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On 2/28/09 I signed up for iwin games at their site ( I chose the $6.99 package using my credit card, however the icoins were never applied to my account. The site was frozen. I tried again on 3/1/09 using the paypal option. I was charged again for $6.99 on my card, but the site was again frozen.

I completed 2 tickets per their instructions on the website, one for each date that I tried using their site. (Which was very confusing).

After many back and forth comments on those tickets, they admitted the errors within their site on a couple of occasions now and promised that my credit card would be credited by last week. Well, it's been a week now since they posted that and there is still not a credit to my credit card. Originally, they said that everything was okay and to go in and activate my account, with a 3rd charge to my card, and then my icoins would be available. Obviously, I did not do so, but it goes to show how 'shady' these individuals are and I'm sure some people would actually do that.

Thankfully, the one charge was through paypal, which they will get for me eventually. I had to go through their resolution process first.

I would not suggest doing business with this site at all. The other individual that posted regarding them keeping your credit card information is telling the truth. They do hang on to your card information even if you try to delete it. Thankfully, mine never had the reoccuring charge. I have blocked any future charges from them with my credit card company should they try.

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      Sep 16, 2009


    While the details provided here do not allow me to retrieve any records pertaining to this particular complaint, I would like to assure anyone considering doing business with that we take such postings seriously and try to work towards successful resolution whenever possible. We can and do remove any user's personal information (with proper documentation provided) upon their request. We are not above making mistakes but do own up to them and try to improve our site, our products offered, and our service level as a reputable organization (with a high Better Business Bureau ranking assessment). If the above poster has any outstanding concerns we would like to address them.

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  • N
      Oct 04, 2013

    I purposed an Iwin (jewel quest 3), game for the second time, and It has not yet allowed me to play the whole game out. I only have 13% of the jewels on the board, and I am really tired of wasting my money. How do you play the whole game and board out?

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  • G
      Nov 07, 2013 - taking from money from checking acct
    United States

    This website took money from my account. I had put the membership on a pause for period of time and took out from my checking account causing it to go into negative balance. They should be at fault because I didn't authorize this amount to be taken from my account. Thank you

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