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ITT Technical Institutethink twice

As a former employee of ITT Technical Institute (as an enrollment representative and then as a Career Services Specialist), I encourage you to think twice about attending ITT Tech. Please understand that I am not a disgruntled employee. In fact, as an employee they treated me okay. But the bottom line is, my integrity was challenged on a daily basis as I saw students come through who should have never been enrolled in school.

The admission requirements are sub-par to say the essence, anyone can be admitted into most programs. And boy, do students pay. At over $425 per quarter credit hour, ITT is praying on the less fortunate (in many cases) and encouraging them to take loans they will never be able to pay.

From what I witnessed of the education, it is well below average (aside from a few good instructors). I attended and graduated from two state schools (both of which were much less expensive) and received a much higher quality education.

And finally, the most important part that most people do not realize: ITT is a for-profit, proprietary institution (State schools and community colleges are not-for-profit and not publicly traded). It is publicly traded. What this means: Students are paying to keep shareholders happy and to pad the pockets of the executive staff located in Carmel, IN.

When I was an admissions representative, I was reviewed by the number of students I enrolled. It didn't matter whether I thought they could cut it or not, they wanted numbers and that was the bottom line. When I was in career services, I was judged by the numbers of 'placed' students. It didn't matter if they had a felony or no competency-they still had to be placed or I didn't keep a job.

A natural question you may have: Why did you work there for 2.5 years if you had so many issues with the school? if I had it to do over, I wouldn't have. But now I'm going to try to keep some people from making a decision they will regret.

The Bottom Line: Attend a community college or a public, state school. It will save you a great deal of money and the education will be much better.


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  • Sc
    ScammedByItt Aug 19, 2014

    Anyone know of a good lawyer to file a civil lawsuit against ITT TECH in Earth City, MO?

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  • Vi
    Vinny23 Jul 21, 2014

    I'm a graduate of ITT Tech with an associates in Electronics and
    I have seen 4 career service people come/go and neither have been any
    help finding me a job/career that they so advertise on tv. I have tried and tried
    but still no career in electronics. ITT locally is in their 4 career person I believe
    and I have had him help me and at present no job to show for. What a gyp and
    I'm in debt to 2 financial institutions

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  • Jm
    Jmcconn12345 Mar 19, 2014

    Any one ever get let go from ITT Tech for a verbal and two write ups, if so any trouble with UC? Current Admissions Representative in PA and just signed my written

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  • Jm
    Jmcconn12345 Mar 19, 2014

    Has anyone here that is a former Admissions Representative, got terminated from their position for a verbal and two writtens? If so any trouble with UC?

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  • Da
    DainaGray Feb 26, 2014

    This former employee knows what she is talking about. I have a son with Tourette's Syndrome. He didn't have the money to go to a community college and I admit I just did not get educated enough about how high the tuition is when it comes to ITT. Also, my son originally enrolled to get an Associates Degree. I was there when he signed up for that. It was a two year program and it seemed like it would be worth the time and effort. I told ITT about my son's Tourette's. They didn't really seem to have anything much to say about it. They did promise him a great paying job and they promised to give him assistance in looking for a job after he graduated. Then about 6 months into his schooling, one of the employees of ITT came to my son and told him if he went for his Bachelor's degree he would get even more money. This, of course, meant more time at school (two more years) and alot more money. They didn't really talk to him about the additional cost. Since I wanted my son to do this on his own and not interfere with his education, I didn't object to him changing his ambitions. As time went on, and the tuition costs (with many private loans that are at least 12% interest loans) went up, there were times when my son was supposed to be taking a certain class to work towards his bachelors and they would not have that class available. This meant it was going to take EVEN LONGER for him to graduate. I also noticed that ITT oftentimes was short on qualified teaching staff. In the end, my son graduated four years after he started at ITT and only had an associates. He is almost $100, 000 in debt. I actually have parent plus loans that I am responsible for in the amount of over $8000. Aaron has been out of school for years now. ITT never helped him get a job. They always told my son that they didn't have anything available for him. He did get interviews, he did not get hired. Most of the time the jobs that were out there required experience. Also, he still needs certifications. Forget that, he can barely pay the student loans and there are many more loans in forebearance that will come to haunt him soon. DO NOT GO TO ITT. I wish we could get involved in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM. They are fraudulent and greedy.

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  • Ho
    Hot Rod1 Oct 23, 2013

    I am an Army Vet and current student at the National City, Ca ITT campus.
    About an Hour ago, I received a call from my math II instructor, to inform me that the school had dropped me from his class. I had only missed 1 day, last Wednesday, Oct 16, 2013. For some strange reason, the school dropped me that day. My instructor can testify, that i haven't missed 3 straight days of class(ITT drop policy). THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THEY HAVE DONE THIS TO ME! I got drop last quarter(from the same class) because i had to leave the country to bury my grandmother. I notified the school before leaving, and they assured me i would not be dropped. They dropped me anyways.
    What is wrong with this school? Now, i have to file a complaint with the VA, because they have reported to them, that i dropped the class, and now, i'm going to have to repay the VA out of my own pocket!! That's over $2, 000 that i don't have. I 'm not employed and i live off my VA disability and my BAH that i receive for going full time to this school. This will now affect me financially.
    Beware of this school.

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  • Ke
    KekkyJ Dec 17, 2012

    I graduated from the Huntington, WV campus of ITT with Highest Honors IN CDD. It should also be noted that I am the ONLY female in this program, and I am still the top student in the program. I attended EVERY class, and always turned in my work when it was due. But yet, all the MALES in the program (past and present) have been offered jobs and interviews thanks to the Career Services, while I can't even get them to answer an email. And thanks to ITT, I cannot continue my education to get a bachelors degree because I reached the Federal limit for grants, and I refuse to take on anymore loans. So, my next step is to file a complaint with my state's Attorney General and contact my lawyer.

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  • Mu
    musicman01 Nov 15, 2012

    The exact same thing happined to me, except, Im $20, 000.00 in debt. and owe them $4, 000.00 due. What makes things worse is, I got NOTHING for it. You can bet its a scam, I strongly recommend you run the other way and go to a state school. I did and got 100% grant.

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  • Fe
    FELICIA TILLIS Oct 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a current and everything negative about ITT is VERY TRUE... EVERYTHING. Everything is the teachers fault... They ripping people off. They are NOT accredited. The list could go on and on but it true. DO NOT ATTEND ITT TECH

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  • Dr
    Drae Sep 06, 2012

    I am also one of those Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology (CEET) students taken advantage of by ITT Technical Institute. It was all about the pay for them if you ask me. I told the adviser before I signed up what I expected and what else I was interested in if I didn't like what they had to offer. He insured me everything I wanted to do, the course was going to cover and go in depth of the subject.
    Well not only was the course sub par but it didn't prepare most students for the industry they were attempting to become employed in. Luckily I was a little experienced with most components and electronics that I were more prepared than most. Something as simple as soldering wasn't introduced until the final quarter and should have been taught from at least quarter 2 to quarter 8. Also lucky I was experienced in this before I attended ITT. Don't let the commercials fool you. I am in debt and nothing is guaranteed in this unstable career field. So truly THINK TWICE and look into community colleges before deciding to attend ITT. Some employers think ITT is not credible and think they are a joke because so many students come out unprepared. Do your homework and find an honest school.

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  • Rn
    RNorris Sep 02, 2012

    ITT is forcing us to take onine classes. They are harder and we should have an option to choose. I have yet to see a reduction in our tuition fees. Help us sign the petetion for freedom of choice!

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  • In
    indiana260 Apr 10, 2012

    Please if anyone is going to do a class action lawsuit also include me, my email is [email protected]

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  • Ow
    OWL 123 Mar 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I graduated from ITT online in December of 2010 and did not receive my MBA diploma. In June of 2010 ITT disconnected from their web site and told me that I dropped the course this was not true. After 6 weeks they connected back on their web site to finish up the three courses, I did finish up the three courses and graduated. I called ITT and asked they where is my MBA diploma and ITT said it will be in the mail in 6 to 8 weeks it never came in. Then ITT called me to say that I owe the school additional $5, 000.00 for dropping the course which I did not drop and I cannot receive my diploma if I do not pay the additional money to the school. In March 2012 I still did not receive my MBA diploma. I am paying Sallie Mai off for the school loans. Does anyone have any suggestions in this situation.

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  • Never attend any of these so-called 'colleges' because the Degree does not hold the same weight as a community college or actual college. They are about numbers, not education. This includes ITT Technical Institute, Devry, Kaplan, Argosy, Everest, the Art Institutes, and anyone advertising "a great job" or "easy fast degree." How do I know? I have worked at most of these places.
    ASK about the placement numbers. Here is how they get a lot of them. Lets say a student taking courses finds himself a job - the college does not find the job, the student gets it himself. Or, the student graduates and she is no longer heard from again. Both of these students will be counted as "jobs found by the college." They will add 2 to their count.
    NUMBERS! The more students in class, the more money they make, so they do not care you are in class learning, only you are in class. This is why it is so easy to pass, when you are absent they harass you to return, and if you are about to drop out they move hell and earth to get you to return.
    ANYONE is admitted. Students with criminal records are allowed in law or medical - even thought they know they will never get a job. SURE the students are told to sign a waiver and sure it is illegal to ask or say anything. But they will gladly take their money. Even sex offenders.
    COST compare the costs to community colleges carefully - don't let the reps spin the tale. They are NOT reps; they are sales persons. Once they get your number, they are to call you AT LEAST 10 times a day. Then your number goes to someone else. Another 10 x a day.
    Instructors like me are told to pad grades, 'help' failing students, and give work that is easy. Does this help you in the real world? NO. Take my word, and this is why I'm job hunting. STAY AWAY.

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  • Ma
    Mattw11486 Oct 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Heres an email I just sent to every admin at my Campus that describes what I just went through at this God awful facility, I currently attend the ITT in Earth City, MO but after tonight I don't think I will ever be going back if anyone knows of a real class action lawsuit against these guys contact me at [email protected]:

    On Monday (October 24, 2011) I received an email from Estella Armstrong regarding a job ad opportunity at a company called Media Grind (the URL to the ad:. This company claims to be hiring game testers to come in and test games for $20/hour, write reports, etc. I thought that this was too good to be true but I went ahead and sent in my resume and cover letter for this position anyways. I then emailed Estella and asked if she could possibly give me some more information about this company IE: Where they are located, a website, etc. She told me she didn't have much information but I was told to email Rachael and she pasted me her email address. I then sent the same email to the address that she gave me. I also emailed Sheri with the same questions.
    On Tuesday morning (October 25, 2011) I received an email from Sheri to contact her, I had also received an email from someone who said that that wasn't Rachael's email address but she went ahead and forwarded my questions to her. I then proceeded to call Shari but it went to voicemail. I left my name and number and told her I was headed into work but to contact me. After work, around 6:00pm, I checked my cell phone but had not received any calls from her so I tried to call her again..again it went to voicemail. When I came home there was again no emails from anyone so I emailed my contact in the gaming industry, someone who works at Simutronics, Elonka Dunin. I told her about this advertisement for this company and was asking her if she had any more information about it. She emailed me back saying she had never heard of this place before and to be cautious because a lot of people/companies will scam people into offering them a high paying game testing job but then proceed to try to charge them for training and it end up being a bogus job offer she also asked for the web link to take a look at the ad. The advertisement does clearly say that there will be a one week training course but it doesn't mention anything about costs. I sent her the advertisement to which she replied that this is most likely a scam because no company would pay anyone to test video games at $20/hour so I said okay thanks for the information and I am going to pass this info along to my school because they sent me the email. She asked if I could forward her the email that Estella sent me to which I did.
    Now today (October 26, 2011) I get a phone call from Rachael asking me why on earth I would forward that email to Elonka and what I was thinking by doing that. I told her that I wanted to get more information about the company so I emailed Elonka to obtain that information. She told me that I should have contacted someone in career services first to which my reply was I did try contacting you and Shari no one returned my phone calls or emails. She said she tried emailing me but for whatever reason my email kept saying invalid to which my response was that she should have just called me she has my number and so does Shari. At this point the guy who also works in the department Mike? I think is his name can be heard in the background saying that my actions were wrong and that what I did was inappropriate. At this point I started getting frustrated and a little angry that they would all sit in a room and gang up on me for the decision that I made to get more information about this company. I told them that I think what they are doing is unprofessional and that I don't like the fact that I am paying in tuition a large amount of money for them to copy and paste ads off of Google that are possibly scams without getting more information about it first. She then said okay thank you and hung up.
    Tonight I went to school with the full intentions of bringing this up to the Dean..little did I know he wasn't there so I talked to Dave Steen which was an obvious mistake because he didn't want to deal with it and told me not to worry about it and that it would all blow over. I told him this is unacceptable and I wanted to schedule a time to speak with the Dean and then I left. In my anger I was voicing my frustrations to a fellow student in the hall which Dave walked by and overheard and told me I needed to stop, I was in the wrong in this situation but I was extremely heated about all of this. I told him I wasn't going to stop that I was going to take this to the Dean because I believe that I am being treated unfairly in this situation and he said then I am going to have to ask you to leave so I told him fine and left. I have every intention of not returning to this school and feel like it was a complete and utter waste of my time and resources. I now have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in student loans with absolutely nothing to show for it. I already see online that there is a class action lawsuit filed against this school that I am already taking into deep consideration of joining. I personally had no problems with this school, even the watered down education and the payment for books we never used, or even the instructors who were teaching classes when they obviously had no clue what they were teaching, because I always believed that if I applied myself and work extra hard even outside of class I would be able to learn enough and take out of this education what I put into it and I believe my attendance and GPA proves this. This whole day proved me wrong, I think this school, the Career Services specifically acted completely unprofessional in this manner and have ruined my educational experience at ITT Tech. Today really showed this school's true colors and what the high up guys are really concerned about, and we both know it's not about student satisfaction and job placement. I am sure nothings going to be done about this and that it will all be swept under the rug so that this school can keep racking up high amounts of debt for people and offering them a worthless piece of paper to show for it. But if there is anything you can do to correct this problem from happening to further students it would be much appreciated.


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  • We
    Wendy Coriell Jun 19, 2011

    I have a list of complaints from this so-called university, too many to list in this forum so I will focus on the most important ones. As a single mother, tempted by the commercials of a brighter future, I attended ITT Tech, Green Bay WI Campus, from [protected] and have an Associate's "Degree" in Multimedia.

    My 1st quarter, two weeks before the final grading, our instructor walked off with our grades. We then had a fill in, and we were literally graded on two weeks worth of work for two classes. For some students doing poorly, this increased their grade and GPA, for others doing well, it lowered their grade and GPA. Some students dropped out after this, and in hindsight, I wish I was one of them.

    Grade inflation was evident throughout my experience at ITT, which exception to two math classes, which were the only classes I would say were actually college level learning. The rest of the classes were not challenging, and some of the classes I even did ind. studies for since I had already taught myself things far beyond what this school taught me. For our Operating Systems class, I had to practically teach the DOS section. Our economics class has tests that were open book. (I'd like to note, one student who attended the UW college system, majoring in economics, was unable to transfer his REAL college credits. On the same note, ITT credits do not transfer anywhere but ITT.)

    Our books were printed in India, full of errors and poor translations.

    Additionally, while we were promised help with job placement, that did not happen for anyone.

    Do not waste your time and money with this school. Do not be fooled by the easy federal loans, as you will most likely have your resume thrown in the trash if an employer sees ITT, and will be unable to repay your loan, accruing interest and possibly ending up in a default status. ITT Tech is owned by ITT Corp, and I suggest doing a little bit of research about what ITT Corp does.

    Several of my former classmates and I would be interested in a class action lawsuit against this school.

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  • Pr
    precious87 Jun 15, 2011

    recently i was failed for showing up late ...but really the instructor had a personal problem with me and for missing his class i was told by him i needed to provide him medical documentation or i would fail. he succeeded in failing me and im now expected to take this unprofessional guys class again and pay for it again as well! he gave me half credit on each assignment ans as i reported these problems to the chair and the dean..nothing was ever done to fix this situation. not even the fact that he over stepped personal what do i do the credits dont transfer and im halfway through my associates degree????

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  • Jo
    jojiko Jun 09, 2011

    ITT Getzville New York - for $400/hr I had an "instructor" teach me how to draw a line with the Pencil Tool in Flash in the fifth week of class (something that was covered in the first week of reading). I complained to the Dean and I was directed toward student tutoring. Yes, a student did the tutoring, not an instructor! For our Capstone project, I was put in charge of a team that was supposed to create a state of the art multimedia project for a local business. Half my team never showed up or cooperated to make it successful, so needless to say, the project was an embarrassment, and yet we still got an "A". The local business didn't even look at our project! An embarrassment to me. Now, I am working in a field totally unrelated to my Muiltmedia degree and I am not able to pay my Sallie Mae bills. I have been robbed of a technical education that I feel I deserved. I can't even get credit to go to another school to get a proper education because I am so in debt. I learned a few things, but I want most of my money back. I am an unsatisfied customer of ITT's.

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  • Mr
    Mr. P Jun 06, 2011

    Ok, I too am an employee at ITT. While I agree the enrollment standards are lower here than at most schools we are not like most schools. Our school is geared to the nontraditional student who learns more from hands on experience. We believe that all students have the right to a good education and that one poor entrance exam done entirely on paper should not stop someone from achieving their college goals. This does not excuse the student from obtaining their minimum course schools to pass the class however part of their college tuition includes personalize tutoring and mentoring to help them be more successful. As a teacher this means a lot more work for me but I would expect nothing less for my own children. That is why I encourage my own son to attend ITT. As far as ITT preying on the students, well yes we do. We pray on those seeking knowledge and enlightenment. That is what we are in business for. Yes we’re a for-profit school and we must report to the stock holders who make money from students. They also lose money if we do not provide service to their customers. Unlike traditional colleges we are regulated by the government more and cannot collect full term loan money for only a few weeks of class like traditional school can. If a student misses a class we must call them and encourage them to attend. If a student is failing we must counsel them and provide tutoring when needed. You don’t see that concern from traditional school.
    I sometime get tired of helping the same struggling students each quarter and think they would be better of giving up but then I look at my son and think that I hope his instructors push him to succeed. A students level of success may vary based on their understanding and effort but each student deserve a chance and some encouragement. Want higher tougher standards go to Harvard or Yale.
    The majority of complaints that I hear from our students is that the tuition is high. They complain that they can go to other universities and get left over loan money for gas, rent, or beer. This may be true. We do charge more than other for education but we also have things others schools don’t. I don’t see many people writing to web sites to complain that milk at one market is higher than another’s.

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  • Mi
    MisleadJones May 28, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please if their is a class action suit, send me some information. I am currently in debt trying pay back the loans for that *()^%$#! school! I received a Associates in Computer Networking Systems. Not only have I not been successful in securing a stable job. But I decided to go in another careerpath. Well since I owe them so much money, it's hard for me to get aid to attend my new school. I admit I was young and dumb and mislead! I don't understand why that school is still in business!

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  • Om
    OmegaZero May 05, 2011

    All its good for is to circumvent the new law the military has regarding high school drop out. they can only so many drop outs. while the rest of the world doesn't recognize itt's degrees the military doesn't care about the degree. All they care about is whether you are a drop out or not, and if you are do you have 15 credit hours from any college. And as far as the hands on training goes, go back to high school an take a computer apps class. seriously. oh and read a book that by the way, they don't even ask for a book report about. It is not worth a cent unless you are a drop out trying to get in to the military.

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  • Ld
    ldeweaver Apr 15, 2011

    ITT is a scam. I have wanted to start a class action lawsuit. anyone interested email me at [email protected] I have documented proff that the staff at the schools are ripping of students. once we get enough people signed up we are going to close that school once and for all. Send me your stories and emails...

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  • Ni
    NikkyKC Apr 13, 2011

    I signed up for ITT Tech when I was divorcing in order to earn more income to support myself and my child as a single mother. I was told that the training was predominately "hands on", that I needed NO previous training or experience in the technical field in order to successfully complete the program, be proficient in my field and obtain employment. I was also told that my class schedule would NOT change. There were VERY FEW "hands on" experiences and even then, not enough equipment to work independently. The only people in the classes who had a clear understanding of how to actually "act on" what we read in books were a few guys in the classes who had extensive technical knowledge and experience upon entering the program. The rest of us were lost. I was earning straight A's simply because I had the ability to read the text and repeat it on paper. I hung in for a while, working full time, hoping things would change. Then out of nowhere they change my class schedule. My custody agreement had already been arranged and set in stone because I was promised that my schedule would NOT change. When I went to speak to administration about the lack of hands on training and the schedule change I was told there was NOTHING that could be done, my grades were good enough to maybe coast through even if I'd have to start missing classes, and there was no way to have my student loans refunded so it was best for me to just finish so I'd at least have the certificate despite the lack of knowledge and confidence I'd have to actually ever use it! - Needless to say, I had to drop out and find various "side hustles" (bail bonding, real estate) to try to supplement my income and provide for myself and my child. - I now owe about $10k in loans which interest and fees keep accruing on because I can never make the payments. What makes it even worse is that I have NOTHING to show for it! - ITT Tech is a SCAM and should be shut down!

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  • Fo
    for your eyes only Apr 12, 2011

    Recently there has been quite an up roar about the lack of education and organization at ITT Tech's wyoming, MI campus, Students are starting to look in

    to transfeering out of that school in to ferris since they are the only ones who take any of the credits earned from ITT Tech. Other students are

    worried that they have no where to turn to about the lack of organization from the administration. From not having enough textbooks on hand for

    the quarter until 3-5weeks into the course to Uneducatied teachers, and lack of equipment. ITT Tech states in their handbook and on their

    comercials about hands on classes, and that is not the case At the wyoming campus for the Criminal Justice Program. Classes are over crowded for

    example CJ 242 Forensics and Crime scene Investigation on Monday nights: there is 43 students in that class and its is suppose to be half hands on

    and half classroom time, but the teacher has stated "that their is not enough equipment and not enough room to provide for all of the students", which

    seems to be an on going occurance at that school that equipment is short handed, classes are packed and "Also some of the instructors are not even

    in the criminal justice fields that they are teaching." CJ242 is taught by a security consultant that has no experience in forensiscs or crime scenes, he

    just reads out of the book like the students do, then in CJ243 Criminalistics of Cyber crime the instructer is a cable guy, he works for charter

    communications he is said to be a computer whiz but again he has no idea about the criminal justice aspect of cybercrime. These are just some of the

    issues going on. Other students intend to speak out as well so expect more emails coming in. The biggest thing the students are concerned with is the

    schools accreditation, no one wants to pay more to go here than GRCC, and Ferris, and get a useless piece of paper. Also the lack of educated

    teachers is worrying students that we aren't learning the important things that we should and they would like to find some one to help make sure this

    school is holding up to the standards that it should be. when classes are changing and being dropped and thrown together with no notice and teachers

    claiming that they just found out they were teaching a class 2 days prior to the start of the quarter just doesn't sound heres just a

    heads up plan on hearing more about this from the student body soon cause their going to the news stations to try to out these scams.

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  • Th
    The bare truth Feb 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are all whinny stupid [censor]es. You spent your money, are disgruntle and got nowhere with your degrees. I laugh at your attempt to discourage people from attending. Which by the way the company is thriving and still alive despite your miserable futile attempts.

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  • Do
    Doris JW Feb 11, 2011

    I am trying to help someone with all this ITT mess!! I cannot believe the money involved here for the amount of education given!!! I think all of you should get together, find a lawyer pro bono, and find this school another place in history!!!

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  • Ic
    IcyoneP Feb 05, 2011

    I am currently a student at ITT-Tech in spokane WA. From what i have read on this Web site, I disagree. I have had a great experience from all but one on my teachers there. However, the director of Career Services does not do his job and if you have a background of any kind he will not lift a toe to help you get your foot in the door at any employer. I am currently enrolled in the ISS degree and got my CNS degree with honors. This is my third quarter in the ISS program and get straight A's when i turn in homework. The teachers bend over backwards to make sure that you understand the material and are willing to come in or stay late to make sure that happens. you don't need to get a job after you graduate there are other options that let you put your degree from most programs to use. for example after i finish all of my schooling I plan to start my own networking business with the option to write policies for other home businesses.

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  • Am
    Amy229 Jan 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree! I had taken online classes, I only sat in them twice. I had to drop them because something came up to where I had to move, and I did not have internet access. They sent me my books late, locked me out of my classes, and I was NOT told about the promissary note until after I dropped my classes which was 2 months later. They are trying to charge me $3, 124.00 which I am NOT going to pay I told them that they are robbing people blind and that they are crazy if they think I am gonna pay for something that I had barely used and for the horrible services that they had offered. I told them they could put it on my credit and that I did not give a damn. I would rather have horrible credit than pay for a service that I did not hardly use, when I could to go a full semester at the University of Arizona for a lot cheaper and get a better education. Who in their right mind would pay for this??? I sat in the class twice. DON"T GO TO ITT!!! Its a complete waste of money. A community college or University would be your best bet!!

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  • Al
    Ali jumah Toure Dec 03, 2010

    My name is Ali-jumah Toure and I graduated from ITT in 2004 with a wothless AA degree in CEET COMPUTER ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY that does not exist. Itt Tech TV commercial is very deceiving & deceptive. My times was wasted and I regret everyday of my life why I did atteded that institution. I was robbed and I am now paying for a loans that never benefited me. I had seen a lot of itt-tech graduates working @ Meiyer, home depot, pizzaz hut, chinese restaurant and ect. I take this time to humbly appeal to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to close ITT TECH and let them give our money back and pay of our loans. Itt tech don`t need to be operating, because they are worthless and a white collar criminal. To all students that are hungry for higher education, please do not go to ITT-Tech. You can attend a community college and state institution.

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  • An
    AngelaG35 Nov 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a former student of ITT Tech, and I'm in the process of forming a case against ITT Tech for fraud based on deceptive business practices, false advertising and predatory lending practices. Anyone who wishes to participate in this effort is free to contact me on my new blog site,

    My goal is to gather evidence from former staff and students from all over the country and present this evidence to the appropriate agencies who can put a stop to what they are still being allowed to do. Even better than that, I hope to be able to put a strong enough class-action case together on all of our behalves to convince the courts to force ITT to reimburse us for the costs we've all incurred because of their deception.

    If we can all get together and fight this, maybe we can at least cause some kind of student loan reform where this illegal activity is no longer allowed to continue and it can no longer rack up victims. And yes, we are victims...we were charged for goods and services that the company did not even attempt to deliver or provide and we deserve to be compensated, or at the very least we deserve a refund of all charges incurred because of this fraud.

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  • Sa
    Sara L Oct 20, 2010

    I am a graduate from ITT tech lathrop ca. I learned a lot because i had a few really good instructors who defied the school and took us outside of school to teach us more. I was among the first to graduate the Criminal Justice program. To tell the truth i was one of 4 people who made it. I graduated with Honors and I work really hard to do that. I worked full time and still put in another 32 to 40 hours a week with school.

    My problem and i need to find a lawyer to help with this is that i was lied to by the financial aid department. I just found this out even though i graduated in 2008. A class mate and i when we attended did not think the student loans that we got were looking right and when we asked we were lied to about the answer as well as told they cannot be held against us to buy a house and/or new car. We were told we would have 4 student loans and we have 10. I would not have gone the rout with student loans if i would have known the truth about them. My classmate and I have ran into the same problems, with trying to better our situation. And along with that since the government bailout Sallie mea and took control of the whole student loan thing, we cannot seem to get help there at all.
    I moved to Montana, best thing i could have done since i switched to a credit union out here and they have student outreach programs that explain and provide information to student and former students of any college, of their right and how the student loan thing and more really work. I was told that i have a good case and i need to find a lawyer that will take it. I have to have a California Lawyer to handle this case. If anyone knows any lawyer that can handle this type of case or you are one place contact me at [email protected]

    another thing you should know if you want to attended this school is that you do receive the same education as you would at other schools, you pay the same price for a four year degree as would anywhere else. I did the math before i started to make sure it was worth it. You just get the price up front in one lump sum, vs all the different component at a regular college, jr, or otherwise. Should also know that they will not help you find a job in most cases let alone a good one. You have to be good with getting a job on your own or know someone to help you.

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  • Jr
    JR-Seattle Sep 28, 2010

    It took me a long time to get back on my feet after wasting my time and money on this "school", I was working a dead-end job and needed to find a way to better myself by going to school at nights. I fell for the sells tactics and in doing so I have 40, 000 in debt to show for it. I owe a years pay for that joke of an institution. I fell like my rash and stupid decision to go there only caused me to fail myself and my family. I am better now that I have been able to work under a licensed engineer and relearn my field. If you are on the fence please let me tell you... get a part time job cut down expenses and go to a CC or a state school. I wouldn't wish the pain in my gut on anyone.

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  • Da
    Dan24 Sep 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CynCB ~I agree with you completely on every point you made. Besides the teachers not wanting to teach the second biggest problem is the school allowing students in there that do nothing but disrupt the classrooms and the teachers don’t even have the power to drop the students from the class and when you complain about it to have something done nothing is ever done about it.

    I too was one of the only students in each class that turned in homework, worked on the lab projects, and studied. In the first quarter classes there were students that couldn’t even read. In other classes the other students would spend all their time talking, laughing, playing with their cell phones and I tried so hard to kill the curve so these students would fail only to have the teachers tell me they were excluding my grade from the curve so they didn’t have to fail everyone else.

    Most of what I learned I went out and learned on my own and even in one of my classes I turned in work that the teacher didn’t even know how to do and just told me I was wrong because he didn’t know how to check it. I insisted my answers were correct and even wrote out the mathematical proof proving my answer correct and in the end I had to show my work to another teacher who then graded it for me so I could get a proper grade for it in my class. Though the work was difficult was very basic stuff which was necessary to know to pass the class. Knowing more then the teacher was something I was kind of proud of, but then again how am I supposed to learn from someone like that?

    Going to that school is such a huge mistake and since the units I have taken there are not transferable to a university I now have to start over on my education to finish my bachelors which means four more years of college are ahead of me. I basically have to start all over from the beginning. I encourage anyone who reads this to go elsewhere. DO NOT ATTEND ITT TECH!!! It’s a terrible school, more expensive, the degree is not respected in the job market, units are not transferable. Just go to a university or your local community college.

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  • Cy
    CynCB Sep 13, 2010

    My husband and I have been extremely disappointment with ITT Tech. Although my husband has done very well in school, which I think has boosted his confidence, it has also made him second guess whether or not he's actually learned and gained enough experience to find a position with a company.

    The price we have had to pay for this school was not worth it. Not only the costs of the school, but the schedule they have set forth. I have never seen a school where you didn't have the option to select your course and the days that you go to school on. I would just like to say that this school is NOT for anyone that has a full-time job. This school expects you to attend Saturday classes every semester. And for those of us that have full-time jobs, the weekend is the ONLY break we get. My husband has had to fight each semester to stay out of Saturday classes because it was just too much for him. It's hard enough working all day long and going to school after that, but when you don't actually have a few days off, it really burns up your energy.

    The amount this school charges per semester hour is ridiculous. Majority of the teachers do not have a clue as to what they are doing. My husband has only had 2-3 teachers that actually cared and taught him something. I don't know what exactly we were paying for, but it sure wasn't an education.

    The biggest kicker of all is how many students there are at this school that don't even attend the classes. Majority of those students are getting a FREE RIDE!!! Whereas people like my husband and I that have had to pay for school, they just think its all fun and games. In majority of his classes, no one does the homework. It is usually only him and two other students that will actually study, do the homework, and participate in the labs. I know fairly often, he was one of the only students left in the class by the time class was over. So many of the students would leave after the first break. I don't know how on earth these people are getting to stay at this school. If it was any other school, those students would have been suspended or kicked out. There are too many people out there that want a real education and can't get it because of people like the ones that ITT Tech allows in.

    I had no idea this school was a FOR-PROFIT school. That disturbs me on SO many levels. I think this school should lose its accreditation. I know it has violated MANY of the accreditation rules. And I KNOW it has broken many of the Texas Workforce Commission Labor Laws and should be reported. If you have any sense, do not attend this school. I wish we would have done more research before my husband attended this school, but he sure as hell would not have gone here.

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  • Je
    Jerry Rohde Sep 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will gladly join in on a class action lawsuit against ITT.
    I attended ITT [protected] for Computer Networking. I graduated with an associate degree. As with probably every student who has ever attended ITT. My academic advisor (Raj) led me to believe that my credits would transfer over to a university if and when I was ready to attend one. I was told that attending ITT would give me a head jump on my classes. It wasn't until after I graduated that I found out that my associate degree that I owe $40, 000.00 for isn't worth a penny, and that ITT was a noncreditial school.
    The teachers can't teach but they insisted that I fill out a questaire about them so that they get a bonus. Well, I didn't and there was one teacher I had that was very upset with me and gave me a hard time in class after that. Why should they get a bonus when they're not teaching us anything.
    The labs I was supposed to have "not one lab worked". The teachers would tell us something wasn't being updated, either the books or the software. It was always one or the other. No one knew anything and their answers to this problem were "move onto the next lab." How do you do that when nothing worked and you're not learning anything?
    I was promised that I had career service to help me find employment and that is a lifetime guarantee. Whenever I tried to contact someone from career service there was never anyone there. When I was lucky enough to reach someone they would tell me "they couldn't even get me an interview with anyone." There's were times that I called, left messages and they had the nerve to email me the listings from Craig's list. I didn't need to put myself in debt of $40, 000.00 to have some idiot send me this. I was doing this myself because they weren't helping me but I was doing it "FREE".
    Since I have graduated I have not had a position in computer networking. Now there is the economy situation, I can't even make enough to live off of. My parents help me whenever they have a little extra, just so I can pay my rent or other bills. How am I supposed to pay this loan when it comes due. I CAN"T!!! I have even thought about filing bankrupcy, but that won't help because I am still responsible for this loan.
    Someone needs to step in and help. How can a so called school get away with this? People are still signing up to attend there just to end up like the rest of us. Everything I was told was all false information, and they should not be able to keep getting away with this.
    I would appreciate talking to someone that is willing to take this on to help us all.

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  • Ho
    HowStupid Jul 25, 2010

    When are people going to figure out that the majority of these private owned trade schools are legal scams? It seems to me that people think if States let these [censor] operate then they must be OK. Well folks, get a clue. If you don't protect yourself from the crooks then you are gonna be on the hook for years. Once you start signing paperwork they own you. They are gonna get your money, the State's money, Uncle Sam's money, grant money and any money they can milk out of the system using you as a pawn. These schools know you want to take shortcuts to get job knowledge and they play the fact that you are lazy and don't want a real education. Wise up people! Crooked corporations full of con artists just wrecked our economy. Do you honestly think the crooks all went out of business? Avoid the friggen trade schools like the plague or be prepared to get screwed.

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  • Mp
    mpage Jul 13, 2010

    I was planning on attending ITT Tech! Is there somewhere I can go, and check to see if the school in Chantily, Va has any complants?? I am 46 yrs old, and at this point of my life I do not want to be waisting time with anything thats not legitimate or is going to cost me thousands of wasted dollars!!!

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  • Mi
    mike thompson Jul 08, 2010

    I am a student at ITT Tech in Richardson Texas in the ISS bachelor's program. First of all I want to say that I graduated ITT in Garland Texas with an associates in electronics. I felt that I received a good education and the instructors and carrer staff genrally cared about my education and my success. ITT Richardson is a totally different school. It is all about money. In most cases when we are asked to do labs, we don't have the materials to do them with or the labs don't work. They bring in instructors that seem like they don't have a clue how to teach and just seem to be there for the pay check. I have thought about changing from the ISS program to the bachelors program in electronics. I can never get anyone to talk to me. I send e-mails to schedule appoinments and no response from my so called sponsor. I sent an e-mail to the Dean of the school with no response. Who do I go to? Anyone know a good lawyer?

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  • Di
    DIAMANTE Jul 06, 2010

    [email protected]

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