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ITT Technical Institutetemporary credit/predatory lending


Think twice about enrolling at ITT Tech. They will take full advantage of you any chance they get. Listen carefully. Before starting classes I sat down with one of their financial aid clerks to discuss cost breakdown. I got a clear picture of exactly how much the grants and various government loans would cover. At $486/credit hour, you are still between $2000-$5000 short of the costs of each fiscal year. So naturally, they make you apply for a private loan. When you're denied, as I was, they extend to you what they call "temporary credit." They tell you it has a 0.00% interest rate with payments beginning immediately upon graduation (no grace period.) Nine months later, I meet with the financial aid department again. They tell me they have found a new loan provider. They tell me they will roll the amount the school had agreed to lend me ($4800) and add it to the cost of the next fiscal year for a total loan equaling $12000. Keep in mind that this is just the remainder of the $35, 000 that the government won't cover (less than 2 years of education.) I get accepted. Great, right? Wrong! This loan has a 10% origination fee and an interest rate of 13.75%. Over the span of your college career (before graduation) this loan accumulates up to $7000 more than the original loan amount. Then they tell you that if you don't agree to take this loan, your schooling is over. This is just the beginning of the many private loans that ITT Tech will ask you to take. Please, consider this warning! Don't let 30% of your tuition pay for someone else's advertising and above all, don't let yourself be a victim of these predatory lenders.


  • De
    Delphinamw Mar 01, 2014

    I just graduated. I have both my associates degree and bachelors from ITT. They put everything in writing, so read before you sign. There credits do transfer to several public universities. I have just enrolled for my masters at Penn State with no issue. I have 17, 000 in temp credit. If the payments are to high for you then talk with them, they worked with me. Which is great since I am also a single parent. The reason you have to start paying back immediately is because it is a personal loans, not federal. The cost of my 4 years at ITT is comparable to the MBA program I am enrolled in. It can be frustrating at times, but like anything else research, read, and ask questions before you sign anything. The reps at ITT are sales people doing there job, so be kind. The career services is horrid and needs a revamp. But I depended on myself and took my own initiative to land a job in my field of study. Hope you can make the right decision for you in the long run.

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  • Wr
    wrwlfoflnd Oct 14, 2013

    I am wishing I had read all of these comments before my son had started going to ITT Tech in Harrisburg, PA. He has told me about the incompetence of some of the instructors (a substitute was able to teach the class more in one day than the regular instructor did the entire quarter.) The school dropped him this quarter claiming that he had failed too many courses (I doubt this), and turned him over to a collection agency for $4, 300 that he supposedly owes, even though he had loans to cover tuition. Today we just received a message on the answering machine from them asking about him rejoining the school for the December term. He doesn't want to go back to school there, and right now I don't blame him. If anyone has more information on legal proceedings against ITT Technical Institute at any level, please email me [email protected]

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  • Jh
    Jhp7749 Jun 27, 2013

    I just started classes on the 22nd of June 2013. I went to the office on the 21st of June just to get some information. Their classes had started a week prior but next thing you know, I was accepted and was starting the very next day. I was hoping to get some money back from my loans to buy a computer and other school supplies but I was told by financial aid they don't cover cost of living. I have been very excited about continuing my eduction until I started reading all of these complaints about the school. I'm wondering if it's too late to get out of it and switch schools. My family and I can't afford to go through any more hardships. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any information that can help me. Thank you

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  • Ma
    maddasheck19 Jun 05, 2013

    My husband is attending ITT in Portland OR, were not having issues with the finacial end of things, YET, but we are having problems with the people running the Nursing program. Constant changing of rules, crating a hostile enviroment, and favortism. I am looking to hire an attorney or jump on a class action lawsuit that already exists...

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  • Ty
    Tyrene Jan 14, 2013

    I am going through the same thing and the job they promise is no where in sight. I didn't know you can sue but I don't feel they deserve a dime.

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  • Un
    unhappycustomer622 Sep 07, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I enrolled in Sept. '09 at ITT Tech because I had no money to pay each month for tuition because I had a crap job and wanted something better...BIG MISTAKE!!! Sure they are cheaper than a normal college and a lot of financial aide help, but it comes with a cost. The teachers (at least at my location) half-a$$ teach you something and when you need help, they ignore you to talk to students who DON'T need help. You can never get in contact with an instructor or any other staff member when you need to and the departments don't communicate at all so if you miss a class expect at least a dozen phone calls and the building I'm in is tiny!! I've had my car broken into and so they assign a security guard who's over the age of 60 to patrol the lot which he's been caught MORE THAN ONCE sleeping in his car!! In April of this year my grandmother was dying, so I went to the associate dean IN PERSON to tell him the situation. HE DIDN'T EVEN PAY ATTENTION AT ALL. He along with a dozen other people from the school were calling me over 24 hours away asking me where I was when I had even sent the Dean an e-mail informing him of my situation BEFORE I left. Then I had to take a sabbatical from school so my GPA wouldn't suffer from the time I missed because I was about to be dropped anyway. I've been trying to get back into school since that quarter ended and I'M STILL WAITING!! I make plans to do so with my Department Head, The Dean, and an adviser and a couple of weeks before the new quarter starts I am unable to get in touch with ANYBODY!! I call everyday and send e-mails and NO ONE RETURNS THEM!! It wasn't until AFTER the quarter starts and it's too late to go back that I get my calls returned. I even went up in person and they couldn't "find" anybody to help me!! Also I came to find out that no one wants to hire anyone from ITT Tech because the lack of education and experience which really makes the $40, 000+ hard to swallow. GO TO A DIFFERENT SCHOOL!!! DON'T GO TO ITT TECH!!! THEY SUCK!!!

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  • Tw
    TwJ Dec 23, 2010

    Yes, my son had gone there almost 2 years. VERY expensive, however, many promises were made. He had planned on going there for his Masters, but lost his full time job, so he had to quit going to ITT. He is making small payments, but NOW Sallie Mae is HOUNDING him big time and threatening!!! Plus anyone else to track him down to pay.

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  • Mi
    missnaynay369 Dec 03, 2010

    Im deciding what school i want to go to for nursing and keep looking at Itt tech..galen school of nursing and SPC in pinellas park?? Anyone have ideas or opinions for me on where to go? I hear good things and bad things about the 2 techinal schools. HELP!!

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  • An
    AngelaG35 Nov 05, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a former student of ITT Tech, and I'm in the process of forming a case against ITT Tech for fraud based on deceptive business practices, false advertising and predatory lending practices. Anyone who wishes to participate in this effort is free to contact me on my new blog site,

    My goal is to gather evidence from former staff and students from all over the country and present this evidence to the appropriate agencies who can put a stop to what they are still being allowed to do. Even better than that, I hope to be able to put a strong enough class-action case together on all of our behalves to convince the courts to force ITT to reimburse us for the costs we've all incurred because of their deception.

    If we can all get together and fight this, maybe we can at least cause some kind of student loan reform where this illegal activity is no longer allowed to continue and it can no longer rack up victims. And yes, we are victims...we were charged for goods and services that the company did not even attempt to deliver or provide and we deserve to be compensated, or at the very least we deserve a refund of all charges incurred because of this fraud.

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  • Pa
    Patsy Nalls-Robinson Aug 28, 2010

    My son attended ITT in St. Louis, Mo and it's a rip off. If anyone knows about any class action lawsuites please e-mail me at <[email protected]> I'm a single parent and we can't have schools ripping off anybody for poor education!

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  • Sh
    sharon Hodges Mar 16, 2010

    The New York Times ran a front page article about ITT Tech last Sunday.

    Send all your information to the reporter:

    Peter S. Goodman <[email protected]>

    He is gathering up all the information in one place. Be sure to leave him a brief summary of what happened to you, just say something like, "Me too, they ripped me off"

    He's got a long list of emails from all the other students. He replied to my email, and said his email was flooded with complaints. Be sure to add yours to the pile.

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  • Mi
    Mitch87 Mar 15, 2010

    I'm about to graduate from ITT the said starting today I have to pay on my temporary credit today March 15, 2010 but with my faith In God ITT will be paid in full in 2 weeks. Wow if only I knew that before I trying to invest in quality trust worthy education they called me today telling the Bachelor program might not available in Fall. May God restore us for everything stoled from us I could of went to a University for lesser than 50k.

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  • Ch
    christy09 Dec 08, 2009

    I am also a victim of this outrageous fraud and bullcrap. I am a former student of Itt-tech troy, mi and I can't begin to tell you the crap that I have gone through because of them. I started Itt tech in June of 2006 got recruited by one of their representatives which was a very nice lady and pretty much took an entrance exam that a 10 year old can pass almost immediately had me sign up for classes and shipped me off to the financial aid office. At the beginning I paid out of pocket and had pell grants that prettymuch paid for first 1 or 2 semesters but once classes started in beginning of 07 all hell broke loose and then came the horror of student loans because financial aid advisor told me I was no longer eligible for pell grants but i was for loans. interesing and so the entire time i was there i was mostly dropping courses and leaving for a good 3 to 4 months due to their ignorant instructors they had hired. I was there off and on until june of 08 I was getting fed up with the instructors that couldnt teach so I ended up taking summer off and after some convincing from family members decided to try once more to go back to itt tech because according to the financial aid office I only needed 2 more classes and would graduate in Dec 08. Wrong!!! They pretty much forced me to take more than 3 to 4 classes at a time I didnt even know I had to take so that pretty much moved my graduation date to March 09. They had the audacity to ask me to quit my job so that I can take the full time classes which to them it was important because they needed more money. After learning that I just left completely in October 09 and never returned and had constant letters sent to my house begging me to return and getting a call from the chairperson of the multimedia program telling me to come to her office. I eventually went to her office for a meeting that pretty much talked about how it was important to get an education and im not a quitter and they had more than enough tutors to assist me. Shareen( program chair) casually informed me that the president was not happy with me and concluded that I would not graduate and was not capable of achieving my degree and tried to convince me to take classes all over again and extended my graduation at the time but I told her flat out that I am no longer interested in attending itt tech and will be transferring to another school. She was not happy at all. After about 3 months of leaving I received a letter from the collection agency (General Revenue Corporation) stating that I owe Itt tech an amount of $944.36 and it was to be paid immediately. I find that ridiculous and idiotic and so I called them to find out what was going on and spoke to one of the representatives and she informed me that because I left school Itt tech would be stuck with the bill and to make sure they get their money immediately transferred it to collections. I said I would not be owing any money to no one. A couple of months ago I get a letter from Itt Educational Services stating that they would assist me with payment plans and needed to contact them immediately. Never bothered to call... and so a few weeks pass by I receive another letter this time from NCO Financial stating that I am in default with my loans and to contact someone there immediately. Don't get me started with Sallie Mae and learning that I have over 25 federal loans and private loans that I dont even know where they came from resulting in over $40, 000 debt. I immediately contacted a family member with my situation and told me to retrieve all of my loan documents in my file at school and finding out that applications were filled out with out my knowledge such as the temp credit i have never heard of and a charge of $12, 252 and a charge of $15, 300 of room and board, personal and transporation. An application of education credits and hope I dont even know existed. I am so with everyone on this page and i currently have a lawyer working on this case and just so happens i know people in high places that will help me shut down this school and bring justice to everyone that were victims of this scam. If you would like to contact me via email my email address is [email protected] and let me know if this situation is similar .

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  • Ke
    Kenya M Nov 08, 2009

    I'm located in Dayton, Ohio and I attended ITT about 10 years ago. I did not finish the Computer Programming program and I am still stuck with a 14, 000+ debt for less than a year of school. I did not know about the financial aide scams that they were running. I was told that I would get GRANTS for school and all the money was paid to ITT I never saw the breakdown or anything. The campus had instructors who would not show up and I was placed in classes that I was not qualified to take. Math is my worst subject and I was placed in a trigonometry class and I told them that I would not be able to take that type of math class - they assured me that I would do fine and they would help if needed. I was a single mom with two small children working full time during the day and attending classes at night. I was very very upset when I would go to class after working all day and picking up my kids from one daycare to rush them to another one to then rush to ITT to find that there was no instructor to teach the class!If anyone is doing anything about this please help me! [email protected]

    Thank You

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  • Li
    lies&morelies Oct 26, 2009

    I have been another victim of the same fraud movement plus I work at itt-tech and know alot more now then any person, and i think its time we all get together and do something about it...we can all work to bring this giant corporate down.. with false hope and money sucking vampires... I stay in california and if anybody wants to join please im assembling lawyers who can help

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  • Or
    ordo_ab_chao Oct 16, 2009

    I am a current student at ITT Tech in Michigan and I have to agree on this issue. Given it being my first time going to "college" I was definitely naive to the whole concept of predatory loans and in hind-sight after seeing the amount of complaints about ITT, reviewing my loans, in combination with the education I am receiving it's fair to say that I am definitely concerned with how this is all going to play out. I noticed that the amount taken out was greater than the cost of my total credit hours and yet all funds are handled by ITT so I'll never see a dime of that extra money. Where does it go, advertising, back into their corporation, to the lawyers defending them, what? I'd like to think I'm of above average intelligence and this, in my opinion, is quite the insult in that respect. It's not that the majority of us are stupid who decide(d) to attend ITT but rather that we have/had been deceived. I would love to turn around and never have enrolled in the first place but now I'm simply left searching for a way to rectify all this. I can be contacted at [email protected]

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  • In
    indeepdebt Oct 03, 2009

    I have several complaints about ITT Technical Institute in Tampa Florida. The first complaint that I have is financial aid office. When I started ITT Tech in Birmingham, Alabama I did not need a cosigner. Then I transferred to ITT Tech in Tampa and for some reason I needed a cosigner. I had no idea that the financial aid was taking my loan through a predatory lender. They made me a “slave to Sallie Mae”. I was never informed that I had any other options. To them it was only Sallie Mae. Thanks to ITT Tech I graduated with a $70, 000+ debt. And because my mother cosigned she is now at risk of loosing her property. I never got an Associates Degree from ITT Tech. Instead I got a Bachelors Degree that cannot be transferred anywhere so any plans of a Master’s Degree are out the window. There were several semesters where I had the same instructor who one time fell asleep in class. They never gave me an internship. So basically of around 70, 000 plus interest I only got a Bachelors Degree that is not recognized by many schools and many companies.

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  • Ta
    takingdownitt Sep 10, 2009

    Hey guys this is exactly what I am looking for and already have a large group comming with me. We have a lawfirm that we are already working with but I will take as much info as I can get to help all of these people. Anything that can be passed along please contact me @ [email protected] And Carl I would love to speak with you but wish not to email you at your itt email ( they can and will view all communication ) could you provide a different email address?

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  • Ca
    Carl McKever Jr. Sep 10, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. If you plan on suing this school, please contact me immediately at [email protected]

    My name is Carl McKever and I have attached a picture to this message.

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  • Sh
    shari74 Sep 05, 2009

    There are a lot of Federal crimes involved in this scam. I have reported them and I am going to discuss this with my attorney. I am a plaintiff in two class action lawsuits. My attorney is in New York, and I mean business.

    My son was fleeced in this scam, I had a look at the balance sheets, and I am seeing a lot of Federal laws being broken. Now it's going to take a while to put this together, but I am going to pursue a class action. If you would like to join this action, please send an email to s[email protected]

    The IRS Financial Crimes unit has also been notifed. Here's the problem: ITT Tech extends credit then reports this credit as an actual loan to NCO Financial. NCO in turn, reports it to the Federal government as an unpaid student loan. The Federal government combines any existing Stafford loans with the fake loans, and never verifies them.

    Then NCO offers to arrange a student loan consolidation, where the Federal government buys out the credit and arranges a payment plan enforced by the Federal government.

    The biggest financial crime here is reporting a false loan to the Federal Government, then selling that false loan to the Federal Government. You can't report a fake loan to the Federal government. The Federal Government gets fleeced. They hold the bag and hand the student some small payment plan.

    This is how ITT Tech guarantees that all their tuition is paid by the Federal government.

    But this also means that ITT Tech is lying to it's investors. The investors think all the loans are guaranteed, when in fact, there are no loans - it's just credit.

    Although the DOJ raided ITT Tech's offices, something really seems fishy because there's no information about the investigation. This is a pretty disgraceful situation that can only be resolved by the Federal court.

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  • Pr
    Primer_puffer Aug 27, 2009

    You are all idoits.. School loans can not be placed in bankruptcy. NO federal loan can be. The temp credit is better then most pleaces. ITT-Tech is one of the cheapist for profit schools. UOP is twice as much as well as some schools are low credit but then the cost of books and labs. Then it comes out more. Most my loans from Sallie Mae are under 6% intrest. I have few that are 13 plus and those are owned by the Dept of Education. I got the famous temp credit letter 2, 744 dollars that though looking at the my cost summary is just from the Admin fees and inrolement costs. I agreed So i cant complain lot of you need to gets some balls and pay. I herd more horror stories from UoP where they took classes passed all the test then got 3.0 agpa and then they where giveing no go at graduation and still had to pay the 72, 000 for the 3 years.

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  • St
    Steve G19 Aug 22, 2009

    AHHH Yes i am in the same boat...I graduated in March of 09 and still haven't received my degree, i figured it would have been mailed because i did not attend graduation because that school is ### i didn't want to spend any long then i had to. Now that i have been receiving bills for this temp credit program as well, which i was never aware i was enrolled in, when i went to talk to financial aid, the lady told me you must have slipped away and never were instructed to take part in the exit interview from the school. My loans nor repayment were never explained to me and when i logged on to Sallie Mae to manage my loans and look at them, come to find out I owe Sallie Mae about 52, 000 for an associates degree that i never plan on using. That comes to about $606 a month plus the $99 and another $100 fro another student loan from another college i attended for a short time. It would all come to about $800 a month just in student loans. When I called Sallie Mae about a repayment option, only my federal loans were eligible and my 3 private loans were not. Only the federal loans were eligible for deferment and the private loans were only eligible for forbearance at 3 months intervals and $50 a loan, so now I have to pay $150 to put the payments off for three months. That school really ###ed me over and I feel Bankruptcy may be the only way. I can't explain the amount of frustration i hold towards ITT and the rip off they console. I was curious if there was a way to sue or hold a lawsuit over the poor quality of education received for an overly ridiculous price at the expense of every student that went there.

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  • Th
    thor2009 Aug 22, 2009

    I m in the the same situation. They want me to start paying right after I graduate this September. No explaination about this temp credit and when it actually starts. Got the bill and told them sorry cant pay. Im not working and disabled temporaily for now, so they threaten to turn me over to a collection agency. I told fine go ahead I dont deal with collection agency anyways and if push comes to shove I'll file bankruptcy and tell them to cram it.

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