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InTown Suites review: Iggnorant staff and even worst management

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BIG WASTE! First off the staff is disgusting. The blonde ### in the office is so arrogant and unhelpful its unreal. Thats if she or anybody is even in the office to help. Then if you call the office for something the call is forwarded to her phone apparently because nobody woud be in the office then the broad answers the phone and cant help you because shes not in the office. If you make a complaint youd better be ready for the most disgusting attitude youve ever seen in your life. On top of that you pay for a room where the "satellite" is aqcuiring the signal literally every ten to twenty seconds. How can a business not be on top of their main used ammenity? Thats the question. Then when you complain about the situation everyday and it doesnt get fixxed its like there reaching in your pocket and laughing at you all the way to the bank. Dont stay in this [censored]hole. Oh then if your room isnt clean when you leave they tke your 50 dollar deposit. Isnt that what they pay the maids for? I guess not because really thats less time the maids have to spend cleaning the room which in turn costs them less. Its really a joke. But the TV is the most stupid thing. I would have never paid for this room if I would have known that halfway through the week I would have to watch a TV that continuously cuts out and then has management that doesnt do anything to rectify the situation. DO NOT STAY IN THIS [censored]HOLE. Huge waste of money. For a little extra staying somewhere else you may not have to deal with all the ghetto low cost no brain staff and management. They just hire anybody or thats probably how they hire. People that arent going to do a damn thing if a customer that has a problem because they get their paycheck regardless. No work ethic at all. I mean [censored] takes 4 days to get a technician out to fix the Tv and I know my TV isnt the only one in this place doing this ###. Its only one satellite. Lazy no good employees that really dont give a ### because its not them that have to deal with it. Sad really sad. If companies looked a little further into who they are hiring other then there credit score, you know who the person really is and how they think, nope youre only hired if your arrogant and have a high credit score and if you can get the company a tax credit. It makes me sick. I for one will never stay in this dump ever again. I advise you not to either. Example. this TV has not come back on, its aqcuiring a signal for the last ten minutes and most channels are that way right now as I right this and the worst part about it all. They dont even amke an attempt to get it fixxed after complaining 4 days ago. Half my stay has been involved in watching half a movie or half a show. Wow is all I can say. Then I dont even want to know what will happen if I complain to coperate, if this is how these people act how i wonder how much worse the people are that hirerd these people. Its disgusting and the only way is to not bring your business so they fold and never dissatify another customer again but the world doesnt work like that seeing how places like this are only in business to take advantage of people that are a little low income


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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