective measure for the parties involved in this transaction the funds will be held in a escrow account managed by an assigned
    Payment Supervisor, until you receive the item(s) ordered.
    All the details required to successfully transfer the funds to the established account are found bellow.
    Invoice # Item Title Qty.
    2748229528 2004 GMC Yukon Denali XL 1 $2, 880.00
    Subtotal: $ 2, 880.00
    Shipping and handling via Sellers Standard International Rate: $ 0
    Shipping insurance (required): $ 0
    Total Item Price: $ 2, 880.00
    Seller / Buyer Personal Information:
    Seller Details:
    Seller: Becky Stillman
    Address: 1079 Mill Creek Mnr NE
    City/State/Zip Code: Atlanta, GA 30319
    Country: United States
    Buyer Details:
    Buyer: Kell Brown
    Address: 233 het
    City/State/Zip Code: Atlanta, GA 30007
    Country: United States
    Delivery Information:
    * Name: Kell Brown
    * Address: 233 het
    * City/State/Zip Code: Atlanta, GA 30007
    * Country: United States
    * Shipping Company: Mega Freight PVT (LTD)
    Get your Item: Pay Now!
    Bank name: US Bank
    Bank Address: 950 17th St
    City: Denver
    State: CO
    Zip Code: 80202
    Bank Country: United States
    Holder's name: Robert Lee Gonzalez
    Account Address: 3900 Elati St #1509, Denver, CO 80216
    Account Number: 103678263122
    Routing Number: 102000021
    Important Usage Guidelines:
    After the inspection period is over, you must either accept or refuse the object of this contract.
    You will do that by sending us an email with one of the following subjects:
     "Approved - Transaction ID# 2748229528" (eBay Motors will contact you to complete the transaction)
     "Refund - Transaction ID# 2748229528" (eBay Motors will refund your deposit in 48 hours)
    Copyright © 1995-2010 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their
    respective owners. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy

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  • Ke
    kevin freels May 01, 2018

    In case you want to know where they may have got your card number.
    2 Global, Inc. provides Internet services through its two divisions: Business Cloud Services and Digital Media. Business Cloud Services brands include eFax, Onebox, eVoice, Fusemail, Campaigner, KeepITsafe, VaultLogix, Callstream, Yotta280, Mailout Interactive, GDV, BackUp Solutions, SugarSync, Nuvotera, UnityFax, Firstway Digital, Excel Micro, Web24 Group, MXSweep, City Numbers, LiveDrive, MetroFax, FoneBox, TrustFax, RapidFax, Send2Fax and The Digital Media division delivers various content through its digital properties, including Ziff Davis (Including PC Magazine, ComputerShopper, ExtremeTech, and IGN Entertainment (including AskMen, and,, and NetShelter (including,,, and[16] Also listed on WIkipedia are and HumbleBumble,,,, emedia,, GameSpy, ExtremeTech, GearLog, GoodCleanTech, DLtv, AppScout, CrankyGeeks, Smart Device Central and

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J2global — Lost business

This company is likely in violation of FCC regulations. We used them for their virtual service, multiple extentions. On numerous occasions the system just shut down, or reset all...

J2 *evoice Pluscontinued billing for services not requested

These people keep billing me for services I never ordered. I have cancelled all services twice, and yet they continue to bill me. Each time they tell me it was a computer error and that they will be sending me back the money they have billed me. Each time it is a lie.

  • Wa
    WarrenB Jan 04, 2012

    I agree with the previous comment. This company is outrageous and l would not recommend them under any circumstance.Several times I have tried to cancel their service as l do not require it and yet l am still being charged. This is a fraudulent act as far l am concerned and shall be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ke
    kevin freels May 01, 2018

    In case you want to know where they may have got your card number.
    2 Global, Inc. provides Internet services through its two divisions: Business Cloud Services and Digital Media. Business Cloud Services brands include eFax, Onebox, eVoice, Fusemail, Campaigner, KeepITsafe, VaultLogix, Callstream, Yotta280, Mailout Interactive, GDV, BackUp Solutions, SugarSync, Nuvotera, UnityFax, Firstway Digital, Excel Micro, Web24 Group, MXSweep, City Numbers, LiveDrive, MetroFax, FoneBox, TrustFax, RapidFax, Send2Fax and The Digital Media division delivers various content through its digital properties, including Ziff Davis (Including PC Magazine, ComputerShopper, ExtremeTech, and IGN Entertainment (including AskMen, and,, and NetShelter (including,,, and[16] Also listed on WIkipedia are and HumbleBumble,,,, emedia,, GameSpy, ExtremeTech, GearLog, GoodCleanTech, DLtv, AppScout, CrankyGeeks, Smart Device Central and

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J2 Global CommunicationsBad service

A charge of $179.50 appeared on my credit card for a company I never heard of. I called the company in question from the number displayed on the charge my credit card company supplied. A lady named Vanessa with a foreign accent offered to cancel the charge and gave me a confirmation number, she then started asking personal financial information. I refused to give her anymore info and she replied that the charge would be cancelled. The number I called was [protected]. I then called my credit card company and the said since the charge was already processed, they would send me a dispute form and I must return it ASAP.

  • Da
    Dave Fravel Jan 09, 2008

    This same thing happened to me, except:

    - it was my credit card company that contacted me questioning the charge
    - the charge was for $173.94

    Capital One gave me the same phone number to call as listed in the original complaint. I haven't bothered to call, but instead have taken care of this through the credit card company (same deal - dispute form which I have to sign and send right back.

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J2 Global CommunicationsJ2 Stole my phone number

On March 27th, J2 Communications stole my phone number which I have had for over 15 years. It appears that someone switched it on the internet into my sons name. Obviously this was done without my permission. I lost a lot of business not to mention an incredible amount of hassle and wasted time. I wrote J2 and asked for compensation, but they did not respond. Mr. Sean Hitchings the President is acting in a very unethical manner. He does not respond to my request for mediation nor any form of communication. He won't even apologize or offer anything for his mistake. Nor will he Now it turns out they have an unregulated phone company, however they were supposed to get my permission BEFORE taking my phone number. This is an example of an unethical company from the top down. I would like compensation or at least an explanation of how my number was taken, including who did it. If they don't respond I will have to take them to small claims court.

J2 Global Communications — Stay away from J2!

J2 Global Connect "Complaint" 6922 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 500 Hollywood, CA 90028 Primary Phone: [protected] Complaint Description - Posted [protected] Open original fax...