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International Delight Complaints & Reviews

International Delight / international delight hazelnut creamer

Oct 06, 2019

Writing you to report two 32 FL Oz creamers which were so thick, difficult to pour into cup. Very thick, almost like a gel. Felt they were bad and tossed them. We are sure you would want to know about this. Never happened to us before, been using your products since 2016. Still have one...

International Delight / french vanilla sugar free creamer

Jul 12, 2019

I purchased this creamer because I am trying to decrease my sugar intake. This particular creamer has a funny aftertaste or should I say it makes my coffee taste weird. The Best buy date: 25 Sept 2019 / 48-0994 L1 03:01 Code on back of bottle: [protected] 9 If I had the receipt I probably...

International Delight / french vanilla creamer 48 oz exp oct 17, 2019

Jul 01, 2019

International DelightBlack mold inside neck of creamer i wondered why i was having stomach pain. I opened the top to check how much creamer was left and found the black mold. I bought the double pack and will have to throw out both. I'd be afraid that black mold is in all product that was produced. Cid...

International Delight / international delights creamer

Jun 28, 2019

The past two times that we have purchased your creamers, they've gone bad in less than a week. I open the lid and the smell of sour milk hits my nose. I look down inside and it's frothed up like an ice cream float. All of this in less than a week (purchased on Saturday, opened Sunday...

International Delight / international delight creamer containers

May 24, 2019

We recently purchased 6 containers of International Delight hershey's Chocolate Carmel creamer in the 32 oz. size. We are on our 4th bottle and so far every one of the containers leaks where cap screws onto bottle when pouring. I have tightened but to no avail. When we purchased them we...

International Delight / international delight small creamer

Apr 18, 2019

International DelightHello! In your ingredients list listen on every single container it states that it is non-dairy because it is federal standerds of non dairy but is not vegan friendly... My vegan friend almost drank my coffee with dairy in it and almost contributed to something she doesn't support! I'm not...

International Delight / french vanilla

Feb 25, 2019

You truly need to return to the original formula. I've been using this flavor since the early 1970's when it was in powdered coffee form. It no longer has the vanilla taste but a nutty flavor that leaves a terrible aftertaste. People are switching to other companies because of thi...

International Delight Creamer / Not good

Oct 16, 2014

Just bought new bottle of International Delight French Vanilla creamer and could not find my usual blue top so came home with the "new" gold color top. Very disappointing, bad aftertaste and just a total off taste. Wasted $ on this one. Bad move.

international delight fat free french vanilla coffee creamer / weird taste

Aug 12, 2013

Upon making my morning coffee a few days ago i thought my creamer had a weird smell. The taste was even worse. I thought maybe it had been left out on the skid to long before making its way to the fridgein the store. dissapointed i dumped the creamer down the drain. I decides to purchase...

International Delight French Vanilla Creamer / New Formula - French Vanilla


International Delight changed the formula for the french vanilla coffee creamer and it taste awful!!! It taste like the fat free version and leaves a yucky after taste. I've been using this creamer for years and always loved it. Now I'm forced to look for another brand of french vanilla creamer that taste better. So disappointing!!!